Act Five Finale

           It had been three days since the president of the airbike company released his statement, 7 since the 25 R’s were stolen, and I had finally found one of them. One of the Young Beasts had just left it there after he got bored with it. His friends tried to destroy it but they didn’t understand how the thing was put together. They were made to withstand 800 mph+ crashes, hitting one with a steel beam wasn’t going to do anything but scratch the paint and buff the alloy underneath. I was wearing a lab coat I found a few days before along with the station issued gravity boots. The boots came up to my knees and were law in case the gravity field ever gave out… I thought they made me look cool and when riding a 25 R you had to look cool.

           I made sure the Young beasts had left the area before I tried to approach it. They already killed two people who tried to steal the bikes from them and I didn’t want to be number three. After giving the area a good over-watch I approached the bike and plugged in my key hack. Hopefully I wouldn’t kill the operating board with my low tech hack but it was worth a try. Just then I heard the other 25 R engines screaming nearby and terror shot through me like high voltage. I jumped on the bike and smacked at the key as if that would have sped up the hack. I must’ve been in their line of sight judging from the way the engines sounded. My engine screamed to life and a smirk shot across my face. I gunned it and felt the immediate rush of accelerating from 0 to 60 in 1.8 seconds. I was still terrified about what they would do to me if they caught me, but the smile never left. So for the next 5 hours I would run from them, pushing the bike as far and as fast as it would go off-track in this now cramped city.

           After the first hour it was child’s-play out running them. Their reaction times were milliseconds too slow to keep up with me and that’s when I figured out something. Not all Young Beasts had super strength and some of them were actually very smart with super human agility… I was a young beast. At that moment, almost immediately, I started thinking of ways to hide it from people if I survived running from the gang. It was a realization that nearly petrified every fiber of my being.

           At the top of the sixth hour I heard the familiar dock alarm. Another freighter was coming in. That’s when I had a psycho plan, maybe I could get these guys sucked out of the air-lock. I risked getting sucked out myself in the split second there was no vacuum shield, but these guys were dangerous… and they probably wouldn’t die… I wasn’t sure if I would survive though.

“Ok you four, I’m lining up the air-locks. You have your suits on?”

“We are ready for torpedo disembark captain.”

“I don’t need one.”

“Shut up Rayne.”

“Quiet you two. Go ahead captain.”

“Air pressure approaching max tolerable levels… check. Firing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, MARK!”

           The air-lock doors shot open and they were sucked out into the vacuum. Rayne spun around and saluted the crew on the bridge then spun back and focused on not smacking into the side of Epsilon 001.

“Alright sis, how many minutes until we enter port?”

“At our current speed we sh….”

“Sis… RAYNE!”

           Ryder looked behind him and sighed in relief as he saw his sister fussing with the communicator on her neck. Since sound doesn’t travel in space Old Beasts who could survive out there got communicators that picked up on their vocal chord vibrations, handy when you can’t really exhale while speaking.

“Current speed 2 minutes… give er take.”

“Watch out twins, debris!”


          Three of them flew apart like a squadron of fighter jets in formation. Xephyr, the woman with the tattoo on her neck unsheathed her sword and slapped her hand on the side of the blade as she pointed it directly in front of her. She bore through the meteoroid and came out of the other side with her sword glowing yellow. The hole she bored was molten and glowed eerily in the vacuum. Rayne noticed something shooting out of the dock in front of them.

“Guys what’s that exiting the dock? Holy! It’s the Young Beasts! Quick bro! While they’re still clumped together!”

“On it!”

           The twins pulled their short staffs from their waists, two large beams shot out from the ends and started to surround the Young Beasts who were floating helplessly in the vacuum.

“I only count 7, we were told 9 were here.”

“Did you want this to be easy sis?”

“Shut up.”

           The beams of light split apart into thousands of strands and completely surrounded the free floating Young Beasts, shocking them with enough electricity to knock out a heard of rhinoceros.

“Gimme the load sis, you should concentrate on not breaking anything as we land, regen wasn’t one of your retains.”

           Rayne handed her brother the short staff and they snapped together as he locked them onto his waist, the odd net of Young Beasts and airbikes trailing behind him. As they entered the dock they had to stop their acceleration before the stations gravity did. Hayden pulled out his sword now and as he and Xephyr pointed their swords behind them and an unseen parachute slowed them to a sliding stop. Ryder spun around, landing sideways on his feet as if he were riding a skateboard, with the net of Young Beasts and airbikes now slung over his shoulder. A concussive blast shot forward from his side and slowed him to a halt. Rayne clapped her hands in front of her and a small sonic boom shot forward, slowing her acceleration and she dropped to her feet right in front of a boy who was straddling one of the Airjet 25 R’s. But he wasn’t dressed like the other gang members. Unlike their faux leather jackets and neon construction workers pants, this boy was wearing a pair of tattered jeans, a compression shirt and an over-sized lab coat with his regulation gravity boots. Rayne held her hand to his throat like it was a knife and a blue light surrounded it from a curious bracelet on her wrist.

“Don’t move and don’t lie. Are you apart of their gang?”

“No, I heard the docking alarm and thought I could get them sucked into the vacuum so they’d stop hurting people.”

“Are you a Young Beast? Only a Young Beast would be able to ride one of those with no armor from what I’ve heard about them.”

“I think I am.”

“Hmm, so you don’t know the extent of your abilities?”

The boy shook his head no.

“Smarter than the other kids in your class?”


“Hmm… super fast reaction time and I’m guessing you heal pretty quick too?”

“I think so.”

“Where are your parents?”

“I don’t have those.”

           At this point Rayne lowered her hand, the blue light dissipating as Ryder, Xephyr and Hayden walked up behind her. Each holding a helmet under their arms, Ryder now dragging the unconscious Young Beasts behind him.

“Well now you’ve got a family kid. We can’t leave you he….”

           It was at that moment the other two gang members crashed the last bike into the CO2 scrubbers. The explosion shook the entire station. Hayden unfurled a see-through sheet and placed it on the ground, kneeling as he did so. It stuck to the floor like a magnet and a list popped up on the left side, the tiled surface of the dock showed through the rest of the sheet. The list had the different sections of the station named. He tapped the choice that read sub basement systems. The clear part of the sheet x-rayed through the floor of the dock and seemed to be looking for a vantage point on the explosion. It zeroed in and he saw one of the Young Beasts laying unconscious with an inferno in front of her, then a second explosion shook the station. This time the evacuation alarms started to sound. Ryder looked at me and said the weirdest thing I’d ever heard.

“You should actually go evacuate with the rest of the station, if the station doesn’t explode and we survive, we’ll adopt you. You need Beasts as parents if you don’t want to end up like these kids. Also, if you can hang on to that bike then I guess we can just say it blew up in the explosion.”

           I figured I had a few hours till the evacuation was complete. There would be a back up scrubber working in over-clock mode but we’d have to leave so they could run a full check of the station. I used those hours to change the appearance and sound of the Airjet 25 R and was able to hold onto it while we were transported to the frigid moon Antarctica II. The brief time I spent there I got a job doing colony messenger work. After we got back to the Station I was finally able to connect to the network and find out the names of the four people who said they’d be my family. Since then I’ve helped them corral the unruly Young beasts with my Airjet 25 R and they raised me like a Young Beast should be raised, like a human and not a monster.


Act Four

           A shuttle on it’s way to Epsilon 001 is carrying 4 people, two men, and two women. It’s a military grade shuttle but there are no weapons mounted, a fact the pilot is very nervous about given his destination. Three of his passengers are wearing the latest in space suit technology, each with 180 hours of air in case something went wrong and they were ejected into the vacuum. The suits look more like armor with a sizable tank on the back. The tank contained the air supply as well as the force-field generator. Each is red with a visible gray exoskeleton, designed to protect you from high speed impacts that can happen when you’re out and about in the vacuum. The mini force field generator is there to protect them from space debris. The vacuum is dangerous and some of the smallest pieces of debris can have an impact strength equal to 100 pounds of TNT. However one woman is wearing normal clothes with a short staff strapped to her waist. Her hair is braided on the opposite side of her head from one of the men who also has a short staff strapped to his waist. The other two have swords at theirs with matching tattoos on their necks.

“Honey how much longer until we get to Epsilon? I want to deal with these Young Beasts and get back home as quick as possible. I’m not as comfortable in the vacuum as I used to be. I’m sure the twins feel the same.”

“I could care less but that’s cuz I can survive in the vacuum, right Ryder?”

“Oh yeah bring that up again Rayne! Meanwhile, I’m in this suit and you’re not. I miss sitting on the surface of Mars and watching the stars without a visor skewing the light.”

“Look you two, don’t start fighting again.”

          The tattooed man walked over to a video panel on the wall and hailed the captain. His boots squeaking as he moved, meaning the suit was brand new out of the printer.

“Ahoy captain, how much longer till we get to Epsilon?”

“Well Hayden I’d say about 16 hours, 5 if we fire up the Vasimir’s after burner.”

“Well those Young Beasts are terrorizing the hell out of Epsilon 001 so I’d suggest you fire those up.”

“Yeah, I could, but what’s to stop them from trashing my little ship when I dock?”

“If that’s what you’re worried about then just line us up to their docking terminal and open the airlock. We’ll torpedo on over, we are Old Beasts after all.”

           Rayne, the woman without a space suit, shouted for joy.

“Hell yeah! I love doing that!”

          She pulled out a small device and tapped something into it, a second later “Rocket” by Def Leopard came on the sound system.

“You ready Ryder!?”

“Yeah sure, you psycho.”

          A red light started flashing and a yellow band appeared, wrapping itself into a circle while hovering in the middle of the room with the words “METEOR SHOWER IMMINENT” scrolling across.

“Strap in guys we got a….”

          Hayden was cut off as the pilot started evasive manoeuvres, throwing him from where he was standing into the opposite wall with a sickening crunch as his head made contact.

Act Two

         “The highly anticipated shipment of the Airbike Racing Series’s newest model is finally arriving at the largest Air Racing port in the galaxy today. The racing enthusiasts of Epsilon 001 are chomping at the bit to get a look at the new model in person. For more on the story we’re going to Jus Roissin, live on Epsilon 001.”

           “Thank you Hera, and she’s right, the residents of Epsilon 001 are out here in all their racing gear. Every person here representing their favourite team from each of the four quadrants. Some are even wearing their full high speed armour. The current generation of bikes can reach speeds of over 480 kph easily, 300 mph for everyone else, but the Airjet 25R is reported to be able to double that speed effortlessly and the armour looks the part. Compound curves and pointed edges offer the riders unparalleled aerodynamic protection, pressure skins underneath protect them against the G-Forces they experience while changing direction at those incredible speeds. But let’s see what these fans have to say about finally being able to see the latest in Air Racing technology. I’ve managed to corral James and Heather for a little insight into the excitement. So guys how excited are you for the…”

           Just then, the thousands of people that showed up to the dock were hit by a sonic-boom, the latest tell-tale sign of a Young Beast attack. It seems a few of those kids are able to cause massive air pressure changes and they always seemed to be the bad ones, hence the sonic-boom. When I could hear again, the cries of everyone at the docks were almost deafening. I was more focused on the fact that my ears hadn’t popped from the sound wave. Everyone around me had blood coming out of their ears, but mine were fine.

          It was then that I heard the amazing hum of the Air Jet 25R for the first time. All 9 of the Young Beasts shot over head and raced down the dock, 2 of them riding on the side of a building before they disappeared from view. All that I could hear the rest of the day was the sound of the bikes’ engines in my head replaying over and over. It was a high pitched hum that seemed to harmonize with itself without being earsplitting. It sounded like speed… and I wanted one, badly. The Young Beasts used the bikes for smash and grabs mostly. They hit banks and fast food stalls and always managed to get away. It would be a week before they crashed one into the CO2 scrubber modules.

Act One

          When I was younger there was an airbike model that caused a lot of trouble. Well it wasn’t the bikes fault really. It was an Airjet 25R, R cuz it was the racing inspired model, though unlike most racing inspired models these days, it could run circles around professional rides. The Airjet 25R didn’t resemble any of the older boring “teardrop” looking models that were designed by committee. The 25 R looked like it was designed to cut into the air, not slip through it. The 25 R was a cross between an early 21st century fighter jet and motorcycle. It looked like a fire breathing demon that you jumped on the back of, grabbed by the scruff of the neck and hoped you knew what you were getting yourself into. An airbike is an anti-gravity vehicle. A natural progression over the years from the 19’th century steam driven motorcycles.

          The advent of the anti-grav engine is what catapulted the human race into the stars. When it was first developed, earth’s population had ballooned to near 10 billion. Needless to say it was getting crowded, people left the planet in droves with no promise of finding habitable exo-planets. Most people now are still living on the space ships their parents and grand parents emigrated on, it was only a matter of time before they started modifying those ships into current day stations. Some are so large now they can’t make planet-dock.

          My home has been the space station named Epsilon 001 for most of my life. It’s also home to one of the biggest Airbike Racing courses in all the 4 quadrants. The track wraps around the station like that giant octopus from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. With it’s tubular track design and no discernible up or down it’s the fastest, most intense track built so far. These tracks allow the bikes to be driven in a multi-dimensional sense, upside down and above have become normal terms in racing.

          My name is Kelvin and for a time I left Epsilon 001 to live with my aunt, uncle and parents but after a while I found myself back there again buying a living module and having it installed on the station. It’s great, when I’m not hunting I can take my custom airbike to the track. Say… let me tell you about the first time I rode an airbike and how that and the Young Beasts changed my life. What’s a Young Beast you ask? Well the easy answer for now would be a genetic anomaly that awakens mostly in teenagers, though some people who were normal teens gain attributes, even if for a short time. The gene probably activated when we started to settle among the stars, no one’s sure yet.

          The best of anti-gravity racing, the Airjet 25R was outlawed in 2115, as well as any other airbike that followed it’s design philosophy. Back then a gang of Young Beasts got a hold of the first shipment to our station and had a joyride all over every inch of it. They terrorized us for a week with those awesome machines before they were caught. Epsilon 001 was the first purpose built station, designed mainly to replace the Epsilon ship that the original colonists came out here in. Epsilon 001 was the first station built to be a city in space… meaning it had lots of open space inside to run about in. Two of those teenage psychos ran a bike into the CO2 scrubber module section and the bikes power-plant detonated, we had to leave the station for weeks. All 500 thousand plus of us were stuck on some nearby freezer unit of a moon, Antarctica II, I got into a bit of trouble there but that’s another story. Of course the Young Beasts were fine… freaks of nature. It took 5 days to find the last one after the module blew… 5 days in space, commonly known as the vacuum. Some of the Young Beasts can exist perfectly fine out there though. The worst this kid got was frost bite on his right foot and hypothermia.

          If you were to listen to one of the many vocal scientists on the matter, they’re the next step in human evolution, the Young Beasts that is, I call fecal on that. Why do most Young Beasts lose their abilities when they become adults? Isn’t evolution supposed to make permanent changes? I was a normal kid. Well ok, maybe a little smarter with reflexes that were faster than expected but pretty much normal. It seemed though, that being smart didn’t stop me from trying to get my hands on one of those Airjet 25R’s. I’ll admit, back then I thought the Young Beasts were cool… childish stupidity. Since then I’ve realized the threat they can pose and I hunt them down for a living. We can kill them, they aren’t immortal… but that isn’t the goal of hunting them. We’re paid to capture the dangerous ones and invite the level headed kids to the high school, that’s the job. The high school I work for was one of the first to start the Young Beast Prison Project, a project that, without the Airjet 25R incident, would have probably never started.

2 Cents

 Inspired by the Urban Legend of derailing a train with a penny, the inability to sleep last night and “Parade” by Susumu Hirasawa


It was the dead of winter and for whatever reason the subways of new york were all cold. My mom told me that there is so much machinery down here, working all the time, that it should never get too cold when in the deeper part of the subway system, plus you know, “beneath the frost layer”. So anyway, it’s freezing, so of course everyone is bundled up. It was a sunday so there weren’t that many people on the platform. Many of the people who were there had long jackets on making them look like Mr. Treacher from Hot Fuzz, you know, the old guy who ended up having a shotgun under his coat? Well for the most part thats how everyone looked.

I was standing there, waiting for the 2 train so I could finally get to my buddy’s apartment uptown. Then out of nowhere, these two MTA workers came down the platform in a mad dash. They were peeling and posting rather large poster sized stickers on every wall-like surface they could find. They weren’t saying anything though.

“Must be some kind of guerrilla marketing campaign.” Someone from behind me said.

I co-signed with that thought and just watched the madness unfold. When they got to the front of the platform, they dropped the few remaining posters they had. Mostly everyone was watching by now in earnest curiosity. They each reached into their pockets and pulled out two small circular objects. I was pretty far from them but I could at least hear what they were saying clearly.


“TWO CENTS! You did not ask for it, but we will provide it. Would you stop a robbery from happening 4 feet from you?”

One of them walked over to a woman and grabbed her bag. She like everyone else was enjoying the little show they were putting on so she didn’t put up a fight.

“Would you let your assailant take your belongings with no restraint? How would you react to someone about to take their own life? Would you let it happen? Or would you move to preserve that ever so precious light? What if we were murderers!”

The two pulled out guns from underneath their jackets. The girl had an assault rifle, and the guy had some massively sized hand gun. They aimed at the crown and fired. Small little flags popped out that read bang, everyone laughed. The train was finally coming and they two actors yelled in unison.

“Two cents can be useless, or very powerful. Like a coin on the train tracks!”

They jumped down and I could see that everyone was a little anxious now. The train was coming closer and we could feel the station start to vibrate from the massive train. They each placed their coins on the tracks and in one smooth motion, grabbed their posters and said, just before the train drowned them out.

“Ours and many others’ 2 cents will change the world this day!”

They ran up the stairs, the girl still carrying the womans purse. As she yelled the train came in the station. I heard a loud ping and from the corner of my eye I saw something flash. I instinctively ducked and someone behind me shrieked, then there was a another loud sound. The train had jumped the tracks, slammed through a support beam and everything just became screaming/running bodies, shards of tiles, exploding cement, and torn metal. I turned to run from the train, which had also taken out the stairs the 2 cent psychos ran up and I saw why I heard the shriek. The bright flash I saw was one of the coins, it had found a home in someone’s face. My stomach churned threatening to send me to my knees but the grinding sound from behind kept me running, so I did both.

I finally got to the stairs and as I topped them the ground from beneath me shook violently. I looked back down the steps and saw nothing but train. A woman had just made it, only 1 second from becoming ground meat. I helped her up and we ran as fast as we could topside. As soon as we topped the steps I fell over and puked again. The woman did the same.

“That guy!”She yelled after wiping her mouth.

“The penny was…”

“In his face.” I finished.

I was crying and she looked as anyone would after witnessing what we had just seen. Eyes wide and shaking with the rest of her body. She must’ve been the person who shrieked from behind me.

“C’mon we have to get to a police station or…”

The words were wiped from my mind as I looked around. My hearing went out and I heard nothing but a loud ringing. There were people running like mad everywhere. A bus was being overturned and blue and red lights were everywhere. The posters the two from the subway were hanging were everywhere. Windows, bus-stops, buildings light poles. It was unreal, I couldn’t hear anything and chaos was all around us. I helped the woman up and I pointed to one of the posters. She was still shaky but we moved closer to it. There were dollar signs with wings and pig snouts on them, purple clouds in the shape of a skull and crossbones. The statue of liberty was holding a rifle and was standing in front of the New York Stock Exchange. The dollar pigs were flying out of the windows of the building and there were ants with the American flag painted on their bodies walking by the statues feet. I read it out-loud even though I could only hear ringing still.

“When pigs first flew in the 20’s many were scared. But now our very air is no longer our own. We are being exposed to the noxious sickness and elemental irresponsibility of others and are dying from the results. Yet no one cares to bat an eyelash. Engrossed in ourselves failing to realize what’s going on around us. Some have tried to set things right.”

There was a picture of a Guy Fawkes mask next to that sentence.

“But the meddling of the Negative Light made them an example, too powerful for anyone to contest…Until now. Listen for dial tone and join us.”

My vision started to go white and I looked at the woman. She still looked terrified and I could feel her hands on my jaw bone, then I passed out. It was weird though, I could feel my body being dragged and I knew I was ok. Then as if I was dreaming, I saw something. A purple flame with a white and yellow core and tinges of blue. I saw it and I felt so calm and peaceful. For a moment I could have sworn I knew everything. Then I heard voices, not in my head, they sounded like they were coming from a t.v. It must’ve been the news.


“Yesterday this was the scene at all of the worlds Major cities as well as many other smaller metropolitan areas. Posters seemingly designed for each culture worker ants, and flying dollar pigs for America, drugs and guns for Mexico. Robots and gun toting anime girls for japan. They haven’t told us their name yet but each poster seems to be calling more people to their ranks. Asking people to “Listen to the dialtone.” After I saw each poster I immediately scoured numerous irc’s looking to see if anyone knew what was going on.”

Ok this is clearly an internet news site, guy said he was combing internet relay chats. I opened my eyes and saw that I was not in my house.

“My head…”

“You’re finally up! Dude you’ve been out for like a whole day.”

It was the woman from the train station.

“Thanks for not leaving me in the city.”

“We puked together, I’d say that was a bonding experience.”

She smiled, it seemed she was dealing with what happened fairly well. In an instant everything from, apparently yesterday, came flooding back and I saw that guys face and the body parts from when the train took out the stairs almost killing this woman. Perhaps I turned green because she immediately pointed to the bathroom.

I stared into the mirror for a few seconds after washing my face and I heard the news reporter from the live-stream. This was certainly the strangest form of the news I’d ever heard.

“Just got a text from my source. He’s cracked the code on their website and I’m looking at it right now and it’s pretty intense. My source says he’s been on it for at least 2 hours and the same song keeps playing. It’s in japanese so he can’t figure out who’s singing or what the lyrics are… Alright guys I’m calling out to the twitter verse, Follow me @theActualNewz, thats news with a z, and help me figure out what this song is.”

He played a bit of it but I knew what song it was immediately. I shot out of the bathroom and looked at the rather large set of computer monitors.
“So how’s your stomach?”


She looked at me with a confused face as I tried to remember the lyrics.

“kyouki no PAREEDO ga kuru KIMI no na no moto ni.”

“You know japanese? Whats the song about” She asked me.

“The parade of terror is coming, and it is in your name”

“Sounds like a serious movie.”

“It is, it’s about…” I paused as the song stopped on the computer and @theActualNewz looked up from his computer.

“Thanks guys as always for getting me the straight facts! It seems this song is by Susumu Hirasawa. It’s called Parade, and it’s pretty much got a bleak message, about how sick society has become. Now as for the site my source says there is a countdown hidden behind the front page. Now I don’t know about you guys but I don’t see how there is any other page besides this one.”

“I’m gonna check the site.” The woman said.

“I’m not sure we should.” I said cautiously. as the guy continued.

“My source says that the really important information is on this page and that adding the extension, hhu3_d4w!hewh3ye_art_^md5!$n4^i!tyllbe@pe3t4(e, will open it up but here’s a warning, the page is extremely graphic and is def NSFW, or for anyone squeamish of ultra violence.”

The woman asked if we should check out the second page again, as she started to enter the url extension, as the reporter yelled.

“Holy shit! Ok, um guys I don’t recommend going. I’ll just, oh god. I’ll just um try to tell you what’s going on.”

The woman’s looked alarmed as she stopped typing the url in. She quickly hit delete and sighed in relief.

“That was close. I saw enough shit yesterday. I am curious though, it takes a lot to make this guy freak out.”

“I’ll take your word on that. By the way, whats your name?”

I was almost embarrassed that it took me so long to ask the person who may very well have saved my life who she was.

“I’m Samara, graphic designer. Thus the two monitor setup.”

“Joaquin, programmer.”

We shook hands and turned our attention back to the guy on the monitor.

“Sorry I didn’t check out the page first guys. I had no way of telling how horrible it was, for any of you who are now scarred for the rest of your lives I’m so, so sorry. For everyone else I’ll try to be as minimal on details as I can. There’s basically a timer and a lot of blood and body parts, it seems that it was pieced together from a bunch of grind-core pictures and video stills. The timer right now is counting 3 months, 24 days, 9 hours, and 50 minutes…. And there’s also a scrolling paragraph, let me read it for you.

“Hopefully you see it now, the horrid path we’ve been walking down. These images have been taken from all over and put together in this fun little package for you to enjoy. Our aim is entropy, of only the highest calibre. There comes a time when being lied to is aggravating beyond all measure. Unfortunately it seemed that too many of us were content with being lied to. Inhumanity rains down upon us all, yet we indulge in this fantasy we’ve created inside the putrid loving voraciousness that is society. That is not to say there aren’t some out there fighting the good fight but they are ignored and left to rot when they are in trouble! That is why we formed, like the mass floating in the Pacific ocean, we are a collection of everything that was forgotten and thrown to the wayside because of something new and exciting. Before our own ignorance drowns us all, we have decided to do something. You may have noticed the anonymous mask on our banners. We are not them, they were crushed by the efficiency of the viral facilities when that bill was passed 3 years ago. Anyone who so much breathed the word Anonymous or Wikileaks, was black listed and silenced.

The plasma of the universe running through 29 will remain, but we hope the vectors in your future are not great. Like a babe, look toward your mother for protection because, like the best way to remove a band-aid, the occult will come forth en mass, both yin and yang. New technology abounds, and if you can hear the silence take heed and be ready. ”


I fell back in a chair and Samara looked as terrified as I felt. The ringing in my ears started again. Samara was talking but I could only see her lips moving. My vision whited out again and I saw that purple flame from before and a bolt of lightning shot across it. I felt my self fall over out of the chair and then Samara’s hands on my face. She opened my eyelids, I felt her open my eyelids, but I couldn’t see. Then I felt her jump back and my eyes started twitching. A searing pain shot through my head, then nothing. The flame left and I opened my eyes.

Samara was holding a sword above her head and looked scared and confused at the same time. Her lips were moving and the ringing in my ears started to die down.

“…good so I’d suggest you phone home e.t. Unless you want to be turned into string cheese!”

“What are you talking about Samara?”

She blinked, I guess trying to make sure I was still there or something. The claymore still over her head threatening to, from where she was standing, castrate me.

“Samara, woman who I just met yesterday, explain to me why I’m an alien?”

“Because, Aliens.” came from the computer, spoken by @theActualNewz, probably referencing a tweet one of his viewers sent him with that meme attached. He then proceeded to continue speculating on who this unknown group was.

“Well, Joaquin, if that is your real name…”

“Which it is Samara.” I said cautiously, and calmly.

“Please explain to me why your eyeballs changed while you were unconscious!”

I looked at her like she had three heads, while still not moving, and lying down on the floor propped up on my elbows.

“You know, right now, you sound like a CRAZY PERSON! I passed out, it’s been happening to me increasingly lately. My ears start ringing and everything goes silent, then my vis…”

She cut me off.

“Shut up, you said everything goes silent?!”

“Yeah, it’s not pleasant.”

She lowered the sword slightly, but I dared not move as she started talking again.

“New technology abounds, and if you can hear the silence take heed and be ready. Holy shit dude, go look at your eyes now! Don’t worry I’m not going to kill you.”

I looked at her cautiously and got up slowly, as to not invoke anymore hostility. Facing her, I moved towards the bathroom and quickly got in and locked the door. I looked in the mirror and saw my iris had changed colour.

“Holy shit! My eyes!”

I yelled in panic and heard no response from Samara. I moved closer to the mirror and noticed everything looked more vibrant. It was as if there was a little flame surrounding everything. My iris and pupil had changed shape too, but I couldn’t describe exactly how it looked, it was circular but also had straight lines. I flew out of the bathroom keeping my left eye open with one hand and pointing to it with the other.


Samara was getting her coat, hat and gloves. Mine were already on her couch.

“Dude, it’s the crazy people. They did something, with whatever technology they were talking about, that’s what changed your eyes. Either one of them did something to you a while ago and you didn’t notice, like maybe a shot, or a scratch. Or maybe they spiked your drink with some hyper evolution thing. Ooh! Maybe it’s microwaves! I don’t know dude put these on!”

She handed me some contacts that looked like regular hazel iris’s.

“I bought those for a costume this year, they should cover up your eyes while we’re at the store.”

Confused but feeling like it was the right thing to do, I went back to the bathroom and popped them in, and came back out handing her the contact case. She put her hand out as if to say I should keep the case, nodding my head in agreement I started to put my coat on.

“Why are we getting dressed?”

“That manifesto said, “The plasma of the universe running through 29 will remain, but we hope the vectors in your future are not great. Like a babe look toward your mother for protection, because like a band-aid the occult will come forth en mass, both yin and yang.”, We have to stock up on food now, before this becomes big news. I know he said it, but only like 200 people are watching right now.”

I paused with my coat half on.

“So….wait plasma of the universe running through 29. When I blacked out I saw a bolt of lightning, lightning is a plasma, and it’s also electricity. Electricity runs through wires…”

“Number 29 on the periodic table.”

I looked at her surprised that she had that memorized.

“Chemistry is a hobby of mine.”

I nodded and continued.

“So they aren’t targeting power stations…right?”

“That might be what they mean.” She said waving me through the door.

“Also vectors, they said vectors.” I said as I passed her and walked outside.

“Wait this isn’t New York!”

“No the city was getting crazy so I got us in my car and drove back to my house in Pennsylvania.”

“Pennsylvania!? You brought me to your home!”

“Never thought I’d hear that reaction. Well I didn’t know where you lived and in case you forgot, New York was kind of losing its collective mind.”

“You could have checked my drivers license.” I said glaring at her as we walked to her car.

We were surrounded by trees and her driveway seemed to snake quite a ways from the main road.

“You want me to drop you off at a greyhound terminal? I’m sure all of their “vectors” are problem free.”

“They said vectors in the manifesto.”

“Yeah um, “vectors in your future.”” She said while clicking her garage door remote.

“A vector is a combination of destination and, um, magnitude…Oh…” I said feeling dumb.

“Exactly. And the last part, “Like a babe, look toward your mother for protection, because like a band-aid the occult will come forth en mass, both yin and yang.” Or something like that. Meaning, we’re going to have to get everything we need from the planet because the hidden natures of people will come out and over-run everything.”

We got in her car and she rolled out just far enough to close the door.

“Do you actually think they can cause that much pandemonium?”

Samara glared at me, and counted on her fingers.

“Dude, your eyes, the subway.”

“Good point.” I said sheepishly.


It’s been 3 months, 24 days, 9 hours and 45 minutes since then and like Sama Kuin said that day, things got worse. For fear of crazy people, we boarded up all of Samara’s windows and barely use lights at night. Sama Kuin say that they have taken over the utility companies and will make sure we have water, gas and electricity.

“Dude isn’t it weird that they are keeping the lights running?”

“Especially with all of their banter about polution.”

“Five minutes left.” Samara said while munching on some Trix. She was wearing her pj’s even though it was still daytime.

The day after @theActualNewz figured out at least part of Sama Kuin’s plan, he found out their name and that it was Finnish for tantamount, or equal. That same day, we noticed that even with the attacks two days prior, the governments were insisting the attack was a one time thing and that they wouldn’t be able to do any more harm. People were on edge and rightfully so. On a bet, Samara and I emptied our bank accounts and bought even more food and gardening supplies than the day before. We spent the whole day shopping, driving back and forth from her house to the different stores. We felt like we were idiots but then, the next day happened. Planes fell out of the sky and airports all over the world were shut down. Unless you were able to get some gas stockpiled for your car, you weren’t going anywhere too far. People everywhere lost their minds, however it seemed that having our power, and running water was pacifying a few people. Samara and I estimated we purchased enough supplies to last us for a year, long enough to get some plants growing at least.

“Hey Samara what do you think…”

Her computer screen flickered, making my voice stick in my throat, it was time.

“This is a representative from Sama Kuin.”

“Dude, what the hell?”

“I don’t know Sam.”

It’s an actual person, not a mask, or crudely drawn cartoon. There’s no dark lighting to obscure her face, or audio trickery to make her sound like jigsaw. Her hair is red, her eyes looking like mine, but yellow instead of my orange. She was standing or sitting in front of a white wall. We can only see her face. There’s no music or sound effects it’s just her, looking at us.

“We’ve kept the light on for this long, in that sense we are your landlords. We’ve pacified the millitary of each country, and torn down your governments. How are you doing so far? We’ve high-jacked your internet today to bring you a brief message. They say that years ago the world went dark for 3 days and that the sun once set in the east and rose on the west. We are here to say that this will happen again. Well not the sunset and sunrise part. Not all who can hear the silence have found us, we are now searching for you all. But we leave you with a final thought. Three earth days? Or Three Mercurian days, perhaps Venusian days are our measuring tool? We’ll let you figure that out, until then…”

“The power went out Sam.”

“Yes…yes it did Jo…”

“Shit.” “Shit.”