Breakdown of Religion

Let’s get one thing straight, the US is a Secular nation arguably founded with the best ideals from Catholicism/Christianity, Love thy neighbour, don’t kill other people, etc. that is not to be construed as “America is a Christian Nation”. America does not have an official religion. Speak about the founding father’s personal religious beliefs all you wish, but Freedom of Religion is associated with the US for a reason. The United States essentially became a country of other’s Refuge for a reason. However, you should never forget America was also founded on the blood of the Native people whom were here FIRST. The myriad of Tribes which lived on this part of the continent and the neighbouring islands were slaughtered so others could live FREE of religious persecution, funny how that worked out. What also should not be forgotten are the colonies whom lived in peace with the native population, the ones who truly shared and learned from and with the Native people.

Where am I going with this? Well the separation of church and state for one thing. It seems the wall between these has eroded to nothingness over the centuries. For others, the wall never existed. Religious peoples have allowed themselves to become pawns in the political game which is currently causing a massive rift in American society. Even worse, religious peoples have allowed their beliefs to be turned into marketing and nothing less than a club with a membership who doesn’t seem to realize the reason why the youth “strayed from God”. The irony here is that many people do not realize it is they who have done it to themselves. Speaking from experience, I’ve always noticed the faces people make when they think others aren’t looking. I didn’t have to be an adult to realize that the stares and glares I received as a child in church were of the “You don’t belong here” variety. These stares weren’t plentiful but there were enough to make me curious. Imagine how it feels to have a priest make a sermon about love, respect, and the like, only to receive a stare of hatred from someone just for breathing the same air in the building as they. Then to have those same people speak with your parents and others in the congregation with forced smiles and faux laughter. I couldn’t have been the only one to notice these people but everyone else seemed too polite to talk to them about it. Stir not the demon you care not with to contend, I guess.

Fakeness is what drove many in my generation from religion, or in the least from the physical buildings of a religion. Religion to many has become a whithered badge to wear, to prove to others how you’re better than they are. Many people speak the words but how many strive to become better? To learn from those teachings? The response from many has been to “Religion Harder” which is akin to singing louder in church so God can hear you over the others, or prostrating yourself more gracefully during which ever religious movement/action applies.

Now I spoke of separation of Church and state before, but why? Well here’s the connection. I believe (heh) that it’s the people who “Sing louder” or “prostrate more grandly” than others, whom are responsible for the reason why Evangelicals are so highly regarded by the political system. Faith is a strong thing, so in the halls of religious institutions people are unaware that their beliefs are being used against them and turned into a political tool. Some are even tricked into believing that one party is more religious than the other and thus better. See where I’m going?

People want to believe that they are better than the person next to them because we’ve been hardwired or programmed to believe that it has to be that way and for some, the easiest way is to take up religion. Narcissists and other Sociopaths are spoken about in the political sense but I’m not aware of religions response to them in the current day and age. The Holy books and writings can say what they will but thinking on the leaders of “Mega Churches” alone it’s curious that they are not called out for being what they really are. When a religious officiator can speak to their congregation and point them at a political enemy that is a major breakdown of religion. That is actually no longer religion but politicking by another name.

Freedom of religion was written into the constitution in an attempt to prevent this kind of thing from happening. For the most part, day to day, it does. But the current times are causing me to think about “action-over-time”. The talking heads in the political realm try to sell one religion over another. They are attempting with varying degrees of success to paint an entire religion as filled with degenerates and murderers as if we were back in the times of the Crusades. What’s even worse is that people are buying into this madness, what’s more is that it’s even working in the religion vs secularism arena. One example of the latter being Planned Parenthood. Calls for the complete de-funding of a program which does far more than people are willing to realize. In a Secular Nation your religious book is not and should not be admissible in court. “Holier than thou” is not a reason to attack something you do not agree with. In America there are laws which should be followed and there are procedures for the way things are done or changed.

I believe that religion should stick to matters of the soul and the congregations thereunder should take care that their beliefs are not turned into a weapon to be pointed by a sociopath who managed to gain their trust.

This is not an attack on religion. It is an attack on those who pervert religion and those whom are willfully ignorant to their influence.


Why is peace so difficult

If you get upset reading this then you didnt actually pay attention, or you are stuck in a narrow minded way of thinking. It’s understandable seeing as how the pursuit of knowledge has been replaced with the pursuit of possessions. But then I ask you, you can lose your possessions but you posses knowledge, can you ever really lose that?

God made us in his image that dos not mean necessarily for us to look like him like many people believe. God made jesus and we strive to be like jesus. We also say that jesus God and the Holy spirit are one in the same yet different at the same time. SO if Jesus is our model to strive towards then God wants us to learn how to live together in peace because that is the state which God is always in. It was this peace that allowed him to manifest us into existence. And if God said for us to be more like Jesus then he is also saying for us to be like him. However Adam and Eve attempted to do so by looking for a short cut and ate the apple which only increased the total entropy of our minds. We must gain our knowledge through interaction with each other and learning the different ways we have come to, as a society, of explaining our selves. I like to say that God is the ultimate scientist. But I have found that God is also an ingenious mathematician.Using the law of mod nine as some call it. or the binary duality as I say, he was able to make us. It just so happened that the way it was accomplished looked like it was completely by accident because scientists can only work with details and fact and none have come across the point of origin because many refused for years to look at it as God. People were happy with the “Random spurt of life” theory and then Darwin came along and spoke about evolution. Now those of Religious backgrounds and practices ( I myself am religious) Were upset by Darwin’s theory because it postulated that God did not create us out of the elements. They say that God created us in his image but where was it said what God looks like. People always say they saw a light and it spoke to them. People rarely say they saw a man and that man was God. Jesus was God in human form, but only after a while of people living was Jesus born into existence. The image that God created us in, is his, but it is the purest form of life the form from which we all came from. All of this controversy of symbols and evil plots to control the world as i see it now is ridiculous. Partially because they say it is possible for something to be 100 percent bad and nothing to counter it. However there is also the possibility for something to be 100 percent good. This thinking is erroneous and should be done away with. What was Lucifer before before he became the Devil? He was an angel. He is still an angel but we call him a fallen angel. That good side still exists in him but he would rather not admit to it or acknowledge it because he could only see the imperfection of the actions of humans and not the infinite potential of growth we posses. Which is why he was put in charge of hell. Because the imperfections were all he could see God surrounded him in the imperfections of man and made him the warden of those who hated God or life as much as he did.

One more thing. WE always hear eternity but what does eternity mean? forever right? try to picture eternity…. can you? No. Think of a circle, now grab that circle at two opposite ends and twist it once, what do you get? The infinity symbol. This is the visual interpretation of eternity. an endless cycle of energy. Life and death on and off yes no like and hate, one and zero. It can be said that when we are in hell it can be as much of a place of the mind as much as a place of the spirit. In fact those who go to hell, i believe, are stuck in their minds and do not have full access to the spirit which God granted them. To say we will spend eternity in hell means that as long as we are stuck in our ways we will never be able to know peace and not knowing peace is true hell. Isn’t that evident when you hear the phrase “War is Hell?” What is war but the perfect antithesis of peace?

In his image we were created, it means we are perfectly constructed, but are learning how to use our constructs we know as our bodies powered by our souls/spirit using our minds which work in a linear fashion. That is to say you can never learn the whole story by skipping pages but rather hitting each page and truly understanding the reasons for the actions we take.

A Revelation of the planet

It has been said that religion and science will forever bunt heads because they have nothing in common. Some say the exact opposite and that the two actually do have everything in common. Like a deaf-mute, and a blind mute Science and religion can only express themselves with what they have readily available to them. Only being able to experience what their available senses tell them. How does the blind mute explain what sound is to the deaf-mute? Communication is difficult because complete understanding of the other is near impossible. They both experience the world around them differently. We do not know what a blind person sees because we believe their eyes are the only way to see. We cannot think how their brain will fill in this gap with something else. They could be very well seeing but in a completely different sense of the word. Reliance on one factory sense then loss of that sense is was causes chaos in an individual’s mind. But what do you say to someone born blind or born without hearing? Sure sight and sound can be and are beautiful things but alone they are not everything. The blind-mute one day learns about something called braille. The two strive to learn it then they have a means of communication. It was this common ground that Religion and science have yet to find.


Though encouragement comes from both sides for the other to try and understand this universe in their own way they often have the same thought that the other has the wrong approach. In reality they are both different approaches to the same idea. Like two friends one driving from New York the other driving from San Antonio both are headed towards Dallas Texas. They both have different paths but both paths lead to the same destination. Neither one has ever been to Texas before so they both get lost and try calling each other sharing directions. This is the relation between science and religion. To say one will never get to the destination because one can not see the world as the other does not make either of them more or less right on their course.

I’ve been going on with analogies and confusing stories. So if your still with me great, if not and are still reading God bless you 😉 I’ll try to explain clearer.  Google the term “Dark Matter Universe Model” and you should get thisDark Matter Universe Model That is what astro physicists have come up with for the distribution of this previously unknown anomaly that showed up in their equations. Now google “Brain Neural Pathways” and you should see images like this Brain Neural Pathways both images looks similar but what do they show? Connections. Dark matter it strewn about the entire universe for the most part but it is connected. Our Neural pathways are strewn about our entire bodies but are connected. Where am I going with this? Scientists generally do not go outside of their area, rather they talk with others to gain new insight. So that being said it is possible for a neuro scientist and an astro physicist to look at each others images and see some correlation in it, be it even the most remote, they will still see it. Ok that explains how scientists don’t kill each other but what about Religion and science? Well google tree of life I think we all know what it looks like but here is a pick anyway, Here is the Celtic version Celtic tree of life I thought it was rather appropriate considering I’m talking about connectivity. Now all of these pictures show ideas, thoughts. The picture of the brain maybe a little more literall than the others… Or is it. The tree of life shows that all life is connected by the spirit, or our souls if you will, the neuro network of our bodies shows that if you stub your big toe you’ll feel it as a shock wave of electrical impulse energy throughout your body to your head. The dark matter model shows that from The Milky Way to Andromeda to the end of the universe, there is something that connects it all.

We have priests and rabbi’s and monks from all religions whom speak a great deal of languages. Believing in similar principles of existence and human interaction, saying that God or Gods made this planet for us and that we should live together in peace on it. Science has shown that we have come from this planet and are every much as apart of it like the animals or the plants. Why argue about syntax and semantics when if you really put aside ridiculous pride and stop trying to get the other guy say they are wrong you’ll find you are saying the same thing, just in different languages.

A tale of feuding brothers


 The story of the Middle East is a heart breaking story of brothers. 
However many you want to say 2, 8 or more, it is and has been for 
quite some time, a tale of sibling rivalry. I can understand 
why they are upset. One religion says one thing and the other says... 
well, the same thing. 
 People are bound to be upset, this fight for the same room has ensued
for decades upon decades, and shows no sign of relief. Say what you 
will about each side but the fact of the matter is plain and simple
humans are killing other humans. 

 It is heart breaking the amount of animosity someone can show towards
another person. The shear level of hate there is between these groups
to me is almost unfathomable. I see the numbers in articles day to 
day of death tolls and I think what is this force dividing them? Then 
I got to thinking....

 When people are young they learn everything from their parents,
sometimes parents only learn hate and hate begets hate. This is 
true all over the world. Not just in the middle east. Much of it
is called racism. A term I find irritating because of its bastard-
ization. We all agree that we are the Human Race, yet everyday
people will swear up, down, left, right, and diagonally, that having
a different skin tone means your a different race. Meanwhile others
think that merely being a boundary line apart from someone dictates
a huge difference in chemical make up. (See where I'm going with this?)
Last I looked all of mankind looks the same. Head, arms, legs, torso,
given people are born with deformities but how did those come about? 
Well that's a dif article unto itself. BUT the point I'm making is,
why do we consistently find areas to separate ourselves instead of 
understanding the other side WITHOUT bias.
 The entire turf war taking place over Holy Land to me is ridiculous.
"But Javi you just don't understand what this land means to them/us!"
Listen the last time I checked the Gods or God (whichever is your 
thing) Created the entire world and then some, no? "But Javi, this
is where something of significance happened. A seriously Holy Event
took place here." Ok I can appreciate that, but why are people sullying
the sanctity with bloodshed of the same people your same God/Gods
created? How is outright murder justifiable? We've all come to a point
where we've said I wish that person would die. For me the concept of 
killing is a complex and incredibly inter woven, but I digress. Would 
your Gods/God really want you to destroy what they created? Taking that
responsibility almost seems self serving. I thought religion taught
self sacrifice and striving for peace with your fellow human, and let
me stress that FELLOW HUMAN! Why would a Higher being or beings put you
in a scenario to destroy what they made? A test of your faith? To see 
if your worthy? To see how far your willing to go for them? I don't
know about anyone else but I've been brought up believing ALL life
is sacred, and I do mean ALL. 

 Fighting between siblings can be healthy, hey my brother, sister, and
I fight... A LOT! But sooner or later someone has to come in and not 
kindle the fires, but coax them into smothering themselves out without 
burning uncontrollably.

But hey, I'm just sayin