Breakdown of Religion

Let’s get one thing straight, the US is a Secular nation arguably founded with the best ideals from Catholicism/Christianity, Love thy neighbour, don’t kill other people, etc. that is not to be construed as “America is a Christian Nation”. America does not have an official religion. Speak about the founding father’s personal religious beliefs all you wish, but Freedom of Religion is associated with the US for a reason. The United States essentially became a country of other’s Refuge for a reason. However, you should never forget America was also founded on the blood of the Native people whom were here FIRST. The myriad of Tribes which lived on this part of the continent and the neighbouring islands were slaughtered so others could live FREE of religious persecution, funny how that worked out. What also should not be forgotten are the colonies whom lived in peace with the native population, the ones who truly shared and learned from and with the Native people.

Where am I going with this? Well the separation of church and state for one thing. It seems the wall between these has eroded to nothingness over the centuries. For others, the wall never existed. Religious peoples have allowed themselves to become pawns in the political game which is currently causing a massive rift in American society. Even worse, religious peoples have allowed their beliefs to be turned into marketing and nothing less than a club with a membership who doesn’t seem to realize the reason why the youth “strayed from God”. The irony here is that many people do not realize it is they who have done it to themselves. Speaking from experience, I’ve always noticed the faces people make when they think others aren’t looking. I didn’t have to be an adult to realize that the stares and glares I received as a child in church were of the “You don’t belong here” variety. These stares weren’t plentiful but there were enough to make me curious. Imagine how it feels to have a priest make a sermon about love, respect, and the like, only to receive a stare of hatred from someone just for breathing the same air in the building as they. Then to have those same people speak with your parents and others in the congregation with forced smiles and faux laughter. I couldn’t have been the only one to notice these people but everyone else seemed too polite to talk to them about it. Stir not the demon you care not with to contend, I guess.

Fakeness is what drove many in my generation from religion, or in the least from the physical buildings of a religion. Religion to many has become a whithered badge to wear, to prove to others how you’re better than they are. Many people speak the words but how many strive to become better? To learn from those teachings? The response from many has been to “Religion Harder” which is akin to singing louder in church so God can hear you over the others, or prostrating yourself more gracefully during which ever religious movement/action applies.

Now I spoke of separation of Church and state before, but why? Well here’s the connection. I believe (heh) that it’s the people who “Sing louder” or “prostrate more grandly” than others, whom are responsible for the reason why Evangelicals are so highly regarded by the political system. Faith is a strong thing, so in the halls of religious institutions people are unaware that their beliefs are being used against them and turned into a political tool. Some are even tricked into believing that one party is more religious than the other and thus better. See where I’m going?

People want to believe that they are better than the person next to them because we’ve been hardwired or programmed to believe that it has to be that way and for some, the easiest way is to take up religion. Narcissists and other Sociopaths are spoken about in the political sense but I’m not aware of religions response to them in the current day and age. The Holy books and writings can say what they will but thinking on the leaders of “Mega Churches” alone it’s curious that they are not called out for being what they really are. When a religious officiator can speak to their congregation and point them at a political enemy that is a major breakdown of religion. That is actually no longer religion but politicking by another name.

Freedom of religion was written into the constitution in an attempt to prevent this kind of thing from happening. For the most part, day to day, it does. But the current times are causing me to think about “action-over-time”. The talking heads in the political realm try to sell one religion over another. They are attempting with varying degrees of success to paint an entire religion as filled with degenerates and murderers as if we were back in the times of the Crusades. What’s even worse is that people are buying into this madness, what’s more is that it’s even working in the religion vs secularism arena. One example of the latter being Planned Parenthood. Calls for the complete de-funding of a program which does far more than people are willing to realize. In a Secular Nation your religious book is not and should not be admissible in court. “Holier than thou” is not a reason to attack something you do not agree with. In America there are laws which should be followed and there are procedures for the way things are done or changed.

I believe that religion should stick to matters of the soul and the congregations thereunder should take care that their beliefs are not turned into a weapon to be pointed by a sociopath who managed to gain their trust.

This is not an attack on religion. It is an attack on those who pervert religion and those whom are willfully ignorant to their influence.


The Radioactive Fan-Game “A QuickView”


UPDATE: as you probably already know you can no longer download the game from But if you’re dead set on getting it vet your dl source carefully.
Original Article resumes below:

Uranium: An element that appears on the ubiquitous Table with the number236. With 236 appended to it, it’s highly radioactive i.e. dangerous to living things when not handled with extreme care.

However with Pokemon prefixed to it, Uranium is a highly enjoyable, slightly self-aware fan game with a story written by Pokemon fans for Pokemon fans. Right from the beginning we learn about our characters backstory and though it is a little dark, it isn’t grim-dark or edge-lord in any way. Nuclear physicist aside it’s a story many children in the real world can connect to. One of your parent’s has died while working and their other parent didn’t know how to cope so our character is sent to live with another relative while dad buries himself in his job.

It’s simple, straight forward, doesn’t baby you and doesn’t scream at you to feel sad every few seconds.  It’s more of a, “This is your life, go and make it better.” scenario and I love it for that.


Along with the countless new Pokemon and evolutions created just for the game I found myself in the strange predicament of not knowing which ones to capture, which ones to ignore and just leave in my box because I’m a horrible trainer, and which ones I’d catch and train later on. It’s thrilling not being able to go online and google which moves will this one learn or what level will it evolve. A sentiment I may take with me when the Official Pokemon Sun and Moon games come out later this year, in fact I may just do my best to ignore any more of those Coro leaks and the Official promotional announcements. You already have me Pokemon Company I’m buying Moon and starting with Rowlet, it’s happening.

An addition I really like was the gender non-specific choice for your character. I am a straight male but I have long hair I wear pulled back most of the time especially in the summer, (It’s death degrees in New York right now). The fact the gender neutral choice had a poof of hair sticking out of their head made me low-key happy. It may seem like a little thing but anything that makes you feel more attached to the character is always going to add to the gameplay experience.

While I’ve yet to beat the game (I have 2 badges and about to step into the Gym in Bealbeach City for my third) I’ve already come across charming moments, things that genuinely made me giggle and even things that made me facepalm in enjoyment. I didn’t even know that was possible until now. Talking to the NPC’s is just as rewarding in the Official series as there are many with quippy things to say, information to give about gym leaders, or free items. We all love free items don’t we?

The map design is inventive and aesthetically pleasing, the score is made up of clever riffs on the original songs we all know while still being different enough that they mingle flawlessly with the songs that are new and that should be nothing to balk at.

While there are issues with it, such as music loops stopping and playing at wrong points, music stopping, screen stuttering and 8 hours in I’ve had two crashes, every pore of this game oozes fangame in the best ways while nodding in agreement with the fact it does have its issues, as evidenced by the patcher you use to start the game with. They clearly know there are still things to be done and if their servers weren’t on fire because of everyone downloading the game at the same time I believe the first patch would’ve been released already. That said I believe you can manually patch the game if you have some fan/indie game know-how.
It’s not perfect but it’s far from garbage and if you like Pokemon and have beaten all the other games in the series, give Uranium a try to fill the void between now and the release of Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Company, Nintendo; it’s fan games like Uranium that help to fill in the void between releases and, dare I say without any evidence, help to fight piracy because if a fan game can be this fun, who’s to say it doesn’t encourage people to go out and buy an official game? Although I think it would be more accurate to say that fan games are generally played by people who have purchased and played the official titles, dare I say again(my I’m feeling bold today) purchased most or ALL of the official titles. Money and life issues aside, I’ve purchased games from at least 4 gens and possibly 6 Pokemon titles all together.

Uranium radiates PokeManiac Love and if 9+ years dedicated to a fan-game doesn’t spell love I don’t know what does.


Beauty in the Rain

From fog to drop, water has an inherent beauty. It can show us lights true colours, and show us who we really are. A leaf skating on a breeze during sun showers can seem strange, but is it not also  a form of beauty? Many times i have looked upon the world like it was my first time. Not just in the rain but everywhere, the colours of nature surround us, enveloping our bodies and minds in the cradle of life, yet we choose to by-pass it.

What would change if we could always see the beauty around us, no matter our situation?



Money is a hindrance to those who don’t have it. and a pair of blinders to those who do have it.

Think, what is the main cause for poverty? Lack of money. What can lead to abuse of power? Too much money. What can cause one person to do harm to another person for seemingly no reason? Money.

In my sickly state of bed ridden-dom…(new term >.>)  I came across a thought. Money is disgusting. A man made construct put into place, but for what reason? So we can get something someone else has? What group thought session lead to thinking that ownership of an object could come from trading something one person values for something else another person values?

Excuse me for my ignorance but isn’t everything we use on this planet property of the planet? If you really want to get into ownership that is, the planet was here before us. Its bigger than us, and can kill us when is has a stomach ache. Yet we treat it as an inanimate object which we defile and rape to our minds content. So again I ask, what would happen if money didn’t exist? Would people be forced to hoard things for themselves? And when i say money i mean any bartering system. What if farmers farmed because they loved to do it and did not have to worry about a bank foreclosing on the land? What if chef’s only had the rivalry of recipe superiority to drive them to cook instead of putting food on their own table? what if an engineer wasn’t some person who sold their idea or was afraid of their idea being stolen but was glad to share their inventions and designs with other just because they knew it would help everyone? Without money where would ownership come from? If no one owns anything then, how can stealing occur?

When you get right down to it i can’t understand the superiority complex people have. For me it’s unconscionable. We force others to feel pain, and anguish to fulfill our own selfish needs yet when you get down to it how long will that good feeling last before it dries up? It’s nothing more than a temporary fix for something that is essentially wrong. Not just with one person but as of society today a sickening number of the global population. There’s nothing wrong with competition it can make people better but many times people lose sight of their original goal and before you know it we have something like money instated to bring order? But wait where the hell did that come from, how did i just go from money to some tree hugging hippie fantasy world back to money? It is like this, I come from simple thinking, money though not being the only root of evil, is very certainly a cancer that has grown in the world.  It’s painfully clear to me how we don’t need money, its more curious to me why no one has been able to seriously bring it into discussion?

Dreams, it is this word that is used to describe such thought. That they are only unattainable dreams that hold no weight in society. It truly does pain me when i read what goes on in the world and when thoughts like i have expressed are said to be the stuff of dreams. To me it seems we have allowed ourselves to live in a nightmare where death is around every corner and so few people are able to actually see the beauty of life. Am i ignorant and childish in my thinking? How is it that people have lost sight of what is important? How is it people who live on the same planet can hate each other with such malice that it breeds a horrifying concept such as war? Where did we go wrong? How do we let such finite simplistic ideals govern our lives when we can be and do so much better?

Who, what, when, where, why, and how, these are my questions for our current state of living. But they are also my questions for the right track to come up. They say you are a product of your surroundings, if that’s the case then what does this say about me and my surroundings? Furthermore, what does it say about the people of this planet as a whole?