Breakdown of Religion

Let’s get one thing straight, the US is a Secular nation arguably founded with the best ideals from Catholicism/Christianity, Love thy neighbour, don’t kill other people, etc. that is not to be construed as “America is a Christian Nation”. America does not have an official religion. Speak about the founding father’s personal religious beliefs all you wish, but Freedom of Religion is associated with the US for a reason. The United States essentially became a country of other’s Refuge for a reason. However, you should never forget America was also founded on the blood of the Native people whom were here FIRST. The myriad of Tribes which lived on this part of the continent and the neighbouring islands were slaughtered so others could live FREE of religious persecution, funny how that worked out. What also should not be forgotten are the colonies whom lived in peace with the native population, the ones who truly shared and learned from and with the Native people.

Where am I going with this? Well the separation of church and state for one thing. It seems the wall between these has eroded to nothingness over the centuries. For others, the wall never existed. Religious peoples have allowed themselves to become pawns in the political game which is currently causing a massive rift in American society. Even worse, religious peoples have allowed their beliefs to be turned into marketing and nothing less than a club with a membership who doesn’t seem to realize the reason why the youth “strayed from God”. The irony here is that many people do not realize it is they who have done it to themselves. Speaking from experience, I’ve always noticed the faces people make when they think others aren’t looking. I didn’t have to be an adult to realize that the stares and glares I received as a child in church were of the “You don’t belong here” variety. These stares weren’t plentiful but there were enough to make me curious. Imagine how it feels to have a priest make a sermon about love, respect, and the like, only to receive a stare of hatred from someone just for breathing the same air in the building as they. Then to have those same people speak with your parents and others in the congregation with forced smiles and faux laughter. I couldn’t have been the only one to notice these people but everyone else seemed too polite to talk to them about it. Stir not the demon you care not with to contend, I guess.

Fakeness is what drove many in my generation from religion, or in the least from the physical buildings of a religion. Religion to many has become a whithered badge to wear, to prove to others how you’re better than they are. Many people speak the words but how many strive to become better? To learn from those teachings? The response from many has been to “Religion Harder” which is akin to singing louder in church so God can hear you over the others, or prostrating yourself more gracefully during which ever religious movement/action applies.

Now I spoke of separation of Church and state before, but why? Well here’s the connection. I believe (heh) that it’s the people who “Sing louder” or “prostrate more grandly” than others, whom are responsible for the reason why Evangelicals are so highly regarded by the political system. Faith is a strong thing, so in the halls of religious institutions people are unaware that their beliefs are being used against them and turned into a political tool. Some are even tricked into believing that one party is more religious than the other and thus better. See where I’m going?

People want to believe that they are better than the person next to them because we’ve been hardwired or programmed to believe that it has to be that way and for some, the easiest way is to take up religion. Narcissists and other Sociopaths are spoken about in the political sense but I’m not aware of religions response to them in the current day and age. The Holy books and writings can say what they will but thinking on the leaders of “Mega Churches” alone it’s curious that they are not called out for being what they really are. When a religious officiator can speak to their congregation and point them at a political enemy that is a major breakdown of religion. That is actually no longer religion but politicking by another name.

Freedom of religion was written into the constitution in an attempt to prevent this kind of thing from happening. For the most part, day to day, it does. But the current times are causing me to think about “action-over-time”. The talking heads in the political realm try to sell one religion over another. They are attempting with varying degrees of success to paint an entire religion as filled with degenerates and murderers as if we were back in the times of the Crusades. What’s even worse is that people are buying into this madness, what’s more is that it’s even working in the religion vs secularism arena. One example of the latter being Planned Parenthood. Calls for the complete de-funding of a program which does far more than people are willing to realize. In a Secular Nation your religious book is not and should not be admissible in court. “Holier than thou” is not a reason to attack something you do not agree with. In America there are laws which should be followed and there are procedures for the way things are done or changed.

I believe that religion should stick to matters of the soul and the congregations thereunder should take care that their beliefs are not turned into a weapon to be pointed by a sociopath who managed to gain their trust.

This is not an attack on religion. It is an attack on those who pervert religion and those whom are willfully ignorant to their influence.



People spend an inordinate amount of their life doing soul-crushing tasks, yet others will say their depression is just an act while ignoring their own.

We turned a barter system of equivalent exchange into a trade system of non-existent currency based on a vacuum that trades for real physical things in a hope to be filled.

People cause incalculable sicknesses and even deaths of others, animal and human, yet are allowed to continue harming our global family. They can “pay” for it and everyone else pays for it.

We knew we were different since time immemorial, yet spent no time to learn about those differences and only rarely cherish our similarities. They both should be celebrated in concert.

We focus on the negative when someone tries to be positive.

For too long we’ve been teetering like a top about to spin out but we listen to those who say we’ll continue to spin forever. “We aren’t teetering” they will say and people will continue to believe them because once we recognize the truth we’ll know, it is our fault.

Black people and White people are…

Did I grab your attention? Good.
Do you want to stop racism? Do you hate being the target of racism? Alright cool, same here.

However, you can’t do that in a way some suggest which is, “Stop talking about it.” That’s like ignoring the fact someone is punching you in the face. Just cuz you refuse to acknowledge it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Also, the notion that you can’t be racist towards the dominant/more abundant population is just as ignorant.

Before you say anything about my next point, the notion of “Not venturing into the comments of a video” is the same as what I just said about getting punched in the face. I read on-line today, while looking through the comments on the Ghost in the Shell trailer (November 13, 2016), someone’s curious response to another comment. “White people don’t belong in Japan.” was what they said. I offered, as a retort, that the sentiment was as racist as “Black people don’t belong in America.” The latter of which is something I’ve heard MULTIPLE times in my life.

This brings to mind something very important.

How do you stop racism? You first deal with the way you talk about people and cultures, be they your own or someone else’s. All of this bullshit of “White” people, and “black” people, needs to stop. Stop reducing yourself down to a fucking crayola. As adults, we grew out of preschool, so stop rationalizing like you’re still there.

You are not melanin or lack-thereof, you are a person.

As much as I love all my friends, when they say things like; “White people this,” and “Black people that”, “hispanic people do,” and “Asians always,”, they confuse the shit out of me. These sweeping generalizations which we cast on huge segments of the population serve to make people see you as hating, or feeling some type of way about everyone who looks like “them”. I’ve used those stupid ass terms too but I’m making an effort to stop, so should you.

After a year of this insane election process I’ve noticed that we’re allowing ourselves to be draw to one side or the other of a very very thin line that shouldn’t have ever been drawn. “White people don’t understand what it’s like to be marginalized and hated.”

Excuse me, but by speaking like this about people with lighter coloured skin than you, YOU are doing exactly what the fuck your suggesting they stop doing to you, People of Colour. It’s talk like this which makes “White” people afraid to walk around places like Oakland, and the Bronx. WHY? Talking like THAT leads to acting the way the “White” people expect you to act; Glaring at them with hatred, reacting to what is said with violence, taking things the wrong way, etc.

Don’t take this as me ragging on only Non-Caucasians. The fact is, we’re doing to each other, that which we hate other people for doing to us. An example: light and dark skinned Dominicans. I’ve heard and seen the bullshit yall do and say to each other. You’re from the same fuckin island, WHICH yall share with Haiti, so act like you got some sense. The same could be said of other countries and ethnicity’s. **EDIT** Asians aren’t exempt either, spend some time around a specific community, your local mini China/Korea/Thailand/Japan if you live in a global enough State, and you’ll hear ethnocentric garbage that would make a baby cry. No, that’s the point, even a baby would be appalled. I’ve also met people from various parts of the EU; Italy, England, Ukraine, Spain, and it’s the same thing. People make veiled jabs at other cultures and end it with a failed attempt to show they aren’t really spewing racist remarks. **EDIT END**

And yes bring in History, the the years of slavery, murder, rape, and genocidal/ethnic cleansing actions perpetrated against “minorities” across the planet and it’s easy to be rallied to the side of anger and resentment. I’m not sayin we forget history. What I’m saying is, that if you want to stop racism, stop responding to it the same way we have been for decades. Stop speaking in broad-ass generalizations because believe it or not, Not every European/Caucasian-looking person hates you because of your skin colour. Fuckin crazy notion isn’t it?

I’m not saying we do what the Psychopaths known as White Supremacists (Notice the vernacular) do, which is, say one word while giving it the undertone of something else. That’s childish, small-minded and it makes you an idiot.

I’m talking to EVERYONE, if you want to talk about “coming together” and “bridging ethnic gaps”, then SPEAK like it, ACT like it. Call out your friends AND family, light or dark, for those racist comments. Anger is fine, it’s apart of life. But breaking your hand on something or someone because you punched it/them in anger isn’t doing anything but hurting yourself. You’re reacting in a way where people can say, “See, they act like animals. Of course they’re beneath us.”

Do you want to stop racism? Then be smart about what you say and do. Don’t ignore racism, and don’t attack it with every limb of your body. Unless your are literally being beaten by a psychopath, there’s no need to act like an idiot.

Your thoughts become your word.
Your words become your action.
Your actions become habit.
Your habits become your character.

So pay some fucking attention to what you’re thinking, please.

Political and Societal Anger with President-Elect Trump

There’s a difference between political interest and wanting to know whats going on in your country and the world. Political interest is a want to know about how things like; legislation, inter-state governmental interactions, and inter-country governmental interactions occur.

You could say that “wanting to know what’s going on” is societal interest and you wouldn’t be wrong. I believe, somewhat conversely, that in this context using the word society in general serves to narrow people’s viewpoint on the topic I’m trying to raise, which again, is very much based in societal issues but not completely.

I used to think that people didn’t really need a reason to talk to each other. I thought, in a somewhat naïve manner, that if you wanted to talk to someone for any reason you would just do so. I thought that since we’re all people discourse just happened because of curiosity. Then I tried to talk to someone in elementary school and they just ignored me. It was a curious thing to be ignored for a reason you don’t understand. Only a few years earlier was it a fact that I was able to interact with any kid, save my own childish irritations and asshole tendencies getting in the way. However, in a learning environment it was a curious thing to me. Only as I grew older and spoke to those smarter than I would I realize that there were unspoken undertones seeded in decades and centuries of ignorant beliefs and false truths. Couple that with things like Christopher Columbus getting lost and other forms of imperialistic actions and it started to make more sense to me. Absurd sense, but sensible nonetheless.

As much as we may hate the class in school, History has all the information we need when it comes to this unseen malignant-tumour. Your grand-father called my grand-mother a whore. This cousin killed our other cousin. This group of people believe in one thing and this group of people believe in something to the contrary.

When you find out that not everyone thinks the same way you do you become secretive for fear of offending someone or becoming the target of someone’s ignorance and misplaced anger. Other’s however almost poetically do the opposite of staying quiet and loudly proclaim that they do not care, nor do they fear others different from them. We paint targets on our backs either way.

People often times enter into discourse with the naïve belief that they can change someone’s mind because, after all, their logic is the only one which makes sense, as is their view of everything.

“If everyone would just see things the way
I do we’d all be better off. Even if I have
to force them to do so, it will be worth it
in the end.”

At risk of sounding religiously partisan, there is a saying for this mental trap. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I’d say that the road to hell is paved with intentions in general, clear or unclear as they may be.

History is often maligned because what has happened in the past brings up bad memories for some and uncomfortable thoughts for others. We have elders whom speak of the past constantly and their droning brings some of us to tears of boredom. It is often parroted to “Stop living in the past.” and “This isn’t the past, this is happening now.” In some contexts these sentiments are true and in some they are not. I won’t get into this topic because I don’t feel like anyone wants to read a 30 page essay. Think on them on your own with a critical lens.

It is direct and outright anger at, for, and towards a group of people, no matter how emotionally justified it may or may not be, that causes the worst of conflicts. It is a fear of what may come to pass that forces people to take up arms to protect their very way of life. In the old days this made sense, on the whole humanity was very ignorant and still in a child-like phase of mental development. “But what about if someone kills my family in front of me, am I just supposed to let it happen and pity the murderer?” This is not what I am speaking to. Logically if someone directly threatens you and yours you must protect at all costs. Total pacifism works in theory, just as Capitalism, and Communism and other forms of government work perfectly in theory. Conversely, militaristic action has proven ineffectual in furthering true advancement of our species.

Personally I see humanity today being in a teenage-like phase of mental development. The know-it-all, the edgelord, the geek, the nerd, the jock, etc. Large groups of populations have these traits and when they interact, hyperbole and misunderstanding shatter any calm that existed beforehand because we’re afraid that we may have the traits of the other group within us. Other times a group will say the other is unfit to exist because their viewpoint is irrational. When pushed into a corner all groups will attack with a violent fervour in order to speak loudly and clearly that they will not be bullied, marginalized and eradicated. When someone holds a gun to your head what do you do?

For the past few years in the US I’ve seen things very much like a top about to spin-out. Things lop wildly from one side to another in order to try and maintain balance. Things like Militant Feminism which demonize all males, or the Social Justice Warrior leaping on the slightest mention of anything that might smell un-pc are examples of this teetering top. They come from a fear of a return to times when the sexes were woefully unequal, or a violent reaction to one of many malignant-tumours which seem to many to be metastasizing.

Until now the only way people knew how to do something is to run into it headlong and hope to take it out. That’s about as effective as entering into a two car head-on collision to get a spider out of your passenger seat. Instead we should figure out how, if a truck is coming our way, to make a ramp and let the truck destroy itself in a hilarious display of it’s foolish belief that it could fly.

And now a link to automotive fails to visualize that last metaphor. Adieu.

We’re All Idiots

Why are you afraid to vote third party?

Is it because you are afraid that Donald Trump will win?

Do you honestly believe that America is so racist and backwards that you are admitting sub consciously, or even overtly, that this great country of ours will fold in half and tear itself apart if you actually vote as almost every politician has said in this election, which is “Vote your Conscience”?

Why not act on that fear in a positive way?
Don’t let other people tell you to be afraid. And don’t let anyone tell you you have to listen to them in order to keep the boogeyman from stealing you away in your sleep while they hide the crowbar they’ll use to break into your house.

Patriotism, Freedom, Liberty.

These three words have lost their meaning. And you can’t say something like that without being attacked for being anti-American. As a country initially built by slave labour, that got it’s land from the murder of the indigenous people, I ask you to take a second and realize to whom do those three words really apply?

People parade our Veterans in front of issues in order to make you feel guilty for not supporting one specific cause. They are not some sorry sad group of people to be used as a political fucking chess piece. The good ones are to be treasured as the true human beings they are, and trust me there are more good than bad but don’t fucking kid yourself. No group of people is perfect. My point here is a group of people are NOT to be used as a political tool. What should be discussed are the scenarios and instances that affect a specific group and what is it that allows those scenarios to happen again, and again.

The world isn’t a binary computer system, stop acting like it is one.
“Do you support Clinton?”

“No I…”

“You fuckin racist how could you vote for Trump?”

“I’m not I’m…”

“A vote for anyone who isn’t Hillary is a vote for Trump.”

This is an example of reductive logic. And if you want to play that game of Ignoramus, seeing as so many people don’t like Hillary I could say that a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump because, after all, you aren’t voting for the candidate I support so it’s your fault if Trump wins.
I had hoped this simple minded thinking would stop when I left junior high and high school but apparently it’s followed too many of you into the real world. I get it, researching candidates is hard. You’re just working so you can barely pay your bills, to barely eat some food, so you can barely stay alive and barely enjoy yourself 1 day every week before you get back on the horse of monotony.
“Oh but I love my business. I just don’t think there’s a chance for X to win so why should I throw my vote away?”

If the people who constantly say this actually cared about the future of their business, state, country or even just selfishly their own future they would vote for who they wanted, not whom they’re told. You owe it to yourself to understand what and whom you’re voting for and NOT vote for whom your told to by that pretty person on the rectangle in your house.

Voting for someone because they aren’t X isn’t a reason to vote. I mean this is the place where you live? How can you NOT give a shit that much?

“Why does this law exist?”

Easy, because slack jawed nill-brains like you don’t know whom you’re voting for. And for the record I too am a slack jawed nill-brain. I’ve voted for a candidate or two whom I had no clue about. And that should infuriate you as much as it does me!

Why are things working out the way they are? Because too many times, people are trapped in their small world of trying to keep the lights on, and feeding their kids while working two or more jobs. We fear losing a roof over our heads, of making our children homeless…

Turn that fear into something positive.

Voting does nothing.

I’m protesting the system by not voting.

Anarchy is the only way for the country to change.

You’re all idiots. People always want to talk numbers and hard facts, well the fact is not once has EVERY SINGLE PERSON REGISTERED TO VOTE actually voted in a singular election in recent history. If we actually voted, fuck, if we paid attention to WHO we were voting for things would be different.

“The system is rigged.”

Unrig that shit. Go to town hall meetings, talk to your family and your friends. Don’t be afraid to talk politics because, surprise surprise, if you don’t look at the world like a Binary Computer you realize there’s specific reason why people believe certain things. Every time someone says don’t talk politics I want to slap them. Treating it like some taboo thing IS WHAT HAS US IN THIS SITUATION. Oh sure we talk here and there with this person or with that person about abortion and how it’s wrong , or it’s a womans choice or how it’s a crime but VERY FEW PEOPLE are willing to hear others out on WHY they say whatever crazy nonsensical reason they have. Maybe in fact, their reason is sensible but we won’t know because you can’t talk politics or touchy issues like this. If we’re afraid to have a discussion you won’t be able to explain why one reasoning is actually out of touch with reality. There’s only one answer to abortion and it’s my answer because I’m morally superior to you. Get off your high horse no one likes a self righteous douche-bag, whatever cause you’re championing.

Look, I get it. Talking to people is hard, I know, I hate people. But I also love people, otherwise why would I be this upset that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot year in and year out?

The fact of the matter is there is no singular answer for anything on this planet save a few heinous crimes which shouldn’t need to be explained.

People obviously have different points of view but you know what? There’s this thing called consensus. We arrive at a consensus when people stop yelling about how great they are and how evil someone else is and we keep away from hyperbolic, knee-jerk, emotionally unstable responses to things that are complicated.

2 World Wars, plus the numerous others and you’d think we’d have figured out that we’re all stuck with each other whether we like it or not so we just need to calm down and actually be civil.

But who am I? No way I could have such a wide ranging perspective, I’m just an idiot.

But seriously I don’t give a shit who you vote for just as long as you actually have a solid reason that isn’t “They aren’t X candidate so it’s fine.”


As the years go on, we develop more clever ways of communication to spread ideas faster. We long to tell our experiences to others, and hear about others exploits while on the journey we have come to call life. The need to express things that we think about is in all of us, and it is this need that creates what we call the arts.

Whether we participate in the literary, paper and pencil, or video/visual sense of the term art, most people are trying to get out what is on their minds. For want of acceptance by another, or to pass along important information. We tell stories and make pictures because, hopefully, we’re trying to say something important. We take pictures of things because we lack the words to describe what it makes us feel or think. I once heard that living in itself can be art, and by that definition everyone is an artist, and everyone is trying to purvey something of importance.

Actions have meaning, every action, not just the ones we think out but the subtle ones as well. We as a race have come to think too deeply about the intended meanings of others actions, and we have forgotten how exactly, to look at everything as part of the story. Story is more than just a fancy word I’m using to sound like an intellectual, I’m far from being one. When I say story I’m talking about life. We learn from cautionary tales as much as we do from mistakes. We live life everyday, and the experiences we have are all the more important to letting us know, where we are going and where we came from.

All of this came to me, as a result of looking up how it is exactly television signals transmit the pictures we love so much. Then I got to over thinking, “What is the reason we have television?”. I thought even further back into history, and I remembered radio programs my parent’s told me they listened to. We as a sentient race have a deep seeded necessity to express ourselves in whatever way we can. This tenet extends into every single action, performed every single day, by every single person on this planet. We have to tell those who come after us what we did, so we can literally learn from our past mistakes, no matter how many millennia ago. Our major problem thus far hasn’t been our inability to tell stories, or paint pictures, or more through visual actions. It has been our inability to listen to them.

Also I did not create the picture i got it from they mapped teh internets so to speak 🙂Image