Breakdown of Religion

Let’s get one thing straight, the US is a Secular nation arguably founded with the best ideals from Catholicism/Christianity, Love thy neighbour, don’t kill other people, etc. that is not to be construed as “America is a Christian Nation”. America does not have an official religion. Speak about the founding father’s personal religious beliefs all you wish, but Freedom of Religion is associated with the US for a reason. The United States essentially became a country of other’s Refuge for a reason. However, you should never forget America was also founded on the blood of the Native people whom were here FIRST. The myriad of Tribes which lived on this part of the continent and the neighbouring islands were slaughtered so others could live FREE of religious persecution, funny how that worked out. What also should not be forgotten are the colonies whom lived in peace with the native population, the ones who truly shared and learned from and with the Native people.

Where am I going with this? Well the separation of church and state for one thing. It seems the wall between these has eroded to nothingness over the centuries. For others, the wall never existed. Religious peoples have allowed themselves to become pawns in the political game which is currently causing a massive rift in American society. Even worse, religious peoples have allowed their beliefs to be turned into marketing and nothing less than a club with a membership who doesn’t seem to realize the reason why the youth “strayed from God”. The irony here is that many people do not realize it is they who have done it to themselves. Speaking from experience, I’ve always noticed the faces people make when they think others aren’t looking. I didn’t have to be an adult to realize that the stares and glares I received as a child in church were of the “You don’t belong here” variety. These stares weren’t plentiful but there were enough to make me curious. Imagine how it feels to have a priest make a sermon about love, respect, and the like, only to receive a stare of hatred from someone just for breathing the same air in the building as they. Then to have those same people speak with your parents and others in the congregation with forced smiles and faux laughter. I couldn’t have been the only one to notice these people but everyone else seemed too polite to talk to them about it. Stir not the demon you care not with to contend, I guess.

Fakeness is what drove many in my generation from religion, or in the least from the physical buildings of a religion. Religion to many has become a whithered badge to wear, to prove to others how you’re better than they are. Many people speak the words but how many strive to become better? To learn from those teachings? The response from many has been to “Religion Harder” which is akin to singing louder in church so God can hear you over the others, or prostrating yourself more gracefully during which ever religious movement/action applies.

Now I spoke of separation of Church and state before, but why? Well here’s the connection. I believe (heh) that it’s the people who “Sing louder” or “prostrate more grandly” than others, whom are responsible for the reason why Evangelicals are so highly regarded by the political system. Faith is a strong thing, so in the halls of religious institutions people are unaware that their beliefs are being used against them and turned into a political tool. Some are even tricked into believing that one party is more religious than the other and thus better. See where I’m going?

People want to believe that they are better than the person next to them because we’ve been hardwired or programmed to believe that it has to be that way and for some, the easiest way is to take up religion. Narcissists and other Sociopaths are spoken about in the political sense but I’m not aware of religions response to them in the current day and age. The Holy books and writings can say what they will but thinking on the leaders of “Mega Churches” alone it’s curious that they are not called out for being what they really are. When a religious officiator can speak to their congregation and point them at a political enemy that is a major breakdown of religion. That is actually no longer religion but politicking by another name.

Freedom of religion was written into the constitution in an attempt to prevent this kind of thing from happening. For the most part, day to day, it does. But the current times are causing me to think about “action-over-time”. The talking heads in the political realm try to sell one religion over another. They are attempting with varying degrees of success to paint an entire religion as filled with degenerates and murderers as if we were back in the times of the Crusades. What’s even worse is that people are buying into this madness, what’s more is that it’s even working in the religion vs secularism arena. One example of the latter being Planned Parenthood. Calls for the complete de-funding of a program which does far more than people are willing to realize. In a Secular Nation your religious book is not and should not be admissible in court. “Holier than thou” is not a reason to attack something you do not agree with. In America there are laws which should be followed and there are procedures for the way things are done or changed.

I believe that religion should stick to matters of the soul and the congregations thereunder should take care that their beliefs are not turned into a weapon to be pointed by a sociopath who managed to gain their trust.

This is not an attack on religion. It is an attack on those who pervert religion and those whom are willfully ignorant to their influence.


Black people and White people are…

Did I grab your attention? Good.
Do you want to stop racism? Do you hate being the target of racism? Alright cool, same here.

However, you can’t do that in a way some suggest which is, “Stop talking about it.” That’s like ignoring the fact someone is punching you in the face. Just cuz you refuse to acknowledge it, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Also, the notion that you can’t be racist towards the dominant/more abundant population is just as ignorant.

Before you say anything about my next point, the notion of “Not venturing into the comments of a video” is the same as what I just said about getting punched in the face. I read on-line today, while looking through the comments on the Ghost in the Shell trailer (November 13, 2016), someone’s curious response to another comment. “White people don’t belong in Japan.” was what they said. I offered, as a retort, that the sentiment was as racist as “Black people don’t belong in America.” The latter of which is something I’ve heard MULTIPLE times in my life.

This brings to mind something very important.

How do you stop racism? You first deal with the way you talk about people and cultures, be they your own or someone else’s. All of this bullshit of “White” people, and “black” people, needs to stop. Stop reducing yourself down to a fucking crayola. As adults, we grew out of preschool, so stop rationalizing like you’re still there.

You are not melanin or lack-thereof, you are a person.

As much as I love all my friends, when they say things like; “White people this,” and “Black people that”, “hispanic people do,” and “Asians always,”, they confuse the shit out of me. These sweeping generalizations which we cast on huge segments of the population serve to make people see you as hating, or feeling some type of way about everyone who looks like “them”. I’ve used those stupid ass terms too but I’m making an effort to stop, so should you.

After a year of this insane election process I’ve noticed that we’re allowing ourselves to be draw to one side or the other of a very very thin line that shouldn’t have ever been drawn. “White people don’t understand what it’s like to be marginalized and hated.”

Excuse me, but by speaking like this about people with lighter coloured skin than you, YOU are doing exactly what the fuck your suggesting they stop doing to you, People of Colour. It’s talk like this which makes “White” people afraid to walk around places like Oakland, and the Bronx. WHY? Talking like THAT leads to acting the way the “White” people expect you to act; Glaring at them with hatred, reacting to what is said with violence, taking things the wrong way, etc.

Don’t take this as me ragging on only Non-Caucasians. The fact is, we’re doing to each other, that which we hate other people for doing to us. An example: light and dark skinned Dominicans. I’ve heard and seen the bullshit yall do and say to each other. You’re from the same fuckin island, WHICH yall share with Haiti, so act like you got some sense. The same could be said of other countries and ethnicity’s. **EDIT** Asians aren’t exempt either, spend some time around a specific community, your local mini China/Korea/Thailand/Japan if you live in a global enough State, and you’ll hear ethnocentric garbage that would make a baby cry. No, that’s the point, even a baby would be appalled. I’ve also met people from various parts of the EU; Italy, England, Ukraine, Spain, and it’s the same thing. People make veiled jabs at other cultures and end it with a failed attempt to show they aren’t really spewing racist remarks. **EDIT END**

And yes bring in History, the the years of slavery, murder, rape, and genocidal/ethnic cleansing actions perpetrated against “minorities” across the planet and it’s easy to be rallied to the side of anger and resentment. I’m not sayin we forget history. What I’m saying is, that if you want to stop racism, stop responding to it the same way we have been for decades. Stop speaking in broad-ass generalizations because believe it or not, Not every European/Caucasian-looking person hates you because of your skin colour. Fuckin crazy notion isn’t it?

I’m not saying we do what the Psychopaths known as White Supremacists (Notice the vernacular) do, which is, say one word while giving it the undertone of something else. That’s childish, small-minded and it makes you an idiot.

I’m talking to EVERYONE, if you want to talk about “coming together” and “bridging ethnic gaps”, then SPEAK like it, ACT like it. Call out your friends AND family, light or dark, for those racist comments. Anger is fine, it’s apart of life. But breaking your hand on something or someone because you punched it/them in anger isn’t doing anything but hurting yourself. You’re reacting in a way where people can say, “See, they act like animals. Of course they’re beneath us.”

Do you want to stop racism? Then be smart about what you say and do. Don’t ignore racism, and don’t attack it with every limb of your body. Unless your are literally being beaten by a psychopath, there’s no need to act like an idiot.

Your thoughts become your word.
Your words become your action.
Your actions become habit.
Your habits become your character.

So pay some fucking attention to what you’re thinking, please.