Babble On

This is supposed to be a metal song but I’m not in a band nor am I good at guitar xD





This thing that was done

by the sin and hubris of mankind



Babble on



They rose to the skies

To try and design

the world they saw within their minds






Times got hard

They refused to die

Life was swell for those on high


Babble on



Things they knew they could do



A life they could live anew

Babble on


Better than the hand from high



They refused to die

Babble on





Babble on









was the place

For the race

To disgrace

Raise a mace

And spit in the face

Of the one they spurned!



Babble on



They rose to the skies

Ever higher

With the spire

Never knowing that they would burn in fire!





Things they knew they could do



A life they could live anew

Babble on


Better than the hand from high



They refused to die

Babble on





Babble on





One day the creator saw

Wide and agape went his maw

Eyes made of fire

Disgust, hatred for the spire

The children had earned the ire

of the parent they no longer admire



A mighty bolt struck down hard!

Burning flesh, Melting lard

Into pieces fell the tower

This was the hour…






When the smoke and fire cleared

The children all jeered and sneered

They cursed that name in fear

They swore to build again right here

All the children then

Would show they woudn’t bend

The tower would be built

With blood shame and guilt

Any emotion they felt he’d feel!






An explosion erupted before them

On the ruins of the spire

A man stood in robes

A long beard

A cloak

A glow



Babble on



Even now you jeer

Not even me you fear

I gaze upon thee

All I see

Are children whom would try and kill me!



The man did he roar

The skies cried

The ground shook more

Rage in his eyes

To his children’s surprise

He had finally show his face.

Their hearts burned with ache

The brilliant display, to their dismay

Was far much more than they could take






Tears streamed from their eyes

They thought they could kill their god

But he’s more than man

He is the hand




Babble on



He raised it above his head

As rage burned in his eyes

He spoke the words mankind would remember

For all of god damned time



Ye will never no

Peace like there was before

Your words have changed

Your minds rearranged

Let go of the world you know!



Babble on



From this day forward

You all will remember

If you rise against me

And think to test me

your world will be destroyed!






More Human Than Human?

Hominid crawlin to the top,

lookin all around it,

can’t remember its first thought.

Eyes wide,

eyes dry,

tongue begging for more.

Watching everybody, are they gettin worn?

Climbing still,

sick will,

staring at the top.

Someone already there

Can it beat them off?

Hands rend,

eyes bend

feelin sick in the head,

Something else is now driving our friend.

Sick thirst

Stomach lurch

An inhuman force

Once it reaches the top will it all end?

Inspired by Rob Zombie

Children of Armageddon

The Children will search for their younger kin,
receiving gifts from the sky while they journey.
And the children will be banished from the Shadow Realm of Lost Souls, by the black and thin Incubus.

An Eye set in Yu and will appear when they who’ve broken from their Prison make their move.
This is their marking.
They will fight the Children and take from them their Youngest.
The Children will pick up arms and charge forward through a space unseen.
The children will destroy dozens of the newly freed prisoners, in a Chair of Spikes.

Red in colour, indicating it’s purpose, the chair is the only way to dispatch the prisoners.

The seas will rise and be tormented.
They will spit up things that should not lie in their depths.

Icy waters will enjoy temperatures that do not benefit them.

Yellow and White lightning will strike down from the skies over the City.
And the DOOR will be opened, violently shaking the earth around.


An old tale I scribbled up a few years ago.


Once before there was Evermore the sky had shown; red, yellow, blue, and green. One hundred fifty years past the nebula vanished from the sky in an instant, replaced by 2 stars 3 years aft. This is known as the binary quadrant after all.

However the surprise was in the colours which the new stars shown. A true set of cosmic fraternal twins. One a bright blue, the other a deep red. Vrotald thought of the excitement that may exist in that new system. Many many millenia would however pass before life would manifest, if life was even in the cards for the twins. They named the stars Omega and Alpha, which seemed fitting enough. Never would they forget the brilliant display that lead to the era of Nevermore. Magic would come to this advanced system of science and it would be Vrotald who would aid with ushering in this new era of Alchemic discovery. Once a land of science and logic Evermore was now becoming mysterious and curious forever more.

Beauty in the Rain

From fog to drop, water has an inherent beauty. It can show us lights true colours, and show us who we really are. A leaf skating on a breeze during sun showers can seem strange, but is it not also  a form of beauty? Many times i have looked upon the world like it was my first time. Not just in the rain but everywhere, the colours of nature surround us, enveloping our bodies and minds in the cradle of life, yet we choose to by-pass it.

What would change if we could always see the beauty around us, no matter our situation?


My Happiness

This is something I wrote back in my high school days

Unsure of the future,

and unable to remember the past,

the present keeps me going

because it is all I have.

To do what I can each second of the day

and spend it with those for whom I care.

My life, in my eyes

Can never be a waste.

To ponder the consequences

is fear of the unknown

And will hinder this process of life

Life should not be held back but embraced.

The Walking Trees of Mars

Guardians, left there since just before the end. They wait, in deep slumber unknown to any tree on our Earth. They wait for the day when they can wake their mother up. Left to live after the end they are only active in the realm of dreams. There they enjoy things never possible in their own bodies. Tough and strong like the Lignum Vitae they have met storm after storm when their planet was awake. Now they meet the harsh weather of open space as the surface of their mother is whipped by the harsh winds ever shewing forth from the son of the universe, and the centre of our system.

The two to witness their awakening were sent the UN, to study, to learn, to try and figure out what had happened in the past of the little sibling of our mother Earth. One sign lead them to the truth, long forgotten by the beings of this system, the crawling dirt. It is seen by one of two. She calls to her colleague quite a ways away who is still confounded by the fact they can breath without any apparatus to aid them. An atmosphere ever so thin, ever so delicate just strong enough to hold the oxygen given off by the once sleeping guardians. The two scientists are astounded by what they see, colours in shapes and patterns that haven’t been documented since the LSD experiments of years past back on Earth, littering the ground beneath the tree. The ground shakes like a twitch that surges through your body when stretching. The tree before them pulls two long roots out from the ground beneath it, yet the two standing before it are not afraid in the least. Like a child the woman climbs the tree and sits among it’s leafy greens. The man, lost in awe as his friend calls out to him as the tree starts to move. He catches up and jumps onto the barky caricature of a leg. The tree moves fast yet steady over the barren terrain of Mars. Each step easy and soft as though there were flowers littered about the ground to consider.

The forest came from no where. Here on mars, a forest filled with plant life and the sounds of the weirdest bird songs the two had ever heard. It stops before s cliff face, the tree, and the two climb down the body of the guardian and finally see what the tree had brought them to see. Pictographs of the last days of Mars, but not only that, further down the walls of the cliff something seen encircling the other planets as well as smaller versions of the gas giants. The guardian shuddered signalling it was time to leave, for now, it was the moons turn over the sky, and the little atmosphere the guardians had put in place up til now was not enough to maintain warmth throughout the night. Back through the forest just at the end it dissolved from their view and the they were now closer to their base camp than where they had met the silent guardian. It’s roots dug into the ground as it returned to it’s duty as the guardian sentinel for its mother. 2 more trees emerging from an unseen forest behind it were spotted as the two from Earth were lifted away in their craft back to Earth to show what they documented, and what the pictographs said was approaching, and how all they learned was thanks to the Walking Trees of Mars.

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