The Art of a Deal

The world of business is rough and cut throat.

You are the only one who matters.

We’ve heard this word a lot in the last year, “deal”. What is it that comes to mind? How is it that some make it big while others become broke?

Instill enough uncertainty and doubt in your target to knock them off their game while still showing them a demeanor of willingness. You’re willing to work with them, you’re willing to hear their concerns and wants. You have to show them how any other choice they think is available to them is selling themselves short and undervaluing their true worth. The uncertainty and doubt will make them care less about their initial wants and needs and they will settle for a less than beneficial outcome for themselves. You need to craft a situation for your target where doing anything but making a deal with you will prove to be a net loss for them. In this way you end up maintaining contact with them as well as coming out on top. The key here is maintaining a positive rapport so you can use them in the future. This would be your first deal, and possibly the hardest one. However, with the strength of this first target on your side, you will have more ammunition for the next deal.

There is another way to go about a deal. You find out what people want, clearly and factually. You’re initial goal may be for something else, but you must be able to see where the target has their eyes focused. There’s always more want than need in most people, the trick is to take advantage of someone’s wants to procure something someone else needs. Many have their wants and needs mixed up, this is a shell game you can take advantage of. You have to let the target see you speaking with and dealing with people they know owns what they want/need. Then you say you might be able to help your target out, if and only if, they help you out first. This can be done in many ways, one such way is; Promising to help them get their dream job or to pay for their medical bills if they help you get into a position of power.

My question to you now is; in this scenario, which are you and which is Trump? Honestly ask yourself flat-out, without delusions, who is the target?


A conversation on self reflection (The Light Switch Analogy)

This is a convo i had with a good friend of mine and instead of writing a post about it’s contents i wanted to just share it’s contents so here you go. I edited a bit for…. brevity? i don’t frackin know, i changed some stuff, k? Also apparently copy pasting from hangouts does something to the format which is.. irritating to work out.
Looking at yourself objectively doesn’t have to be some boringly serious task.
“The light switch analogy”

Linds: So, i have this idea in my brain that i’ve been working with in terms of turning it into a chapter. I would like to give you this scenario and kind of see where you would take it
Me: i bet you i’ll go to space. shoot 😸
Linds: Hehe Let’s see where we end up
Okay, so you are in a dark room. There is a light-switch, however, it doesn’t turn on.

How would you go about turning it on?

 Also, i’ll add that you can’t just replace the light bulb with another

Me: well firstly i’d go check the fuse box. if the fuse is alright then it HAS to be with the wiring. so assuming i have the money to do so i go to home depot buy bx cable (power wiring for a house) and snake it through the house piggy backing on the older wire and that’s it

Linds: I love the thinking!
 Mebut actually before that since i can’t just replace the light-bulb i’d probably buy an entirely new light fixture before having to do serious electrical wiring
it’s “easy” but tedious
 Linds: Okay say you buy a new light fixture
Arrange the wiring as such

Me: now say that i’ve done all of that 

and the light still won’t turn on

Linds: And you go turn on the light

Me: I’ve even replaced the switch

Linds: Exactly!
Me: light still won’t turn on
 Linds: Nope

Me: so there’s some kind of higher energy interrupting the light turning on in that room

I climb to the roof with a rock
stand at one end 
and throw it across
i hear it plink on something
Linds: I‘d just like to say that you brought yourself to space
Linds: Not i haha

Me:how’d i do 😀

Linds: The light is still off

Me: forget the light i’m fighting to continue the existence of the universe!

the light was a test
as soon as they took off
the light turned on
The light is a test however
 Has nothing to do with aliens

Menot in my sstory 😒

Linds: So, who would be in the alien spacecraft?


Linds: I said it has nothing to do with aliens
Me: but if there’s an alien space craft
there’re aliens
LindsYour main concern is to turn on the light switch
Me: or extra-dimensional beings of incomprehendible knowledge
Linds: Okay i’ll give you a little more info now
And see if it helps
Mei guess i could hold a seance
LindsNo lols
That will not turn on the light


can i wiggle the bulb

or do i realize this light isn’t meant to be turned on
Linds: You can but it won’t change anything
Me: because the darkness is supposed to be a mirror into myself
Linds:Keep going
Me: so i sit in the room and meditate until i realize something I’ve been trying to ignore about myself
i realize it then the light still doesn’t turn on
Linds: Wait!
 Sit in the room and meditate
 Realize what you’ve been ignoring
Me: yourself
Linds: What do you realize you’ve been ignoring?
Me: the light withing?
Linds: Keep going
Me: what else is there to see?
that isn’t connected with that epiphany
Linds: What did you realize you’ve been ignoring all this time?
 Me: i don’t know something that holds you back is usually what someone would realize
Linds: Okay give an example
Me: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Linds:Preferably related to you
 Mei’d say th enumber one problem for people is doubt
 related to me?
is this psych hw
 are you cheating
Linds:Lmaooo no!
Me: oh i dare
Linds: Can you just go along with what i’m saying. I said i’m constructing a chapter in my book
And i’d like to see how you’d assess the situation

Gorillaz – DARE

Gorillaz - DARE

Me: i dare so hard

Linds: Javi!!!
Me: to be fair i haven’t been able to write recently because of this thought process i’ve been in for the past few weeks
Linds: Just go along with what i’m asking of you
Linds: Scatterbrained?
Linds: Maybe this analogy might help?
Mei think i got something
Linds:Okay lay it on me
Me: i realize that i’ve been feeling that i’m not as good as i was before at doing things and in fact even before i still have my short comings and now i’m keeping myself back from doing anything because i don’t want to do things for other people knowing that I won’t be doing my best work
in turn I’ve become self deprecating and knowing full well that self deprecation isn’t a good thing i still do it because i also know i’m no longer at 100% and my fear is that by doing things again I’ll realize i won’t be able to ever get back to 100%
i realize my inner perfectionist and knowing that perfection is not a realistic goal perfection to a realistic point is something i can no longer attain
i guess that’s what you were looking for in your analogy of the light switch?
the switch is the negative aspect that’s keeping ones self from activating
Linds: Exactly!
 So now, i want you
 To think of 5 things that you are proud to say about yourself
Mei’ve finished writing 2 books
i’ve gotten back to my ideal weight
i’m able to look at myself objectively and come to conclusions on how to better myself without the full negative thoughts that come with such deep and unapologetic self reflection
 I hold myself to high standards
 i still have my drivers license
Linds: Okay
I will say
That 3 of the 5
Have made the room a bit brighter
 Me:why only 3
is that through your lens of interpretation
Linds: Yes
Me: kosher
Linds: I say 3 because i feel like you can totally come up with 2 STRONGER
 Characteristics or accomplishments
 That would have a bigger impact in turning on that light
Mestronger relative to what?
Linds: Maybe something like your unfailing determination to not let what you internally cope with prevent you from living a life you deserve
 Mei wouldn’t say i’m at that point yet
Linds:Why do u say that?
Me: i act that way only to spite the negative feelings
 to show myself that i am better than them
Linds: Hmm
Mebut to call it solely determination instead of “acting in spite of”
 i would not
Linds: So, the light is about half way
Me: lol
Linds: My next question to you would be
 How do you intend on getting the rest of the room lit ?
Meby using the third awesome thing about myself
 “i’m able to look at myself objectively and come to conclusions on how to better myself without the full negative thoughts that come with such deep and unapologetic self reflection”
Linds: I counted that as one of the 3
Mei know 😛
Linds: Okay
 Give me one more thing then
 NOT from the list
 U already gave me
 Mei guess something that would lead to a number four would be a success that is realized by people outside of my social circle
because by seeing the reaction of a person outside of my social circle i’d come the a conclusion about myself 
Linds:Go on
Me:and my work ethic that
 i’d be able to piece together another vague concept that is in my mind that hasn’t been translated into words for other people to understand
oo can i post this convo to my word press without your name?
or with
your name doesn’t show up in this chat log


                                 NOTE:(Actually it did but it was her whole name and profile icon so yay editing)
Linds: Is it that interesting?
Meeh it’s something i’d post on there
Linds: Sure you can
Me: it’s not like i have 10k peopel following me xD ok now back to it
Linds: Not yet 😉
Linds: But yes
Continuing on
The other vague concept in your mind
Care to elaborate more? If you’d like?
Mei can’t
it’s like most things in my mind
the best way i’ve been able to explain it is they are concepts
there’s no defining them  beyond that they are a concept
how do you define lines on a map?
they connect places that are only related by the lines that connect them
Linds: Right
Me:sure you can give names to the countries
or the 38th parallel
but beyond that they are lines

a line has a point a and a point b

with an infinite amount of points between them
that’s one reason why i wanted to start writing
so i could learn how to explain my thoughts to people without having them be confused
as analytical as i can be
the one thing i have serious trouble analyzing is, myself
Linds: Going back to you writing
Meand thus i can only say the vague concept is a vague concept
my writing
Linds: What is it that you love most about writing? Besides being able to properly explain your thought process
What is it about that you find to be your “escape” so to speak
Mewhen i feel like i’m lost and don’t know where to think i can dive into the world and try and put these people together
 i use them to understand people I unjustly hate or think are irritrating
 i’ve based characters on my friends to further help me by asking myself “How would this friend interact with this type of person i can’t stand? Why do they act like that?”
 i can learn about my short comings
 this way
 plus it’s just fun to see their world
 i’m talking about Feral World now
Linds: Right there! Stop!
Me: 😦
i stopped
and fell over
Linds: “Helps you back up”
 Now my back is broken
Me: shit! 
 your back, my face!
Linds: Oh the excruciating pain!
I feel like a thousand lightening bolts are just soaring through my spinal cord
And now i … Can’t move
Me: you’re supposed to be keeping me from meandering!
 Linds:Oh right …
 You said … “Learn about my shortcomings “
Linds: Would it be safe to say, through your writing you can find answers to solving this vague concept
Or just problems in general
Meehh the “specific” one i “mentioned” before?

Me: that concept is something i have to clear up with outside information

concluding on it myself would be full of bias which could be said for a lot of my concepts really
Linds: Okay, so what about in general
Writing helps you to relieve day to day stress
And resolve certain problems
You might be facing
but not broadly
writing started just because i like making up stories
it was a hobby
Mewhen i had to stop working it became something for me to hold onto
albeit it didn’t do so well as i did fall into fairly deep depression
Linds: Okay
And what was it that brought you out of your depression?
Mewell technically i’m still depressed
but not as bad i was before
my best friend picked me up and brought me to his place for almost two weeks
LindsJavi, you just came up with another accomplishment
 Me:what would that be?
Linds: Having your bff
                            NOTE: ( I SKIPPED SOME STUFF )

Linds: I will say though

In the years that i’ve known you
Or gotten to know you
I should say
I’ve noticed a big change in you
Me:the changes started because of me not being able to work everything spiraled out of control from that oct 4 2011 but that’s like everyone’s life though. We have our own pitfalls we have to climb out of.
Linds: So, you’ve already figured it out by now, i’m sure
The idea behind the light-switch is that you hold the power to turn it on
 It’s all a matter of finding out how
Meoh yeah
Linds: Depending on the situation
 Me:i knew that from the first time you asked the qestion
 rather fun really
Linds:So, why did you give me this “alien spacecraft” thing
Me:because before you asked the question
i said i was going to space
Me:i had the story planned out
don’t forget i love making up stories


Introspection is an important if not difficult practice. One must be able to look the ugly truth in the face and be willing to do something about it. Introspection, in short, is when you take a look at your self. Hopefully unabashedly and critically with the end result being enlightenment on what your faults are and how to start fixing/removing/improving them. However Introspection can lead to another serious problem.

Lying to yourself or even the inability to figure out your flaws because one does not view them as such. I’m not talking about that chortle you make when laughing, or the fact you have to count to 3 before you do something big. Things like that are not flaws, they may irritate other people but those are caveats or maybe, more appropriately, just apart of your character. The flaws of which I’m speaking are the things that make you unbearable to be around things that make you come off as arrogant, rude, snide or capable of no wrong no matter the situation are some flaws on the more extreme end of the spectrum but they help to describe what a flaw that should be worked on  would look like. Introspection should have you look back on interactions with other people in this case and try to remember their responses, and body language. The tones in their voice should be a bell ringer if you’re doing something that could be changed or altered a little.

Arrogance and the like are not the only things that should be worked on, another thing that may come to light are overly aggressive movements at times where they are not necessary. They may be habit, they may be learned, whatever the case identifying when you are doing them and why will help with your interactions with other people and may actually help you finally have a good interview or date.

Some things are not your fault per say but you must be mindful of how others would perceive them. I’m told many times that I seem snobbish or like i want to sound smarter than I really am. I often say I’m not trying to sound or come off as anything but attempting to learn or get a point across. Yet I must work on things such as word choice when I speak to avoid coming off as elitist.

This post is not saying that there are things inherently wrong with everything you do, this post is supposed to make you see that introspection can help you understand yourself more. We do not always have to change how we act or speak but when we look at why we do the things we do, perhaps we could trade confrontation for something more palatable, discussion.

Truth is a Fact of Fiction


What can be said of these is something more than one of them doesn’t fit. Often it is said that it is the victors of war who write our history. Our truth being the fact in their fiction, but on the less conspiratorial side there is still a correlation.

Truth: Something to be taken as fact or something that is believed to be a constant in life, such as 1 = 1. Truth is something we hold in high regard when dealing with other people, whether we know them or not. To believe that someone is trust worthy means that we believe in their capacity to tell us information we can agree with.

However, it has been said that someone can lie to themselves so intently that they can start to take those lies as truth. So if truth ends up being just what you choose to believe then it cannot be as solid as many people want it to be.

Fact: Something that is inherent and accepted as true. A fact is indisputable beyond all question. This little gem of unwavering is thought to be something of a higher value than a truth… perhaps.

On the other hand facts that are based on bad information become nothing more than truth by another name. However it is also possible that maybe just maybe a fact is the unwavering one and people are too agreeable, not having any of their own thoughts or opinions.

Fiction: Something which is made up. People, places, things all created from an imagination happy to think of preposterously erroneous scenarios where impossible things happen all the time and yet because of that fact fiction can become common place.

One must remember that fiction cannot be a fact or a truth except within it’s own confines. In a cleverly designed world by the writer/storyteller, any fictitious sounding information is rendered a truth for the sustainability of the story. So through a carefully crafted story fiction can become fact and truth. But like we must always keep in mind these stories are not real, nor have they ever taken place.

The question isn’t fact or fiction, the statement is truth is fact is fiction.

Truth fact fiction

Human Nature vs Personal Weakness

Far too often I’ve heard people use the excuse “It’s human nature” when people talk about something negative that some person did to another human. It’s funny how hypocritical someone can be without realizing it. I myself am full of hypocrisies and am not ignorant enough to believe otherwise.

We see video on national geographic of animals killing each other, and we say oh that’s disgusting, animals are so uncivilized and dirty. A woman cheats on her boyfriend or vise versa, and people say that it’s human nature, that “we aren’t supposed to be tied down otherwise we wouldn’t cheat on our spouses”. Take for another example the wars that are happening around the world. Well humans have been at war for years, centuries, millenia perhaps. Yet I can’t help but to disagree with the notion some people have that it is human nature to be at war. “Well we’ve been having wars for a long time, so it must be human nature.” Right and once a drug addict always a drug addict, because all the people who have overcome substance abuse are just faking that they no longer exhibit anti-social behaviour or paranoid schizophrenic tendencies.

It seems to me that people have swapped the definitions of two similar yet different things, human nature and habit. Habits are broken everyday, some take longer than others but a habit is just that. Something akin to a nervous tic, that not all people share but perhaps large amounts of people do. So just because everyone else does it does it mean you will to? (I’m smirking at how much like my mother I sound right there.) To me it is unconscionable how people can sign off negative aspects as something they cannot rise above! To blame wanting revenge, cheating, or other negative things on something that is still not 100%understood is a cowardly scapegoat for people who do not want to take responsibility for things that they are at fault for. But before I mentioned wars, clearly I can’t be saying that something so engrained in our history is not human nature. I say no, it is not our nature. I’m saying wars are a product of another shortcoming, a topic I’ve written about twice already, Communication, or lack there of.

It is really too easy to blame our personal weakness on something that we cannot control. Something that is ingrained in us so deep that we would be damaged goods if we didn’t follow it, is not the same as a habit. What would I call human nature? Curiosity, the want to create, and possibly, if I may dare say, the want to connect with other people on a deep level far beyond the random hello on the street. The way I see something that would be natural, is that it cannot be classified as inherently good or bad by any party. It is a force that we can use for whatever purpose we see fit, much like a vine. That vine can be fashioned into a ladder which can be used to help someone out of a tough spot. Or it could be used to strangle someone to death. The vines nature was just simply to grow, not to be used by human hands.

Take a step back and look at all the major figures in human history, from the Kings, Emperors and Pharaoh’s, to Dictators, Presidents, Prime ministers and the Spiritual Leaders sprinkled in between them. From one ideal set to another they skip from one side to the other of the moral line. Bad morals, good morals, does Hitler show that berating, degrading and hate are human nature? I’d say as much as you’re willing to step out of your house and shoot your neighbour right this second. Does Ghandi show that loving and caring about people as well as the planet are human nature? I’d say as much as your willing to go plant a Garden of Eden in your backyard where unicorns roam free. What is human nature then? Is what we’re doing because of genetics and natural evolution of the mind and body? Or is it because of the soul we posses and are? Or are we doing what we want just because we want to? First I’d say own up to your actions, pay attention to what you really want and feel. Not what you think other people want you to feel and do, what you want to. After that I think the question of what is human nature might start to have a clearer answer.

But what do I know? I’m just a guy typing words on a screen :3

Inherent Nature

Within us all there is a rage beast. Within us all there is an angel of peace. I’ve often thought of a headache being the result of these two fighting it out. However recently it has come to my attention that online people allow their rage beast to prowl free. Like taking a rabid animal to a kiddie park and letting it loose, all havoc results from this act.

We say things we wouldn’t want said to us, to, and about others, with little, or no grasp at all on how it may truly affect them. People spend so much time online now a days that, they have perhaps forgotten about the person on the other side of the screen. Words carry weight, they carry merit, and wisdom. They can also carry emotions like a Clydesdale with a 200 pound cowboy on its back, that is to say, easily. I feel like a parent who talks with their children about the importance of choosing your words wisely when interacting with others. Is it possible for someone to displace themselves from their experiences to try and understand another person? No.

The angel whom dwells within each of us is that part. It is what is inherently good within us all. This is the reason for the duality of human kind I think. We should be able to witness a situation from both, from ALL sides. We should allow our rage beast and angel to expose both views to us. It just so happens some people wish to see the rage beasts side. Of course though, I can’t argue that it comes quicker and is easier to understand, at times, but do I believe that “Being the bad guy is easier than doing the right thing.”? I definitely do not, they are both as easy and as difficult to comprehend as anything else can be, we just have to be smart enough to notice that.

To be honest in my opinion it takes more energy to do the bad thing. It’s like this, you see a garbage can blowing in the road but you do nothing and keep walking home. Later in the news, you see someone lost control of their car on that same block. The garbage can blew in front of their car and got caught under the front wheel. They slid into the curb, and flipped. Then police come, and an ambulance, and of course the firemen. People come out of their houses watching the entire seen happen before them, people start to gossip calling the driver drunk or tired. The news calls it a freak accident. Laying blame to the side, it is not your fault the accident occurred, however would things have been different if you just moved it? It hardly seems like an issue between “good and evil” as it were, but it stays true to the law of dualities, Action or inaction, either can be Inherently good, or inherently evil.

As a friend told me once showing me three fingers, if you read between the lines you can see what I’m saying.

Now what were my intentions with that^ 😉


Excuse me for being wordy, there’s a lot on my mind @(^.^)@

America Land of the Corporations, home of excessive consumerism.

I believe George Carlin said it best when he would mention the owners of this country and further explained that the owners dam sure weren’t us.

People say we own our government but do we really? Constantly having to fight with our law makers to get what the people want doesn’t seem like we own the government to me. However laws get passed that impact us greatly and we never hear about them until something happens and it has consequences no one was aware of because no one knew anything about how such a thing could have happened. Meanwhile it’s really clear as day… if you’re able to tear your eyes away from the television, or the computer screen, or your phone for just long enough to see whats really going on. Don’t worry there’s no conspiracy talk here, there’s enough of those guys around to create 8 different universes and enough worlds to fill them. No, what I’m talking about is when did it become alright for children to listen to songs that are so blatantly about sex that we applaud when they repeat the lyrics verbatim? When did it become alright to see those same children dance like the singers and dancers and call it cute when it clearly isn’t?

This has been said before, I’m not the first nor am I the last person to say these things. But its necessary for someone to try to bring these things to light. No one reads this blog I understand that, i could be writing about sexual fantasies about frogs and I’d probably get more hits… probably not.

Again if we really did own the government would we see so many innocent people go to jail? If poverty is such a big problem wouldn’t we have taken care of it by now? If we controlled our government would we be in this debt crisis? Why when we aren’t happy with a leader do we continue to act stupid and allow them to muck things up even more for us? But I digress.

America land of the free home of the brave, or is it still Land of the slave owner and prison of the slave? We work for money to pay for a place of residence to sleep in so we can stay out of the elements, and have someplace to eat comfortably, (some more than others), But in the end we always need more money because we always “need” more things. Families have to decide whether they want to pay the bills or buy food. How have we fallen so far from what the American dream was supposed to be? Then again the American dream was built upon the suffering of the original Americans who called this country a different name.

This isn’t an ethnicity thing. And to call it a race thing is absolutely the most idiotic, ignorant, and simple-minded thing you could ever say. First allow me to be perfectly clear, This is the planet Earth on which we all live on. We are all humans, which are classified as a single race with different cultures/ethnicities which only means we are spread all over the planet. I do not know where it started but is it absolutely mandated that we fight each other? Say one ethnic group took over the planet. Before long geographical location would permanently change physical features of that one group again creating “multiple groups” answer me this, their skin color now differs. They way they speak is no longer uniform from one continent to another, are they still the same ethnicity?

I ask a lot of questions but do I have answers? The sad part is yes. At least starting points if anything. As more and more people notice the hypocrisy all around us some still go along with it and accept that the world is messed up. Never for a second thinking that the person next to, behind, and in front of them might have the same thoughts racing through their mind.

Why don’t people say anything? FEAR. Fear of being laughed at, fear of being ridiculed. Fear of being ostracized and made an example of. Self preservation. Over the centuries we have gone from little societies to individuals longing for a connection. We make all these advancements in technology to make communication easier, but the easier it is the harder it is to do it. Why? I asked myself this question over and over trying to understand the ignorance people allow themselves to bathe in.

People say they want to talk but no one really wants to talk about whats important. Just about other Peoples lives and how other people are so stupid. How many times do people reflect on their own lives and try to lift themselves out of ignorance? Completely unconscionable it is to me how people can be ok with having their lives dictated for them. If you think it’s not then answer me this,
What are you working for?
And if you’re not working what job do you want?
Is it for a house?
Or something you saw on a T.V. commercial or in someones hand ….the other day?
Are you working for a house?
What do you want to do and why do you want to do it?
I’m willing to assume that it has something to do with money, in order to get something. Imagine my surprise when i took a step back and realized why i wanted to work 3 years ago. It was for money to pay off a loan. Of course food and a house were in there but in order to live I needed money. In fact i still do need money. But why?

People parade around their shiny over priced things and expect people to be envious. Whats even more disturbing is how people react when they see something shiny. It’s almost like a crack head who found some more drugs after going without any for so long. Think I’m exaggerating? Check out any youtube video or google news articles about “Black Friday” and tell me what you see. What I see is people rushing into stores and trampling over each other to reach that single item they must have. DO they really NEED it? Probably not, but hey it’s practically at 50% off so it must be good. Its appalling really when you read about someone being hospitalized because a fight broke out over some Pokemon cards on the train. And yet people chalk it up to human nature. “It’s just human nature to want what the other person has.” Really? Then bring the latest technological device to a tribe in Brazil or Africa, now assuming they do not hate western or technologically advanced cultures they won’t jump you for your Android or Iphone. So go ahead tell me it’s just human nature.

Now before you think I’m some utterly depressed gloom and doom suicidal emo boy wishing for his life to end please. Have you ever heard music that made you cry in happiness? Have you ever seen an act of kindness that seemed so right but out-of-place in today’s society? Have you ever just looked into the sky and thought about nothing? Have you ever had that morning where the sun shined into your window and you just felt at that moment everything good in the world? I have and thats the only reason I’m mad we as a race have not realized the most basic truth we’re are all human, what is there to fight about?

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