The Legion Repair

This will be a broad look into how Marvel could go about reconciling their
time-lines, assuming the Fox absorption is allowed to occur, based on the
success of the FX show “Legion” and the titular character’s powers and history.
Spoilers for the television show will follow.


First, a basic overview of Legion a.k.a. ‘David’ which will incorporate
both the television show and the comics simultaneously:

David is the secret child of Prof. X. Having inherited the X-gene from
his father, whom himself was a particularly strong mutant with psychic abilities,
David ends up becoming a strong psychic. His ability, simply stated, is the
absorption/creation of other [people’s] psyche’s, (usually at their death but not
specifically) into his own. Upon absorption David(Legion) gains their abilities, even if they are not Psychic/mental in nature, e.g. electricity, super strength,
shape-shifting (centaur), etc.

It is then stated that after an unspecified amount of time with his powers/getting used to them, his real power manifests which is one reason for his “Omega
Classification.” Legion has the ability to warp reality to his wishes. If Legion
wants the oceans to be pink he could make it happen. Often times this reality
bending takes the form of pocket worlds and side universes but usually end up
breaching mainline reality. Some ways he has been dealt with in the past are: he
was essentially erased from existence… twice. Once when he accidentally killed
Prof. X after time traveling (grandfather paradox) and the second he erased himself from existence because he hated the horrors he’d wrought on the world.

Secondly it would be remiss of me not to mention the parasitic entity which latched onto David from a very young age; we’re talking basically baby status. Shadow King is an ancient entity who has been fighting against David’s father since long before David’s birth. Shadow King feeds off of all the bad stuff you’d expect an evil entity to feed off of: sadness, fear, anxiety, depression etc. as well as psychics. Like its name, Shadow King is basically mysterious and no one really knows much about it beyond the theory that it’s been around possibly longer than humanity. When the first strong psychic caught it’s attention, named Amahl Farouk, Shadow King often would assume that visage after taking control of him and most people came to know of it by that name.

Preamble out of the way I think you have a basic idea of how Legion can help stitch together the disparate parts of the Marvel Live Action Universe. I say MLAU instead of MCU because we have not seen the Fantastic 4, Deadpol or any other X-Men mentioned in the MCU movies. Not to mention any connection with the upcoming Venom movie which seems to hinge on box office success and Sony’s willingness to play ball with Marvel proper and the Spider-Man characters. Sony is technically another article but I digress.

The Meat

Shadow King often antagonizes Legion and in the television show is still existent inside of Legion. As far as the viewer knows, Legion has locked it away deep inside of their psyche and now that he believes he has control over his powers he’s not taking anymore shit. People have been messing with him and lying to him in the entire first season so he’s not necessarily a good guy or a bad guy. I’d say he’s more in the “chaotic” classification, based on the D&D alignment scale. His prior experiences make him distrustful of others and he seems to be relying on his ultra powerful status to basically big-dick his way around; no one can stop him.

When Shadow King breaks free (because we know he will), David will have garnered even more control over his abilities and we will likely have met a few other personalities whom reside therein. Seeing as the next upcoming season is airing in April this year and is assumedly finished or close to being so, I would wager the arc is about David coming into his own and possibly finding a way to expel Shadow King from his mind and body or Shadow King gains total control, which would leave us on a great cliff hanger for the next season. I could be wrong either way but just use those ideas as a generality more than a fact. The third season could revolve around reality bending more than the second seems it might. It is this third season which could lay the ground work for cohesion in the Marvel Live Action Universe if they don’t hint at it in season 2, which they most likely will not do because healthy logic applies.

Mainline Characters and Movies from Marvel-Disney

The events that are culminating for Infinity War and Avengers 4 are in and of themselves world breaking already. The MacGuffin that is the Infinity Gauntlet is being wielded by a character whom most of the viewing public is unaware of his actual power level and abilities. We just know he’s stupid strong. How do you top a being of that magnitude? You tie-in someone who could will Thanos out of existence just by farting. Be it Shadow King in control of Legion or an angry and mentally distraught Legion himself, you start peppering into the Marvel movies, seeds of the chaos that is ensuing on the Legion show.


One example of this would be you have Vision (Whom houses the mind gem) ask one of the human characters ( Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Falcon, Ant Man etc) something that the audience knows about but the character looks at Vision like he’s crazy. Another possibly much cooler thing to do would be have Wanda a.k.a. Scarlet Witch, whom also has reality warping powers, start to have episodes similar to something in the comics like House of M. You set up the movies, and thereby the audience, to believe that Wanda is turning evil and either doesn’t know it or is lying to us. Which fits thematically seeing that her twin brother Pietro(Quicksilver) was killed because they decided to fight against Ultron whom Iron Man created. In this regard you would have Legion/David played by Dan Stevens appear in small cameos in the movies, as he looks in the show, visit Wanda in dreams/visions and intentionally mess with her.

Now for this to work Dan would have to be not just a great television actor but also a great movie actor as well and I believe he can do it. However, given the nature of Legion and Shadow King you could just as easily have another actor play the movie version. The movies could play off the idea of Legion’s multiple personalities, specifically “Gestalt” so Wanda has no solid idea of who it is she’s really dealing with. Either way, the character himself is highly flexible in how he can be portrayed, yet if written correctly any portrayal would hearken strongly to the television version and not be cheap.

Now how would one write David/Legion into  messing with reality in this manner? It could be easy to set it up so that Shadow King wants to get the good guys off its back in the show by trying to change reality so he can achieve a higher goal. But you could also use a prior story arc to set David off which would help to retcon even the X-Men movies of years past.

You have David dream/see the Prof. being killed by Phoenix. Upon witnessing his father’s death he’s set on a path of trying to change things so that never happens, much like many people wish that movie never happened. This seems far-fetched as it is but with Deadpool humping the fourth-wall with jokes like “McAvoy or Stuart”  you can start to see how it’s possible. In the comics, Deadpool’s fourth-wall humping is attributed to him talking to himself because his character has had mental health problems even before he got his abilities. Someone with a mental space that is already as twisted as Deadpools, who seems to be aware of other time-lines can link very cleanly to a story where David/Legion is messing with reality in order to prevent his father’s death so he can finally meet him and squash all his daddy issues. Add in the fact that Cable is a time traveler and Josh Brolin is both Thanos and Cable and it allows for wonderful hilarity for Deadpool movies. “Hey Cable, I keep having a dream about this television show where the Professor’s kid has daddy issues. It answers, SO many questions and you’re there… TWICE!”

Long story short, Legion along with the Fox acquisition can open up possibilities that have before now been impossible for Marvel-Disney. We can have X-men, the F4, and others make appearances in the movies which will allow for more involved (not convoluted, there’s a difference) stories that have to rely less on basically 10 characters but a pantheon of interesting characters and personalities whom can prevent the Marvel movies from becoming stale affairs that meet all our pre-expectations at the end of our movie visit. It also allows for characters to actually die and have the stakes be raised before 17 movies go by (at the time of writing 01/21/2018).

What is this article beyond a bunch of over-thinking and fanboyism? Not much but I had fun thinking about it.



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