Be Self-Aware

Technology, primarily for first world countries but also for developing nations to an extent, could be considered apart of our body. An extension of self that you look to for aid or improving latent talents.

A tech user is someone who utilizes an outside tool in order to supplement their actions. In this context, when I say “self-aware tech user”, I’m talking about someone who understands that in this day and age the tech they use is also, in some form, using them. That little google page you have when you swipe to the right on your android that shows you a bunch of news stories and other interesting links is only there because you are being used as an aggregate source to learn about “user preference” in order to better market to you. Apple has such a thing as well, though not explicitly in the same exact form.

A self-aware tech user knows that, to some extent, their activity and personal information is worth something to the applications they use and the corporations which own said apps. This is what leads some to minimize and section themselves off from vast areas of the modern-day internet, i.e. social media. This should not be construed as paranoia or someone who believes in massive conspiracies against them as an individual. Nothing like “gang-stalking” is what I’m talking about. A self-aware tech user knows that the technology appendage they’ve assimilated can have parasitic qualities and thus manages those qualities accordingly. These management solutions involve things like looking for paid services above free ones because in this sphere, if something is free YOU are the product. Though not always true, it stands firm most of the time, à la Windows 10.

The self-aware tech user is aware of this and will manage the manner and the amount of times they allow themselves to be the product instead of the consumer.


Lastly I’ll leave you with this video by youtuber Barnacules which targets Windows 10 under the context of this post.


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