The Art of a Deal

The world of business is rough and cut throat.

You are the only one who matters.

We’ve heard this word a lot in the last year, “deal”. What is it that comes to mind? How is it that some make it big while others become broke?

Instill enough uncertainty and doubt in your target to knock them off their game while still showing them a demeanor of willingness. You’re willing to work with them, you’re willing to hear their concerns and wants. You have to show them how any other choice they think is available to them is selling themselves short and undervaluing their true worth. The uncertainty and doubt will make them care less about their initial wants and needs and they will settle for a less than beneficial outcome for themselves. You need to craft a situation for your target where doing anything but making a deal with you will prove to be a net loss for them. In this way you end up maintaining contact with them as well as coming out on top. The key here is maintaining a positive rapport so you can use them in the future. This would be your first deal, and possibly the hardest one. However, with the strength of this first target on your side, you will have more ammunition for the next deal.

There is another way to go about a deal. You find out what people want, clearly and factually. You’re initial goal may be for something else, but you must be able to see where the target has their eyes focused. There’s always more want than need in most people, the trick is to take advantage of someone’s wants to procure something someone else needs. Many have their wants and needs mixed up, this is a shell game you can take advantage of. You have to let the target see you speaking with and dealing with people they know owns what they want/need. Then you say you might be able to help your target out, if and only if, they help you out first. This can be done in many ways, one such way is; Promising to help them get their dream job or to pay for their medical bills if they help you get into a position of power.

My question to you now is; in this scenario, which are you and which is Trump? Honestly ask yourself flat-out, without delusions, who is the target?


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