Political and Societal Anger with President-Elect Trump

There’s a difference between political interest and wanting to know whats going on in your country and the world. Political interest is a want to know about how things like; legislation, inter-state governmental interactions, and inter-country governmental interactions occur.

You could say that “wanting to know what’s going on” is societal interest and you wouldn’t be wrong. I believe, somewhat conversely, that in this context using the word society in general serves to narrow people’s viewpoint on the topic I’m trying to raise, which again, is very much based in societal issues but not completely.

I used to think that people didn’t really need a reason to talk to each other. I thought, in a somewhat naïve manner, that if you wanted to talk to someone for any reason you would just do so. I thought that since we’re all people discourse just happened because of curiosity. Then I tried to talk to someone in elementary school and they just ignored me. It was a curious thing to be ignored for a reason you don’t understand. Only a few years earlier was it a fact that I was able to interact with any kid, save my own childish irritations and asshole tendencies getting in the way. However, in a learning environment it was a curious thing to me. Only as I grew older and spoke to those smarter than I would I realize that there were unspoken undertones seeded in decades and centuries of ignorant beliefs and false truths. Couple that with things like Christopher Columbus getting lost and other forms of imperialistic actions and it started to make more sense to me. Absurd sense, but sensible nonetheless.

As much as we may hate the class in school, History has all the information we need when it comes to this unseen malignant-tumour. Your grand-father called my grand-mother a whore. This cousin killed our other cousin. This group of people believe in one thing and this group of people believe in something to the contrary.

When you find out that not everyone thinks the same way you do you become secretive for fear of offending someone or becoming the target of someone’s ignorance and misplaced anger. Other’s however almost poetically do the opposite of staying quiet and loudly proclaim that they do not care, nor do they fear others different from them. We paint targets on our backs either way.

People often times enter into discourse with the naïve belief that they can change someone’s mind because, after all, their logic is the only one which makes sense, as is their view of everything.

“If everyone would just see things the way
I do we’d all be better off. Even if I have
to force them to do so, it will be worth it
in the end.”

At risk of sounding religiously partisan, there is a saying for this mental trap. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I’d say that the road to hell is paved with intentions in general, clear or unclear as they may be.

History is often maligned because what has happened in the past brings up bad memories for some and uncomfortable thoughts for others. We have elders whom speak of the past constantly and their droning brings some of us to tears of boredom. It is often parroted to “Stop living in the past.” and “This isn’t the past, this is happening now.” In some contexts these sentiments are true and in some they are not. I won’t get into this topic because I don’t feel like anyone wants to read a 30 page essay. Think on them on your own with a critical lens.

It is direct and outright anger at, for, and towards a group of people, no matter how emotionally justified it may or may not be, that causes the worst of conflicts. It is a fear of what may come to pass that forces people to take up arms to protect their very way of life. In the old days this made sense, on the whole humanity was very ignorant and still in a child-like phase of mental development. “But what about if someone kills my family in front of me, am I just supposed to let it happen and pity the murderer?” This is not what I am speaking to. Logically if someone directly threatens you and yours you must protect at all costs. Total pacifism works in theory, just as Capitalism, and Communism and other forms of government work perfectly in theory. Conversely, militaristic action has proven ineffectual in furthering true advancement of our species.

Personally I see humanity today being in a teenage-like phase of mental development. The know-it-all, the edgelord, the geek, the nerd, the jock, etc. Large groups of populations have these traits and when they interact, hyperbole and misunderstanding shatter any calm that existed beforehand because we’re afraid that we may have the traits of the other group within us. Other times a group will say the other is unfit to exist because their viewpoint is irrational. When pushed into a corner all groups will attack with a violent fervour in order to speak loudly and clearly that they will not be bullied, marginalized and eradicated. When someone holds a gun to your head what do you do?

For the past few years in the US I’ve seen things very much like a top about to spin-out. Things lop wildly from one side to another in order to try and maintain balance. Things like Militant Feminism which demonize all males, or the Social Justice Warrior leaping on the slightest mention of anything that might smell un-pc are examples of this teetering top. They come from a fear of a return to times when the sexes were woefully unequal, or a violent reaction to one of many malignant-tumours which seem to many to be metastasizing.

Until now the only way people knew how to do something is to run into it headlong and hope to take it out. That’s about as effective as entering into a two car head-on collision to get a spider out of your passenger seat. Instead we should figure out how, if a truck is coming our way, to make a ramp and let the truck destroy itself in a hilarious display of it’s foolish belief that it could fly.

And now a link to automotive fails to visualize that last metaphor. Adieu.



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