We’re All Idiots

Why are you afraid to vote third party?

Is it because you are afraid that Donald Trump will win?

Do you honestly believe that America is so racist and backwards that you are admitting sub consciously, or even overtly, that this great country of ours will fold in half and tear itself apart if you actually vote as almost every politician has said in this election, which is “Vote your Conscience”?

Why not act on that fear in a positive way?
Don’t let other people tell you to be afraid. And don’t let anyone tell you you have to listen to them in order to keep the boogeyman from stealing you away in your sleep while they hide the crowbar they’ll use to break into your house.

Patriotism, Freedom, Liberty.

These three words have lost their meaning. And you can’t say something like that without being attacked for being anti-American. As a country initially built by slave labour, that got it’s land from the murder of the indigenous people, I ask you to take a second and realize to whom do those three words really apply?

People parade our Veterans in front of issues in order to make you feel guilty for not supporting one specific cause. They are not some sorry sad group of people to be used as a political fucking chess piece. The good ones are to be treasured as the true human beings they are, and trust me there are more good than bad but don’t fucking kid yourself. No group of people is perfect. My point here is a group of people are NOT to be used as a political tool. What should be discussed are the scenarios and instances that affect a specific group and what is it that allows those scenarios to happen again, and again.

The world isn’t a binary computer system, stop acting like it is one.
“Do you support Clinton?”

“No I…”

“You fuckin racist how could you vote for Trump?”

“I’m not I’m…”

“A vote for anyone who isn’t Hillary is a vote for Trump.”

This is an example of reductive logic. And if you want to play that game of Ignoramus, seeing as so many people don’t like Hillary I could say that a vote for Hillary is a vote for Trump because, after all, you aren’t voting for the candidate I support so it’s your fault if Trump wins.
I had hoped this simple minded thinking would stop when I left junior high and high school but apparently it’s followed too many of you into the real world. I get it, researching candidates is hard. You’re just working so you can barely pay your bills, to barely eat some food, so you can barely stay alive and barely enjoy yourself 1 day every week before you get back on the horse of monotony.
“Oh but I love my business. I just don’t think there’s a chance for X to win so why should I throw my vote away?”

If the people who constantly say this actually cared about the future of their business, state, country or even just selfishly their own future they would vote for who they wanted, not whom they’re told. You owe it to yourself to understand what and whom you’re voting for and NOT vote for whom your told to by that pretty person on the rectangle in your house.

Voting for someone because they aren’t X isn’t a reason to vote. I mean this is the place where you live? How can you NOT give a shit that much?

“Why does this law exist?”

Easy, because slack jawed nill-brains like you don’t know whom you’re voting for. And for the record I too am a slack jawed nill-brain. I’ve voted for a candidate or two whom I had no clue about. And that should infuriate you as much as it does me!

Why are things working out the way they are? Because too many times, people are trapped in their small world of trying to keep the lights on, and feeding their kids while working two or more jobs. We fear losing a roof over our heads, of making our children homeless…

Turn that fear into something positive.

Voting does nothing.

I’m protesting the system by not voting.

Anarchy is the only way for the country to change.

You’re all idiots. People always want to talk numbers and hard facts, well the fact is not once has EVERY SINGLE PERSON REGISTERED TO VOTE actually voted in a singular election in recent history. If we actually voted, fuck, if we paid attention to WHO we were voting for things would be different.

“The system is rigged.”

Unrig that shit. Go to town hall meetings, talk to your family and your friends. Don’t be afraid to talk politics because, surprise surprise, if you don’t look at the world like a Binary Computer you realize there’s specific reason why people believe certain things. Every time someone says don’t talk politics I want to slap them. Treating it like some taboo thing IS WHAT HAS US IN THIS SITUATION. Oh sure we talk here and there with this person or with that person about abortion and how it’s wrong , or it’s a womans choice or how it’s a crime but VERY FEW PEOPLE are willing to hear others out on WHY they say whatever crazy nonsensical reason they have. Maybe in fact, their reason is sensible but we won’t know because you can’t talk politics or touchy issues like this. If we’re afraid to have a discussion you won’t be able to explain why one reasoning is actually out of touch with reality. There’s only one answer to abortion and it’s my answer because I’m morally superior to you. Get off your high horse no one likes a self righteous douche-bag, whatever cause you’re championing.

Look, I get it. Talking to people is hard, I know, I hate people. But I also love people, otherwise why would I be this upset that we’re shooting ourselves in the foot year in and year out?

The fact of the matter is there is no singular answer for anything on this planet save a few heinous crimes which shouldn’t need to be explained.

People obviously have different points of view but you know what? There’s this thing called consensus. We arrive at a consensus when people stop yelling about how great they are and how evil someone else is and we keep away from hyperbolic, knee-jerk, emotionally unstable responses to things that are complicated.

2 World Wars, plus the numerous others and you’d think we’d have figured out that we’re all stuck with each other whether we like it or not so we just need to calm down and actually be civil.

But who am I? No way I could have such a wide ranging perspective, I’m just an idiot.

But seriously I don’t give a shit who you vote for just as long as you actually have a solid reason that isn’t “They aren’t X candidate so it’s fine.”


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