Political BS

“If you vote for a third party this election you’re the problem with this country.”

I’m sorry but what the actual fuck is this reasoning?

A vote for third party helps the republicans.
A vote for third party helps the democrats.

Again I ask, what the actual fuck?

When people bring up the fact of being upset with a two-party-system others will say things like, “Yeah it sucks but if you don’t vote Dem or Rep then you’re some grandstanding jackass trotting around on their moral high horse.”

No the fuck I’m not. I’m taking part in the system like any person with a brain would.

People who are proud to be American talk about freedom of choice, and “You’re lucky to live in America because we have freedom and liberty for all.”

Do we? When people start attacking me and others whom are registered to parties that aren’t Rep or Dem, is that really freedom of choice? Or is that repression and peer pressure to “stop the greater evil”?

People these days throw around words as insults in the political theatre like “Liberal” or “Conservative” as if we’re supposed to be offended. These words became insults because of hyperbole that everyone drinks up because, for whatever reason, we need to vilify each other as such just so either Dem or Rep can win by looking like they have the moral high ground. Funny how that goes, one party will demonize the other in the hope that they’ll get the votes from, guess who, people whom are registered as a third party to clench an election.

That candidate said this racist thing once so you should vote Dem.
That candidate changed their views so you should vote Rep.
Yall sound the fucking same and I’m sick and tired of being told I can’t vote with my head because of this childish feud that is the current state of the American Political System, its fucking asinine.

“You’re not voting with your head you just want to feel good about yourself by voting with your morals.”

I’m sorry, but isn’t that what both parties yell and scream at everyone to do every single presidential election, and elections in general?

This country is in pretty deep shit socially and economically right now and if you want to be simple minded and simplistic about it we have two parties to blame for this shit show that we’re living in.

We’re better than they are cuz we care about the American people!

We’re better than they are cuz we care about the American people!

The actions taken by your lobbyists tell me you care about perpetuating the status quo for those of you who can clench onto whatever power vacuum that opens up because of some TMZ style mud slinging that occurred.

So I have a question for both parties. Should I actually vote using my conscience and morals or is what you really want me to do is vote for your candidate because; reasons.


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