I’m here, I am.

A girl is spending the day at the park. She notices the clouds’ shadow rolling across the grass while that same wind rustles that very grass. The girl looks up and the sun peaks out from behind the clouds making her shut her eyes quickly but she doesn’t look away. The warmth of the sun, with all of it’s brightness, even through her eyelids she can experience it.

In many ways we are either the girl or the sun, sometimes both at the same time. When we are afraid we close our minds waiting, hoping for someone to tell us when it’ll be safe again. We have to shine with everything we have so we can see there is something warm beyond our fears. The funny thing about light is you don’t have to yell and scream to tell people it’s on. They can see it and feel it; in some cases we can even hear it.

With the sun shining through her eyelids the girl spoke.

“My eyes are closed but the sun is still shining.”


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