Insanity of the Writer

A person who dips in and out of different points of view, universes and thought patterns. By this definition a writer should be insane by “normal” standards however a good writer can differentiate between reality and the realities they create for their characters. Writers are no more crazy than any person with imagination.

Convexly in order for a writers audience to believe the world they’ve created the writer has to believe in it more so. They must walk it’s streets, fly it’s skies and talk to its inhabitants. They must eat its food and partake in their beverages according to local customs. The writer must live along side the people, crying for their losses and reveling in their accomplishments. The writer should find it hard to say goodbye to these people for they were created with love and passion. Like any real world love, the writer must know when to let go.

The writer should see through many lenses but the writer must keep in mind that lenses alter their view and that at the end of the day the mind does not need glasses.


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