Hear, Speak, See, No Evil.

This will fall on deaf ears, blind eyes, and echo in an empty room. Why? Because it has been said before.

Society is sick.

Original thought, I know. This old thought came to me because of something trivial, I was blocked by someone on twitter xD.

I thought to myself, why did they straight up block me? Why not engage in discourse? Why not tell me why I was wrong for what I said or attempt to see my viewpoint? I checked out some more of that person’s tweets and found myself agreeing with some of their older thoughts. So why, after one mention of their name by me was I blocked?

The person is connected to the “feminist”, “Politically Correct” and possibly the “SJW” crowd. I put those in air quotes because I feel they’ve been co-opted by a group of people whom, by definition, go by a different name.

Self Righteous Assholes.

Read on as I explain. Feminism grew out of the want of equality between genders. Somewhere along the line people got it in their heads that men were superior to women and women were simple and couldn’t do “manly” things. Women got together and protested for equal rights, even joining together with the Black Power movement which too was born out of the want of equality. People now quote the leaders and figure heads of those movements ad nauseam, much like that term. Years went by and the equality that people have wanted for centuries is still not here. Yes women can vote and people of colour aren’t being killed by mobs as they once were, everywhere, but actual equality has not been achieved. There are still racists and misogyny is still a thing. Those are but two of the large amount of things that are wrong with the world. They exist because of Assholes.

As if you need a definition, Assholes cover everything in shit and make everything unpleasant for everybody.

This blog post isn’t about me giving the world the perfect nugget of information on how to achieve equality. Those issues i BARELY touched on were just symptoms of the sickness society has. Again i don’t have a cure, otherwise I’d be world Leader and we’d all be happy go lucky.

After some thinking i asked myself a question, (something i often do when trying to figure out why people do the things they do) what makes a person an Asshole? Well that seems an easy answer. They aren’t happy, duh. Well, what makes people happy? I thought. Food, yes. A house, yes. But I’m a deep thinker and I enjoy reading existential crap. What REALLY makes people happy? Things that are fulfilling; music, the arts, things which extend into crafting professions and so on. What makes people unhappy is when they aren’t allowed to do these things or worse when these things are taken away from them. Yes that’s all well and good but at the end of the day even I find it enjoyable to push peoples buttons from time to time. I never said I was a saint. People will come off as Assholes for two reasons. Either they are just malevolent to others or they don’t believe in sugar coating their interactions with people. A blunt sword will hurt but it won’t cut deep.

What the hell am I on about? Firstly, I’m just thinking through my fingers so meh :p Beyond that Society is sick because we aren’t allowed, for the most part, to do fulfilling things. People get caught up in surviving; putting food on the table, keeping the lights on, putting clothes on their back, going to the movies, playing games, etc. Things that slowly creep into, trying to ignore the fact they feel unfulfilled.

Why is society sick? The best I can come up with is because after so long we forgot to do fulfilling things and worked ourselves so hard that we just want 5 minutes out of the day to relax. When relaxing doesn’t lift our spirits well, misery loves company and people become Assholes; Assholes who shit all over everything because our life isn’t as shiny as it should be. This isn’t a “first world problems” post because when someone is covered in enough shit, truly horrible things will happen. Just look at the rest of the world right now, riots, protests, wars. Well whaddayah know? This exists.

We are capable of good things, people.

inb4 someone answers with a grammar fix because; reasons.


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