Writing Reflection

I’ve become accustomed to thinking in story. That is to say that I believe people want a story that is different enough from their own that they can feel something different that they normally do not experience in their own life.

On the other side of the coin people also want to be connected enough to the story that they are experiencing (through whichever medium) in order to escape their own life and join someone else in theirs, normally as an observer, sometimes as a vague participant.

A story cannot exist just to exist. It must fill a need [void] in order to properly exist. Otherwise it is as soulless as a 9-5 cubical and an empty fridge. In that sense the story is not.

Set within these confines a story can be anything, all stories have an audience whether it be 1 or 1 million and a story can change our views; for better or worse.


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