Act Four

           A shuttle on it’s way to Epsilon 001 is carrying 4 people, two men, and two women. It’s a military grade shuttle but there are no weapons mounted, a fact the pilot is very nervous about given his destination. Three of his passengers are wearing the latest in space suit technology, each with 180 hours of air in case something went wrong and they were ejected into the vacuum. The suits look more like armor with a sizable tank on the back. The tank contained the air supply as well as the force-field generator. Each is red with a visible gray exoskeleton, designed to protect you from high speed impacts that can happen when you’re out and about in the vacuum. The mini force field generator is there to protect them from space debris. The vacuum is dangerous and some of the smallest pieces of debris can have an impact strength equal to 100 pounds of TNT. However one woman is wearing normal clothes with a short staff strapped to her waist. Her hair is braided on the opposite side of her head from one of the men who also has a short staff strapped to his waist. The other two have swords at theirs with matching tattoos on their necks.

“Honey how much longer until we get to Epsilon? I want to deal with these Young Beasts and get back home as quick as possible. I’m not as comfortable in the vacuum as I used to be. I’m sure the twins feel the same.”

“I could care less but that’s cuz I can survive in the vacuum, right Ryder?”

“Oh yeah bring that up again Rayne! Meanwhile, I’m in this suit and you’re not. I miss sitting on the surface of Mars and watching the stars without a visor skewing the light.”

“Look you two, don’t start fighting again.”

          The tattooed man walked over to a video panel on the wall and hailed the captain. His boots squeaking as he moved, meaning the suit was brand new out of the printer.

“Ahoy captain, how much longer till we get to Epsilon?”

“Well Hayden I’d say about 16 hours, 5 if we fire up the Vasimir’s after burner.”

“Well those Young Beasts are terrorizing the hell out of Epsilon 001 so I’d suggest you fire those up.”

“Yeah, I could, but what’s to stop them from trashing my little ship when I dock?”

“If that’s what you’re worried about then just line us up to their docking terminal and open the airlock. We’ll torpedo on over, we are Old Beasts after all.”

           Rayne, the woman without a space suit, shouted for joy.

“Hell yeah! I love doing that!”

          She pulled out a small device and tapped something into it, a second later “Rocket” by Def Leopard came on the sound system.

“You ready Ryder!?”

“Yeah sure, you psycho.”

          A red light started flashing and a yellow band appeared, wrapping itself into a circle while hovering in the middle of the room with the words “METEOR SHOWER IMMINENT” scrolling across.

“Strap in guys we got a….”

          Hayden was cut off as the pilot started evasive manoeuvres, throwing him from where he was standing into the opposite wall with a sickening crunch as his head made contact.


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