Act Three

“…the manufacturer has finally issued a statement on the attack of their latest shipment to Epsilon 001. Here is the audio recording.”

           “We will not stand by while our Swan Song the Airjet 25 R is abused for hooliganism and capital crimes. The latest murder that our bikes have been accomplices to in combination with the many people who died from their initial theft is deplorable and fills me with sadness., we have no choice now but to offer our backing to the Young Beast Prison Project.

          At first we thought that all teenagers afflicted by the Young Beast gene should be allowed to live a normal teenage life. Spending each day along-side the rest of us, but if this is what some of them can do while just “having fun” we cannot allow them to live on the streets with normal people. The main thing we must do is figure out what disease is afflicting our youth and some of our adult populations.

          However as my knowledge lies mainly in the racing world I am ill equipped to do anything but offer capital for different programs dedicated to helping these people. The first step we are taking towards helping is in the direction of education and containment. We have commissioned the first Hyper Security High School to be built here on Earth. The plans will be available to any other Space Station, planet, or moon that wishes to join the Young Beast Prison Project. We have been assured that even though they are called prisons, the students will be treated as humans. The main point of the Young Beast High Security High School is to prevent the rowdy ones from causing havoc and teaching them all about their affliction as we learn more.

          It is unfortunate that we must be the first ones to actively deal with the Young Beast issue. However I feel this is an important step in getting those more knowledgeable to do something and not sit by and argue about talking points any longer.”

           “Those “plans” he is referring to have been called at best “over engineered” by many human rights activists, stating that the few should not dictate how the many are treated. Still others are calling for harsher measures for anyone with Young Beast attributes, including any adults who have retained one or more of these super human attributes from their teenage years. The so called “Old Beasts” have been vocal, stating that most of them have dedicated their lives to tracking down and controlling the renegade youngsters. Some are even on their way to Epsilon 001 to further prove that they are not like their younger counter parts.”


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