Describe in One Word…

As I’ve grown and learned through my 24 years I’ve noticed something. When we’re little we are asked to name things and label them so we can easily refer to them or make comparisons. It’s a good practice, it helps babies and children think critically and understand that there are some thing that require such an activity.


One lesson that seems to escape them however is that not all things can, or should be labelled.

Throughout my life people have applied labels to me and when I was younger I didn’t understan why.

“Your spanish but you dress like a white boy.”

“I don’t like your messy hair, are you a ragamuffin?”

“You only like things that aren’t liked by everyone else? You’re a hipster.”

“You like things that other people do? You’re a follower.”

“You’re parents are hispanic but you don’t speak spanish? You’re a fake latino.”

The list goes on and on, it can get tiring and it has. For a while I was caught up in this sickness to label everything as well. Then I noticed something, I made people uncomfortable. No one knew which single word to use to classify me in their minds, not having that word made them uncomfortable. I grew up going to both catholic and public schools, so there’s a light on my past that can help you understand why this article exists. I’ve had to deal with people not knowing what I was since I can remember. I went to private schools with high percentages of kids from Caucasian families. I made friends and got along pretty well, I’m not saying it was hell for me. It wasn’t. But I will always remember the stares, glares, and confused faces that surrounded me, from that young age till now. My skin was different I liked some of the same things but I did like others. My hair isn’t straight or wavy it’s full of tight curls but not nappy. I like anime, and I like “I Love Lucy”. I used to listen to a record by on repeat. I like some death metal but not many of the great Death Metal bands. I like different pickings from the wide swath of many musical genre’s in fact. I like skateboarding, longboarding and aggressive inline. I love mountain biking and staying in all day playing games.


What’s the point? Like I said I’m merely sick and tired of people feeling the need to classify everything in one word. I’ve been called a poser, hipster, wannabe… All for just liking things that I like. I’ve been chastised because I’m not “Normal”. Recently… well relatively recently, I came up with a single word to give to all those people who absolutely need it. I’m a Technicality, and the best part is, I’m not the only one. So already there is something for those with this inherent need to associate together. The dictionary definition would be as follows:

1. a petty formal point arising from a strict interpretation of rules, etc: the case was dismissed on a technicality
2. the state or quality of being technical
3. technical methods and vocabulary

So I’ve decided it fits me to reply with this word when someone asks me, arbitrarily, what are you? I’ll simply say I’m a technicality. Or in other words the square peg that can fit in the round hole because the peg is smaller. And when they ask me what that means with a confused face I’ll know what’s going through their mind. But please, I encourage you to do the same, we need to stop categorizing people like musical genre’s or spices in the cupboard. We need to accept that people should not be put into boxes of arbitrary vagary. We should instead find different ways of relating to people. But if you think me pompous, arrogant, egotistical, or pretentious then so be it because you’ve missed my point.


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