Hypothesis of Future Equalizer Tech.

Update: 4/3/2014 Links i find on the subject will be posted at the bottom of this article.


The other day I was listening to WQXR in the bathroom whilst taking a shower. (More than you ever wanted to know I’m sure)  And in there I have the typical small alarm-clock style radio. You know the kind, can’t handle high’s, nearly non existant lows and a mid range that always manages to cheat you out of the warm experience of the woodwind section, or the awesome vocals of either a choir or you know, some kick ass metal vocals. Then, I  got to thinking, right after some shampoo blinded me for a few seconds of agonizing pain.

Would it be possible, utilizing acoustic mapping as well as sound cancelling technologies, to be able to make any room sound like Carnegie Hall? (Considering your speakers are of a high enough fidelity)

Imagine with me how that would be. Any audiophile would be able to enjoy their favourite genre in such a majesty of encompassing sound waves that it would be forever impossible to not listen to a song the way the artists intended. I’ve not done much research into this yet, I just wanted to write this article about my previous thought to see if anyone else felt this way. I aim to update this post if I find anything resembling what I’m thinking about.

I propose that the acoustic mapping would take place based on a range of frequencies ranging from just below the lowest known tone humans have the capability to register to just above that range. So maybe 8hz to  22Khz? Or possibly the same frequency used for studio recordings. 192000 hz, if I’m not mistaken. After the room is mapped, area’s that are found to increase or deaden sound are muted or amplified accordingly using a modified version of sound cancellation technology. Instead of outright cancelling the sound outside of a certain boundary however, a boxy room could be acoustically shaped into something more fitting to the genre or equalizer settings.

I realize that many audio players have equalizers meant to do something akin to this with their “jazz, hallway, studio, padded cell” setting but these are generic and strangely or hardly take into account the actual dimensions of the room and the different sound dampening of the wide range of materials in any given room. I know you can set the distance speaker a is from you digitally but I’m talking about something more than moving a speaker 3 inches to the right. Take for instance a room that has wooden floors and metal furniture. What about that tower holding your dvd’s in the corner? Or your television sending out it’s own frequency, 15750 hz for old rear projection models that is SUPER irritating to hear. But also even just having the sounds of your audio not bouncing off the frequencies of newer harder to hear frequencies from LCD and LED televisions.

What I’m taking about is a complete acoustic haven where music and even movies are heard without the intrusion of the 60 or 50 hz line signals in your power lines or the operating frequencies put out by other electronic gadgets in the area. Because not everyone can spend 1000+ on purifying their listening area.


4/3/2014  http://zacharydunham.com/index.php?/experiments/acoustic-mapping-/


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