Children of Armageddon

The Children will search for their younger kin,
receiving gifts from the sky while they journey.
And the children will be banished from the Shadow Realm of Lost Souls, by the black and thin Incubus.

An Eye set in Yu and will appear when they who’ve broken from their Prison make their move.
This is their marking.
They will fight the Children and take from them their Youngest.
The Children will pick up arms and charge forward through a space unseen.
The children will destroy dozens of the newly freed prisoners, in a Chair of Spikes.

Red in colour, indicating it’s purpose, the chair is the only way to dispatch the prisoners.

The seas will rise and be tormented.
They will spit up things that should not lie in their depths.

Icy waters will enjoy temperatures that do not benefit them.

Yellow and White lightning will strike down from the skies over the City.
And the DOOR will be opened, violently shaking the earth around.


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