The Second Book

There is one book I’ve completed not to long ago. I am now working on the second. A bit of an update to those who’d like something to read just to kill time.

Aurora Cave is the title of my first and it’s available for download for free on my google drive account.
Aurora Cave .pdf
Aurora Cave .epub

Two versions because I wanted to tangle with making epubs. It’s not a master piece of writing prowess but it’s a start and a pretty good one considering some of the things that get published nowadays.

My second Book will be released probably in the same manner. Being titled “Ubiquitous Digression of the Amorphous Kind” my hope is that the story is complex yet entertaining. I’m maybe 1/2 way done with the initial draft and then weeks if not months and months of editing.

The main character is a chef and he’s trying to figure out if his imaginary friends and an entire world from his childhood are fabrications of his mind or if they are actually real.

and now to your regularly sheduled blog roaming.


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