The World That Once Was.

The planet you call Earth used to be different. In fact the entire inner solar system never had so much as a speck of space debris in it, let alone floating around as there is now. We used to be able to control the paths of comets, meteors, and asteroids. The inner solar system was a safe place and so was our planet.

The confines of our atmosphere were not so close to the surface of Gaia, floating islands were encompassed and everyone could travel to them without the smallest problem. Things like pollution were horror stories, told by the wise to keep children in check. If they could see what the planet had become they’d probably keel over in an instant.

Magic and science as you call them were the same back then, there was no distinction. Almost anything we could think of was possible and our engineers made it happen. But we weren’t as perfect and infallible as we liked to believe.

Chaos came to our part of the galaxy, a test in a way that all civilizations must pass in order to continue to exist in this universe. We lost the War of Entropy, and with that loss, our planet fell from her glory. We lost the war, but somehow we managed to keep our lives. We haven’t been able to find anyone who was allowed to remember why either. As a result of our loss our minds were thrown into chaos, now you would call it a mental break, or some form of psychosis.

The words I speak are the words I was allowed to remember, my curse from living after the war, immortality. At the moment we lost, the last shot was fired, and our final defence was breached. The enemy disappeared and an ocean of chaos swept through the inner solar system.

It was not long after that the atmosphere started to recede. No one knew what was going on and billions suffocated and died violently from being exposed to the vacuum of space. Meteors came into the realm previously occupied only by Gaia and her floating islands, and we were unable to redirect them. All the islands were destroyed along with the people that lived on them. The only island left is what is now referred to as the moon. However it too is as cold and as dead as the rest of them are, it’s just that the others have been pummelled and destroyed, some even wandered into the asteroid belt and even to what used to be the gas farms, know known as the outer solar system.

Maybe that was our crime, maybe farming the Gas Giants was immoral.

It doesn’t matter now I suppose. We paid the price for whatever crime we committed, but we were allowed to make the climb back up to where we once stood in terms of knowledge and technology. We cannot however, reclaim the floating islands or the lives we lost.

Modern religions talk about a purgatory or hell being a place the soul goes to after a life of ill will. That must be where we are. This “Modern World” is a disgusting and terrifying place, far removed from the society of Gaia we once lived in.


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