Introspection is an important if not difficult practice. One must be able to look the ugly truth in the face and be willing to do something about it. Introspection, in short, is when you take a look at your self. Hopefully unabashedly and critically with the end result being enlightenment on what your faults are and how to start fixing/removing/improving them. However Introspection can lead to another serious problem.

Lying to yourself or even the inability to figure out your flaws because one does not view them as such. I’m not talking about that chortle you make when laughing, or the fact you have to count to 3 before you do something big. Things like that are not flaws, they may irritate other people but those are caveats or maybe, more appropriately, just apart of your character. The flaws of which I’m speaking are the things that make you unbearable to be around things that make you come off as arrogant, rude, snide or capable of no wrong no matter the situation are some flaws on the more extreme end of the spectrum but they help to describe what a flaw that should be worked on  would look like. Introspection should have you look back on interactions with other people in this case and try to remember their responses, and body language. The tones in their voice should be a bell ringer if you’re doing something that could be changed or altered a little.

Arrogance and the like are not the only things that should be worked on, another thing that may come to light are overly aggressive movements at times where they are not necessary. They may be habit, they may be learned, whatever the case identifying when you are doing them and why will help with your interactions with other people and may actually help you finally have a good interview or date.

Some things are not your fault per say but you must be mindful of how others would perceive them. I’m told many times that I seem snobbish or like i want to sound smarter than I really am. I often say I’m not trying to sound or come off as anything but attempting to learn or get a point across. Yet I must work on things such as word choice when I speak to avoid coming off as elitist.

This post is not saying that there are things inherently wrong with everything you do, this post is supposed to make you see that introspection can help you understand yourself more. We do not always have to change how we act or speak but when we look at why we do the things we do, perhaps we could trade confrontation for something more palatable, discussion.


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