An old tale I scribbled up a few years ago.


Once before there was Evermore the sky had shown; red, yellow, blue, and green. One hundred fifty years past the nebula vanished from the sky in an instant, replaced by 2 stars 3 years aft. This is known as the binary quadrant after all.

However the surprise was in the colours which the new stars shown. A true set of cosmic fraternal twins. One a bright blue, the other a deep red. Vrotald thought of the excitement that may exist in that new system. Many many millenia would however pass before life would manifest, if life was even in the cards for the twins. They named the stars Omega and Alpha, which seemed fitting enough. Never would they forget the brilliant display that lead to the era of Nevermore. Magic would come to this advanced system of science and it would be Vrotald who would aid with ushering in this new era of Alchemic discovery. Once a land of science and logic Evermore was now becoming mysterious and curious forever more.


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