Truth is a Fact of Fiction


What can be said of these is something more than one of them doesn’t fit. Often it is said that it is the victors of war who write our history. Our truth being the fact in their fiction, but on the less conspiratorial side there is still a correlation.

Truth: Something to be taken as fact or something that is believed to be a constant in life, such as 1 = 1. Truth is something we hold in high regard when dealing with other people, whether we know them or not. To believe that someone is trust worthy means that we believe in their capacity to tell us information we can agree with.

However, it has been said that someone can lie to themselves so intently that they can start to take those lies as truth. So if truth ends up being just what you choose to believe then it cannot be as solid as many people want it to be.

Fact: Something that is inherent and accepted as true. A fact is indisputable beyond all question. This little gem of unwavering is thought to be something of a higher value than a truth… perhaps.

On the other hand facts that are based on bad information become nothing more than truth by another name. However it is also possible that maybe just maybe a fact is the unwavering one and people are too agreeable, not having any of their own thoughts or opinions.

Fiction: Something which is made up. People, places, things all created from an imagination happy to think of preposterously erroneous scenarios where impossible things happen all the time and yet because of that fact fiction can become common place.

One must remember that fiction cannot be a fact or a truth except within it’s own confines. In a cleverly designed world by the writer/storyteller, any fictitious sounding information is rendered a truth for the sustainability of the story. So through a carefully crafted story fiction can become fact and truth. But like we must always keep in mind these stories are not real, nor have they ever taken place.

The question isn’t fact or fiction, the statement is truth is fact is fiction.

Truth fact fiction


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