Every Night the World Ends

A Diary entry based in the world of Dystopian Ops. A yet to be finished book from yours truly.

July,23 2009

Every night the world ends, and every morning I wake up, the world continues on. People continue going to their mostly pointless dead end jobs, pushing their buttons and flipping their switches. Every morning when I wake up I wonder if the dreamworld I just left would be better or worse than what we have now. Every night the horrors of war are reflected in my dreams and they stay with me far after the dream has ended. I’ve seen the world destroyed and ended at least 20 different ways already, it started when I was in junior high, in those years I had the worst dream… It also was the first dream, the first in a long line of dreams of chaos finally taking over and peoples’ true nature being shown. All those “nice people” were akin to war mongers, no… they were like lions, starved and mistreated, only to be let out upon the zoo goers and allowed free range.

There were many apocalypses, tornadoes, vampires, police states, aliens… All of them as ugly as what lies beneath the real world. Lies are fed to the masses and fear instilled in them as well, most the time the fear is baseless and the lies so transparent it boggles the mind how so many fall for them. Every night the world ends but I never know what to do, chaos is like a train with no brakes, a plane with no power, a ship with a hull of swiss cheese. When the chaos ends, and my eyes open, I fight with myself, saying the real world is better, it’s right, tangible, and safer. But what is keeping reality from becoming my dreams, what is keeping the weavers of chaos from stitching? Nothing at all, save a catalyst, and I pray with every fibre of my being that catalyst is never struck. I pray not for the world but for myself, for if that day were to come I might find myself in the disgusting disposition of happiness.


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