UN wants All the Internets

Simply that which the title says is what has infuriated me today. Why in the world would an organization, brought together for the main purpose of reconciling international issues, need to take control of the internet? I’m sorry but the UN needing a military force makes more sense to me  than the UN controlling the internet.

Let’s get something straight, I’m fully aware of the hypocrisies that surround the UN and the internet. The internet was started by connecting computer networks. Many of those networks were used mainly and primarily for military cross country communications. The UN, to my understanding, was an organization put together for peace, for international/cultural talks that would avoid world wide war and protect all those nice and shiny ideals we love.

Over the past 20 years or so, well actually, since the internet became a household thing (and maybe a little bit before that), the internet has grown into a hub for information. A place where anyone can say anything they wanted, and where anyone could call that person a simpleton for doing so…and there is also porn…>.> BUT besides that I see the internet for something far greater than watching stupid videos on youtube. It can be a pathway to someone you love on the other side of the world. It can be a place where we can teach ourselves practically anything and become better and smarter than we were before. It truly is a world that is self contained, for the most part, and it has gotten this far without having to be controlled  by any singular group/organization. So why oh why does the UN want to control the internet and the world wide web? (no they aren’t the same thing)

Now I’m not about to go all conspiracy theorist on you, I don’t have to, nor is it necessary. As far as I can surmise from the situation, the UN should only be pushing for this if some world leading country said, “Hey I’ve been slandered way too much on the internet. Either you do something or so help me I’m nuking everything!” And seeing as how no “This country threatens the world unless this other country stops calling it names on the internet…” Article has been written I think the UN needs to keep it’s nosey self out of the internets control and go watch some cat videos. The only problem I’m seeing are that corporations are mad that their movies and music are being stolen, and the word copyright is being thrown about quite a bit. To them I say, if you made the bat, who do you blame for it hitting you in the face? Do you blame the bat, the person who hit you or yourself for not taking the proper measures to make sure it didn’t happen?

Teh Haxorz. The dreaded hacker is constantly used as a scapegoat in these cases. Well one thing out of the way first, not every person who is competent with computer code is trying to undermine all of the civilized world. It’s important to realize that as long as there is something that many people want, other people will try to get it for free by any means necessary. The same is true for books, weapons and food. I’m not condoning all the digital thieves actions I’m blaming the fools who got robbed once and failed to stop it from happening a second time.

You can have the worlds top security system installed in your house. But if someone really wants to get in, they bloody well will get in by any means necessary and take your shiny thingamabobs.


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