Dreaming of the Sky

They say that people dream of the sky because they wish for freedom, that to them seems unattainable. Much like flying in the sky unaided. Various things come to mind when we think of the word prisoner, Stolkholm syndrome, dungeons(maybe with dragons), prisons…Guantanamo Bay (Harold and Kumar I’m look at you guys). But there is another type of prison. One without bars or chains or locks per-say…

Injuries are a part of life, we move and do dangerous things so we all should expect to be hurt. the worst ones occur when we think we are above injury. However sometimes the injuries occur because of something that was already present. A sickness for example. This basically invisible force is the other kind of prison I’m talking about. A specific kind when someone is no longer able to do things they could have done before with ease.

The saying goes “prison changes a person”. Mostly in cinema we see that it makes people hard, and cold, or they become people of God, constantly preaching how they were saved by that one day they first saw whichever deity you want to name. But what about this other prison of which I speak, how can it change a person? I got to thinking and remembered over the years I read and heard “They’re a prisoner in their own body.” It is usually referring to coma patients, but you don’t have to be a coma patient to be trapped I thought.

Physically debilitating sicknesses, whatever their scale, have a stronger effect on those whom they inflict than most people realize. Especially when you take their previous lifestyles into account. Like a weight lifter who is diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. All they did was train their body and  for many cases the mind may not be as strong. What happens to these people whose lives have had the emergency break pulled, steering wheel jerked to the left, and the key ripped out of the ignition at 200 miles an hour (or kilometres per hour)

Well first, I would think they go into a deep depression, I’m talking Mariana Trench deep. Something as life changing as that would have to cause some people to entertain thoughts of suicide, I mean who could blame them? Their very way of life, the meaning many of us try so hard to find for ourselves is stripped away in seemingly moments. But that can’t be the only avenue they have, be depressed and die, what about me saying I’m not that kind of guy? Well not to long ago I had a thought. There are two games I’m currently playing, Little Big Planet 2, and Minecraft. In both you’re able to build almost anything you can think of with the tools they give you and in both, without thought of the other while playing, (until now at least) I built two different yet similar ideas. An island in the sky, populated by people who can fly. I realized the connections they had and then this idea popped in my head.

Dreaming of the sky my be the reason why we have so many stories all over the world about “Sky people” and how in games and movies and books we read about fantasy lands with floating islands. But dreaming of the sky means much more than just a place to escape to in the mind. What does the sky mean to you? Or someone else? It’s open, wide, and free. Birds scoot across it everyday, and besides a tiny Cessna we can only enjoy it in jumbo jets,and commercial planes. Many of which put up a massive wall between the passengers and the wild blue yonder, with only a tiny claustrophobic window to peak out of.

To so many people the sky represents infinite possibilities, it represents freedom simply and purely. Or a horrifying set of dreams regarding falling to your death but those people are for another post. As I thought about the many meanings we have ascribed to the sky over the years I finally had a reason why people start dreaming of the sky, maybe when they look up into it’s blue draw, and think about it’s impossible beauty, maybe they open up something inside themselves. That melts away the depression and fear, and maybe they see what it is they and billions of other people have forgotten. Dreaming of the Sky represents that there are infinite possibilities for us to enjoy this life. We only need to remember how to look.


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