Something Old Something New

The end of an era is upon us… or would it be an age?… Anyway, it’s pretty nearly here now and I’m sure we’ve all heard about it from one source or another, so no need for me to get into that. However, what I am getting at is that something is coming. But don’t worry, it’s not time to get all “Doomsday Prepper” on everyone. It’s the end of an era of thought. A specific time in the human life story where we reach a new plateau of knowledge, or stupidity… you choose.


Now I haven’t had a sit down with the fates and I haven’t heard mysterious whisperings in the wind, it’s just how I feel. Granted as a race humans can and do have these moments every so often. I do feel that since so much attention this time is trained on one specific date it will cause someone, somewhere to have an “ahah!” moment. Then they may very well spark another in someone else and so on and so forth. Sort of like a viral video without videos. Ever heard of the 100th monkey effect?

But I digress. What is it, what exactly am I talking about? Will it be more of the same, will something amazing happen that will turn the world on its ear? My answer is yes. People do things all the time that confound, astound and all the other “ound’s” there are. It just matters where we are looking. It may very well happen that something cool will happen and all the worlds eyes and ears will be watching at that moment.

I think it’s time to say I like to think of myself as a fanciful realist. Meaning I’m optimistic about the future but I even though it may not look like it, I do very much have my feet firmly planted on the ground. Whether one thing happens or another I do believe this, there are amazing things to come as well as terrifying things. As our past as a species clearly dictates history has an amazing way of repeating itself…Unless that’s the surprise 😉


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