The Palace of Skulls and Bones

I plan on editing this later
The palace of bone and skull blocked off from all.
A man inside is all is hidden from the exterior of skull and bone.
Like a macabre ship pirates would build in ye days of old.
I walked to the front, only to behold,
no entrance was known.
Surrounded by a fence saying keep out and steer clear
I was quite keen on getting in.
Then a man came to my brother and me,
offering fun and festivity.
He brought my brother a flag,
and placed it on his shoulders as a cape.
Then a friend came by and said this way, there is someone you should meet.
we sat on the bleachers far from the crowds my mind thinking clear.
Only a name was said,
but a name I no longer remember.
Nova was what remained when the dream faded away.


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