As the years go on, we develop more clever ways of communication to spread ideas faster. We long to tell our experiences to others, and hear about others exploits while on the journey we have come to call life. The need to express things that we think about is in all of us, and it is this need that creates what we call the arts.

Whether we participate in the literary, paper and pencil, or video/visual sense of the term art, most people are trying to get out what is on their minds. For want of acceptance by another, or to pass along important information. We tell stories and make pictures because, hopefully, we’re trying to say something important. We take pictures of things because we lack the words to describe what it makes us feel or think. I once heard that living in itself can be art, and by that definition everyone is an artist, and everyone is trying to purvey something of importance.

Actions have meaning, every action, not just the ones we think out but the subtle ones as well. We as a race have come to think too deeply about the intended meanings of others actions, and we have forgotten how exactly, to look at everything as part of the story. Story is more than just a fancy word I’m using to sound like an intellectual, I’m far from being one. When I say story I’m talking about life. We learn from cautionary tales as much as we do from mistakes. We live life everyday, and the experiences we have are all the more important to letting us know, where we are going and where we came from.

All of this came to me, as a result of looking up how it is exactly television signals transmit the pictures we love so much. Then I got to over thinking, “What is the reason we have television?”. I thought even further back into history, and I remembered radio programs my parent’s told me they listened to. We as a sentient race have a deep seeded necessity to express ourselves in whatever way we can. This tenet extends into every single action, performed every single day, by every single person on this planet. We have to tell those who come after us what we did, so we can literally learn from our past mistakes, no matter how many millennia ago. Our major problem thus far hasn’t been our inability to tell stories, or paint pictures, or more through visual actions. It has been our inability to listen to them.

Also I did not create the picture i got it from they mapped teh internets so to speak 🙂Image


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