The meaning of life is… a cubicle?

What do you want to be when you grow up? I wonder how many kids said an office worker. All our youth hopefully we’ve been told we could be anything we want, and with that our minds try and grasp at the infinite possibilities laid out before us. It seemed like a magical time many people tend to pass off as naivety. “The hopeless baseless wishes of a child with no idea how the world works. If I had a quarter for every time I heard that….I’d have a metric shit-tonne of quarters…give or take.

What is the meaning of life, why are we here? These are the questions that keep so many of us awake at night, and keeps others working so hard they blind themselves to the scary truth they don’t know what they are here for. Even worse so many people work so hard because they believe whole heartedly that they are fulfilling their part as a decent human being. Wake up at 7 get to work at 9 slave away for hours and punch that clock at 5 spend some time doing a “hobby” or drinking, just basically going through life repeating things they know never once thinking is there something better for me? For everyone to be doing something meaningful instead of this monotony so many object themselves to?

It’s funny people will go on vacation and so many times you will see on their status update, “This is the life!” with some beautiful scenery on some beach or snow covered mountain, or even just the night sky filled with the universes night-lights shinning unimpeded by the artificial light of the metropolis they left behind. So many times the “native” people of a country with a simple life are made fun of for not being “civilized”. Yet time and time again, there is that blog post, or that wall photo, or the instagram thing, with happy smiles and beautiful scenery around.

We search for meaning in our lives through work, and learning, but why do we pay less and less attention to that tough question? In some movies that have an older setting, say the 50’s I always think of this one line I heard from a movie with a name I can’t remember. A father tells his son the only thing he has to do in life is get a good job, get married and have some kids. That would mean, for that kid he only has to be smart enough to work one job very well. I can understand and appreciate those goals hell I have them to some extent! But that can’t be all there is, there is something deeper many people have had on the tip of their tongue’s for eons, but just can’t quite spit it out!

A bit of hypocrisy if I may, because whats hearing one side of the argument without the other? I’ve heard that the meaning of life is just to live, be around others, and enjoy yourself. Also painfully simplistic but I guess it’s all word play then. To me this sounds better than the old archetype of job, wife, kids, die old. The value of a life is what was done with it, and how it was lived. That’s all well and good, but that still doesn’t tell me what the meaning of life is! X.X

Learn as much as you can, learn to love yourself, then everyone else. I’m not sure when, but that was something that crossed my mind when I was younger…MUCH younger. I didn’t understand what I was thinking at the time but I made it my quest to figure it out. Over the years shit happened, but I never forgot those tenets. If one thing has become clear to me in the decade plus after I had that initial thought it’s this, there is no singular meaning of life, different people will always hold different and similar principles dear to their hearts, it is this reason why I think we as a human race have not been able to define this meaning of life… well us in the “civilized world” that is 😉


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