Lux Perpetua

Within us all, there is a light.
It shines as brightly as we allow it.
Sometime even more so when we try to shield it.
No one can take it from you,
and you can never give it away.
It pulses with the song, that was spoken as a breath, and filled your lungs so long ago.

We are not always aware of our light,
many times when we see it, we take it for someone else’s.
I have found my light and I love it deeply.
When it flickers low,
or when it is bright, and blinding like the flame of the sun.
It allows me to smile when there is sadness surrounding me.
It shines bright when the dark says it is impossible.
My light is inextinguishable just as yours is.
It fills us with hope when there is doubt,
it is that persevering thought,
that will not leave your mind.
Never fear your own light,
it was a gift,
and like all gifts you should love it and use it as often as possible.


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