The End and the Beginning

It started with monsters appearing seemingly from nowhere, then before they knew it the people found their universe under siege. Star hopping to find an escape what’s left of the human race finds an old shrine with the hoards encroaching upon them. A woman experiences an ecstasy from nowhere and her son fearing his mother is going mad pulls on her shirt exposing her left breast by accident. At once a doorway opens in the cave and the people know they have finally found the utopia talked about in their stories of ancient times. With the few belongings they have left, the people discard their weapons as they pass through to a brand new universe. Time and time again this cycle repeats. Universe after universe is destroyed and by a stroke of luck, or a divine hand, they find the way to open the portal. A female orgasm, a mother who has lost her husband and only has her son left as family, something about these energies open the doorway to a brand new universe to a brand new planet. Not an earth but the first to support life, it looks barren but is rich in everything the people need to live happy and full lives. After seeing the civilizations we have come from, it would seem over the millenia, people forget these happenings. Only to suffer them time and time again as if they were a trial of the human soul every universe must put us through these when we forget.

It’s happening again, another universe has come under attack a group of survivors have found the planet on which life first appeared in their universe. Again when all is lost a woman with no prior sign has an orgasm, it’s not at all dissimilar from a sexual orgasm but it is somehow intensely different. her son pulls on her shirt, her left breast is exposed and the door way opens. This time I walk through with the people. They acknowledge me and as we pass through it is like walking through space itself. The fear is left behind us in that old crumbling universe and we are walking higher up into a circling mass of light and gas, this is the new Universe. Blue’s and whites circle around unending in a vortex around a bright white light in the center. This, in this amazing area of space is life itself. The engine which drives life to take physical form, this is the Deus Ex Machina. I gaze upon it with my own eyes, moved to tears at it’s beauty. Earthen coloured stairs rising up in nothing for those who deserve to continue to live their lives the ones who have surpassed all thought and preconceived notions of the universe searching for a truth they felt in their bones when everyone else gave up. These few would be seeds to descend from the stars to continue the legacy of the human race, for another trillion years until the darkness came again. Only by walking closer to the vortex I understand these things and many others. We pass through the now gold-white-and blue Galaxy shape and we step onto a new planet with animals I can’t dare describe and a sky of a curious blue, akin to the blue sometimes seen in the sclera of a babe. this planet so pure and unmolested by the people who are the first to step on it, here will finally be a civilization that will truly live in peace and harmony with each other and this planet.
I look back through the doorway, and in a single glance I can see the entirety of the universe that was still being pillaged and destroyed from the inside out by the darkness, the monsters that appeared there so long ago. A trillion years of life, and emotion, in an area no bigger than a 3 foot deep pool with a 9 foot diameter. Even seeing the lights of the stars turned off, one by one it still holds a beauty unparalleled by anything ever made by man, or that man could ever hope to create. A perfection so perfect the very image stays burned in my mind till this day.

Days pass and we have already started to enjoy what this new planet has to share with us. Simple mining to create dwellings designed over the millenia in our previous universe we use what the planet has prostrated before us not looking farther than we need. The plans have been set, and the architects, pleased with their designs. A few of us lay resting, talking without a care in the world. True nirvana. We read a news paper we have created for fun, a single page recalling a recent happening with someones cat. A picture expertly drawn, almost jumping off the page. It feels like it has been years since we were able to enjoy such calm, such truthful peace. I hear a voice call out from the distance, it seems someone has made food. We get up and looking upon the ground on which I had been laying, a familiar sight of the old world meets my eye. A simple pill bug no bigger than the nail of my smallest toe. At first I think I should be revolted but then I remember everything that has happened up to this point and I finally understand, to be at peace with yourself is to be at peace with the universe, this new world. The doorway not to far away from us, I look at it lovingly finding comfort in its perpetual movement never ceasing, always moving at the same speed. At the end of a stone path that stretches out, ending in a cliff as if to greet our old home. Then a thought occurs to me, if we got through, whats to stop the darkness from following. I ran to tell the others, but then… I woke up.


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