What is a story? A grouping of words on a page that express some meaning which the author holds in special regard. A story, if done right, has the ability to speak to something inside of you. Whether it be primal reasoning, or to your heart, there will always be some demographic for any kind of story a person can think up. I think this is because of metaphors. 100 people can read the same three words and have 100 different reactions. This is by no stretch new information, but it is important when you come across something you’re not too fond of. Everyday people sit and critique stories for having flimsy plot-lines and emotionless characters, heck I’ve done that a lot too no one is perfect in these aspects because we all have different eyes. We see and view things so differently it’s easy to overlook the basis of any story. We forget about the deep-seeded message that lies beneath all the words sometimes we point out misspellings and give no further thought to the actual story. For others, it seems, they simply can’t see past grammatical errors. Given all of their short comings, what I’m trying to say is, a story’s main purpose is to make you feel, or see something on the mental and emotional level, if it can do that, who cares if the author missed a period on the third sentence on the 89th page?


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