Inherent Nature

Within us all there is a rage beast. Within us all there is an angel of peace. I’ve often thought of a headache being the result of these two fighting it out. However recently it has come to my attention that online people allow their rage beast to prowl free. Like taking a rabid animal to a kiddie park and letting it loose, all havoc results from this act.

We say things we wouldn’t want said to us, to, and about others, with little, or no grasp at all on how it may truly affect them. People spend so much time online now a days that, they have perhaps forgotten about the person on the other side of the screen. Words carry weight, they carry merit, and wisdom. They can also carry emotions like a Clydesdale with a 200 pound cowboy on its back, that is to say, easily. I feel like a parent who talks with their children about the importance of choosing your words wisely when interacting with others. Is it possible for someone to displace themselves from their experiences to try and understand another person? No.

The angel whom dwells within each of us is that part. It is what is inherently good within us all. This is the reason for the duality of human kind I think. We should be able to witness a situation from both, from ALL sides. We should allow our rage beast and angel to expose both views to us. It just so happens some people wish to see the rage beasts side. Of course though, I can’t argue that it comes quicker and is easier to understand, at times, but do I believe that “Being the bad guy is easier than doing the right thing.”? I definitely do not, they are both as easy and as difficult to comprehend as anything else can be, we just have to be smart enough to notice that.

To be honest in my opinion it takes more energy to do the bad thing. It’s like this, you see a garbage can blowing in the road but you do nothing and keep walking home. Later in the news, you see someone lost control of their car on that same block. The garbage can blew in front of their car and got caught under the front wheel. They slid into the curb, and flipped. Then police come, and an ambulance, and of course the firemen. People come out of their houses watching the entire seen happen before them, people start to gossip calling the driver drunk or tired. The news calls it a freak accident. Laying blame to the side, it is not your fault the accident occurred, however would things have been different if you just moved it? It hardly seems like an issue between “good and evil” as it were, but it stays true to the law of dualities, Action or inaction, either can be Inherently good, or inherently evil.

As a friend told me once showing me three fingers, if you read between the lines you can see what I’m saying.

Now what were my intentions with that^ 😉


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