Joseph Kony and the Future

I’ve said it before, I have faith in humanity. Too many times before people have asked what can I do? I have often asked myself the same question. I mean what can I really do against a dictator who rules his people with the threat of death for coughing out of term? What can I do against bombers and murderers who’ve organized into groups so large they make my 1000 student class size from high-school seem like a Kindergarten class of 6. I can’t shoot a gun, hell I don’t even own a gun. I have a bow and some cooking knives but my draw string is frayed and I doubt my mom would like me hunting war criminals and criminals in general with her cookware… So what can I do, what can any of us do?

I can write. Stories pour from my mind like water from a waterfall. A seemingly never-ending supply of ideas and words that can make someone feel. So what can I do? I can try to write something maybe insignificant, maybe important, but what I am writing about is worth more than it’s weight in lead. People always say they cannot do anything. So we may know what is going on but we all continue with “Business As Usual” not giving a second thought on something that is happening to another human being whether it be right in front of us or over the river and through the woods. We push the blame say it doesn’t concern us. Recently I’ve come to an understanding much like I wished this blog to do for others as well as myself. If something happens to one person, it will affect another person. That is just the way things go ’cause and effect’. We hear about atrocities happening all around us and still feel powerless. What can we do?

We can talk, speak, text, tweet, email, snail mail, call, fax, carrier pigeon, and the list can go on. In this age where we have so many ways of communicating I find it funny that we haven’t figured out what we can do. It happens everyday with youtube and vimeo. One person sees a funny or stupid video, they share on Facebook. Something happens… we take a picture and upload to twitter. Instantly we can tell hundreds, no, THOUSANDS of people about a dog who says I love you. Why don’t we share something with a little more weight. Something rather more important.

Recently a story has come to my attention. It’s not a fiction which is a genre I am familiar with. It is a Non-Fiction real life story, well one story among many others; but it’s this one I feel something different towards. A story where the antagonist is named Joseph Kony. At first I thought he was just a made up person, something of myth told to scare children into line. The things he has done, and forced others to do, truly made me cringe! I expected to feel the utmost hatred towards him, but this time hearing about this person something was different. I thought of the children, the families whose lives he has destroyed pursuing an idealistic virtue twisted by previous years of tolerance of evil people. I thought of his victims and felt uncompromisingly intense sadness.

As I learned and read and researched more the cogs started to turn. My analytical nature took over and I understood something. So many people rely on government to take care of the bad guys we forget that we can point their sword in the direction we want. I witnessed that within one day a mere Facebook group had gained 500,000+ likes from the time I went to sleep to the time I woke up. Many more people were becoming aware of the evil this man had done. Before a man made a video and posted it onto youtube people were still dying everyday. People have known about it for years even decades prior. I found a BBC article dating back to 2005; the things this man had done and is still doing are terrible. If there is a war on terror as we hear on the news every two seconds why hasn’t the terror this man wreaks been stopped? More so why at very least hasn’t anyone spoke out about it other than those he has terrorized?

With this campaign to “make Kony famous” I actually see the sun cresting over the horizon. If we can band together and force those with the power to take him out in an instant to actually do so, imagine what we can do to the rest! Why stop at targeting Kony? Why stop at catching war criminals? The people say they’re tired of hearing nothing but death on the 10 o’clock news? Why don’t we do something about that?

People talk about wanting change? Well be the change you want to see and slowly but surely that ideal may come to fruition.

Edited by My friend Mercedesbetween the wee hours of the morning and night of March 7th/8th thanks you! 😀


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