Excuse me for being wordy, there’s a lot on my mind @(^.^)@

America Land of the Corporations, home of excessive consumerism.

I believe George Carlin said it best when he would mention the owners of this country and further explained that the owners dam sure weren’t us.

People say we own our government but do we really? Constantly having to fight with our law makers to get what the people want doesn’t seem like we own the government to me. However laws get passed that impact us greatly and we never hear about them until something happens and it has consequences no one was aware of because no one knew anything about how such a thing could have happened. Meanwhile it’s really clear as day… if you’re able to tear your eyes away from the television, or the computer screen, or your phone for just long enough to see whats really going on. Don’t worry there’s no conspiracy talk here, there’s enough of those guys around to create 8 different universes and enough worlds to fill them. No, what I’m talking about is when did it become alright for children to listen to songs that are so blatantly about sex that we applaud when they repeat the lyrics verbatim? When did it become alright to see those same children dance like the singers and dancers and call it cute when it clearly isn’t?

This has been said before, I’m not the first nor am I the last person to say these things. But its necessary for someone to try to bring these things to light. No one reads this blog I understand that, i could be writing about sexual fantasies about frogs and I’d probably get more hits… probably not.

Again if we really did own the government would we see so many innocent people go to jail? If poverty is such a big problem wouldn’t we have taken care of it by now? If we controlled our government would we be in this debt crisis? Why when we aren’t happy with a leader do we continue to act stupid and allow them to muck things up even more for us? But I digress.

America land of the free home of the brave, or is it still Land of the slave owner and prison of the slave? We work for money to pay for a place of residence to sleep in so we can stay out of the elements, and have someplace to eat comfortably, (some more than others), But in the end we always need more money because we always “need” more things. Families have to decide whether they want to pay the bills or buy food. How have we fallen so far from what the American dream was supposed to be? Then again the American dream was built upon the suffering of the original Americans who called this country a different name.

This isn’t an ethnicity thing. And to call it a race thing is absolutely the most idiotic, ignorant, and simple-minded thing you could ever say. First allow me to be perfectly clear, This is the planet Earth on which we all live on. We are all humans, which are classified as a single race with different cultures/ethnicities which only means we are spread all over the planet. I do not know where it started but is it absolutely mandated that we fight each other? Say one ethnic group took over the planet. Before long geographical location would permanently change physical features of that one group again creating “multiple groups” answer me this, their skin color now differs. They way they speak is no longer uniform from one continent to another, are they still the same ethnicity?

I ask a lot of questions but do I have answers? The sad part is yes. At least starting points if anything. As more and more people notice the hypocrisy all around us some still go along with it and accept that the world is messed up. Never for a second thinking that the person next to, behind, and in front of them might have the same thoughts racing through their mind.

Why don’t people say anything? FEAR. Fear of being laughed at, fear of being ridiculed. Fear of being ostracized and made an example of. Self preservation. Over the centuries we have gone from little societies to individuals longing for a connection. We make all these advancements in technology to make communication easier, but the easier it is the harder it is to do it. Why? I asked myself this question over and over trying to understand the ignorance people allow themselves to bathe in.

People say they want to talk but no one really wants to talk about whats important. Just about other Peoples lives and how other people are so stupid. How many times do people reflect on their own lives and try to lift themselves out of ignorance? Completely unconscionable it is to me how people can be ok with having their lives dictated for them. If you think it’s not then answer me this,
What are you working for?
And if you’re not working what job do you want?
Is it for a house?
Or something you saw on a T.V. commercial or in someones hand ….the other day?
Are you working for a house?
What do you want to do and why do you want to do it?
I’m willing to assume that it has something to do with money, in order to get something. Imagine my surprise when i took a step back and realized why i wanted to work 3 years ago. It was for money to pay off a loan. Of course food and a house were in there but in order to live I needed money. In fact i still do need money. But why?

People parade around their shiny over priced things and expect people to be envious. Whats even more disturbing is how people react when they see something shiny. It’s almost like a crack head who found some more drugs after going without any for so long. Think I’m exaggerating? Check out any youtube video or google news articles about “Black Friday” and tell me what you see. What I see is people rushing into stores and trampling over each other to reach that single item they must have. DO they really NEED it? Probably not, but hey it’s practically at 50% off so it must be good. Its appalling really when you read about someone being hospitalized because a fight broke out over some Pokemon cards on the train. And yet people chalk it up to human nature. “It’s just human nature to want what the other person has.” Really? Then bring the latest technological device to a tribe in Brazil or Africa, now assuming they do not hate western or technologically advanced cultures they won’t jump you for your Android or Iphone. So go ahead tell me it’s just human nature.

Now before you think I’m some utterly depressed gloom and doom suicidal emo boy wishing for his life to end please. Have you ever heard music that made you cry in happiness? Have you ever seen an act of kindness that seemed so right but out-of-place in today’s society? Have you ever just looked into the sky and thought about nothing? Have you ever had that morning where the sun shined into your window and you just felt at that moment everything good in the world? I have and thats the only reason I’m mad we as a race have not realized the most basic truth we’re are all human, what is there to fight about?


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