Why is peace so difficult

If you get upset reading this then you didnt actually pay attention, or you are stuck in a narrow minded way of thinking. It’s understandable seeing as how the pursuit of knowledge has been replaced with the pursuit of possessions. But then I ask you, you can lose your possessions but you posses knowledge, can you ever really lose that?

God made us in his image that dos not mean necessarily for us to look like him like many people believe. God made jesus and we strive to be like jesus. We also say that jesus God and the Holy spirit are one in the same yet different at the same time. SO if Jesus is our model to strive towards then God wants us to learn how to live together in peace because that is the state which God is always in. It was this peace that allowed him to manifest us into existence. And if God said for us to be more like Jesus then he is also saying for us to be like him. However Adam and Eve attempted to do so by looking for a short cut and ate the apple which only increased the total entropy of our minds. We must gain our knowledge through interaction with each other and learning the different ways we have come to, as a society, of explaining our selves. I like to say that God is the ultimate scientist. But I have found that God is also an ingenious mathematician.Using the law of mod nine as some call it. or the binary duality as I say, he was able to make us. It just so happened that the way it was accomplished looked like it was completely by accident because scientists can only work with details and fact and none have come across the point of origin because many refused for years to look at it as God. People were happy with the “Random spurt of life” theory and then Darwin came along and spoke about evolution. Now those of Religious backgrounds and practices ( I myself am religious) Were upset by Darwin’s theory because it postulated that God did not create us out of the elements. They say that God created us in his image but where was it said what God looks like. People always say they saw a light and it spoke to them. People rarely say they saw a man and that man was God. Jesus was God in human form, but only after a while of people living was Jesus born into existence. The image that God created us in, is his, but it is the purest form of life the form from which we all came from. All of this controversy of symbols and evil plots to control the world as i see it now is ridiculous. Partially because they say it is possible for something to be 100 percent bad and nothing to counter it. However there is also the possibility for something to be 100 percent good. This thinking is erroneous and should be done away with. What was Lucifer before before he became the Devil? He was an angel. He is still an angel but we call him a fallen angel. That good side still exists in him but he would rather not admit to it or acknowledge it because he could only see the imperfection of the actions of humans and not the infinite potential of growth we posses. Which is why he was put in charge of hell. Because the imperfections were all he could see God surrounded him in the imperfections of man and made him the warden of those who hated God or life as much as he did.

One more thing. WE always hear eternity but what does eternity mean? forever right? try to picture eternity…. can you? No. Think of a circle, now grab that circle at two opposite ends and twist it once, what do you get? The infinity symbol. This is the visual interpretation of eternity. an endless cycle of energy. Life and death on and off yes no like and hate, one and zero. It can be said that when we are in hell it can be as much of a place of the mind as much as a place of the spirit. In fact those who go to hell, i believe, are stuck in their minds and do not have full access to the spirit which God granted them. To say we will spend eternity in hell means that as long as we are stuck in our ways we will never be able to know peace and not knowing peace is true hell. Isn’t that evident when you hear the phrase “War is Hell?” What is war but the perfect antithesis of peace?

In his image we were created, it means we are perfectly constructed, but are learning how to use our constructs we know as our bodies powered by our souls/spirit using our minds which work in a linear fashion. That is to say you can never learn the whole story by skipping pages but rather hitting each page and truly understanding the reasons for the actions we take.


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