A Revelation of the planet

It has been said that religion and science will forever bunt heads because they have nothing in common. Some say the exact opposite and that the two actually do have everything in common. Like a deaf-mute, and a blind mute Science and religion can only express themselves with what they have readily available to them. Only being able to experience what their available senses tell them. How does the blind mute explain what sound is to the deaf-mute? Communication is difficult because complete understanding of the other is near impossible. They both experience the world around them differently. We do not know what a blind person sees because we believe their eyes are the only way to see. We cannot think how their brain will fill in this gap with something else. They could be very well seeing but in a completely different sense of the word. Reliance on one factory sense then loss of that sense is was causes chaos in an individual’s mind. But what do you say to someone born blind or born without hearing? Sure sight and sound can be and are beautiful things but alone they are not everything. The blind-mute one day learns about something called braille. The two strive to learn it then they have a means of communication. It was this common ground that Religion and science have yet to find.


Though encouragement comes from both sides for the other to try and understand this universe in their own way they often have the same thought that the other has the wrong approach. In reality they are both different approaches to the same idea. Like two friends one driving from New York the other driving from San Antonio both are headed towards Dallas Texas. They both have different paths but both paths lead to the same destination. Neither one has ever been to Texas before so they both get lost and try calling each other sharing directions. This is the relation between science and religion. To say one will never get to the destination because one can not see the world as the other does not make either of them more or less right on their course.

I’ve been going on with analogies and confusing stories. So if your still with me great, if not and are still reading God bless you 😉 I’ll try to explain clearer.  Google the term “Dark Matter Universe Model” and you should get thisDark Matter Universe Model That is what astro physicists have come up with for the distribution of this previously unknown anomaly that showed up in their equations. Now google “Brain Neural Pathways” and you should see images like this Brain Neural Pathways both images looks similar but what do they show? Connections. Dark matter it strewn about the entire universe for the most part but it is connected. Our Neural pathways are strewn about our entire bodies but are connected. Where am I going with this? Scientists generally do not go outside of their area, rather they talk with others to gain new insight. So that being said it is possible for a neuro scientist and an astro physicist to look at each others images and see some correlation in it, be it even the most remote, they will still see it. Ok that explains how scientists don’t kill each other but what about Religion and science? Well google tree of life I think we all know what it looks like but here is a pick anyway, Here is the Celtic version Celtic tree of life I thought it was rather appropriate considering I’m talking about connectivity. Now all of these pictures show ideas, thoughts. The picture of the brain maybe a little more literall than the others… Or is it. The tree of life shows that all life is connected by the spirit, or our souls if you will, the neuro network of our bodies shows that if you stub your big toe you’ll feel it as a shock wave of electrical impulse energy throughout your body to your head. The dark matter model shows that from The Milky Way to Andromeda to the end of the universe, there is something that connects it all.

We have priests and rabbi’s and monks from all religions whom speak a great deal of languages. Believing in similar principles of existence and human interaction, saying that God or Gods made this planet for us and that we should live together in peace on it. Science has shown that we have come from this planet and are every much as apart of it like the animals or the plants. Why argue about syntax and semantics when if you really put aside ridiculous pride and stop trying to get the other guy say they are wrong you’ll find you are saying the same thing, just in different languages.


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