Money is a hindrance to those who don’t have it. and a pair of blinders to those who do have it.

Think, what is the main cause for poverty? Lack of money. What can lead to abuse of power? Too much money. What can cause one person to do harm to another person for seemingly no reason? Money.

In my sickly state of bed ridden-dom…(new term >.>)  I came across a thought. Money is disgusting. A man made construct put into place, but for what reason? So we can get something someone else has? What group thought session lead to thinking that ownership of an object could come from trading something one person values for something else another person values?

Excuse me for my ignorance but isn’t everything we use on this planet property of the planet? If you really want to get into ownership that is, the planet was here before us. Its bigger than us, and can kill us when is has a stomach ache. Yet we treat it as an inanimate object which we defile and rape to our minds content. So again I ask, what would happen if money didn’t exist? Would people be forced to hoard things for themselves? And when i say money i mean any bartering system. What if farmers farmed because they loved to do it and did not have to worry about a bank foreclosing on the land? What if chef’s only had the rivalry of recipe superiority to drive them to cook instead of putting food on their own table? what if an engineer wasn’t some person who sold their idea or was afraid of their idea being stolen but was glad to share their inventions and designs with other just because they knew it would help everyone? Without money where would ownership come from? If no one owns anything then, how can stealing occur?

When you get right down to it i can’t understand the superiority complex people have. For me it’s unconscionable. We force others to feel pain, and anguish to fulfill our own selfish needs yet when you get down to it how long will that good feeling last before it dries up? It’s nothing more than a temporary fix for something that is essentially wrong. Not just with one person but as of society today a sickening number of the global population. There’s nothing wrong with competition it can make people better but many times people lose sight of their original goal and before you know it we have something like money instated to bring order? But wait where the hell did that come from, how did i just go from money to some tree hugging hippie fantasy world back to money? It is like this, I come from simple thinking, money though not being the only root of evil, is very certainly a cancer that has grown in the world.  It’s painfully clear to me how we don’t need money, its more curious to me why no one has been able to seriously bring it into discussion?

Dreams, it is this word that is used to describe such thought. That they are only unattainable dreams that hold no weight in society. It truly does pain me when i read what goes on in the world and when thoughts like i have expressed are said to be the stuff of dreams. To me it seems we have allowed ourselves to live in a nightmare where death is around every corner and so few people are able to actually see the beauty of life. Am i ignorant and childish in my thinking? How is it that people have lost sight of what is important? How is it people who live on the same planet can hate each other with such malice that it breeds a horrifying concept such as war? Where did we go wrong? How do we let such finite simplistic ideals govern our lives when we can be and do so much better?

Who, what, when, where, why, and how, these are my questions for our current state of living. But they are also my questions for the right track to come up. They say you are a product of your surroundings, if that’s the case then what does this say about me and my surroundings? Furthermore, what does it say about the people of this planet as a whole?


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