A “laymens terms” view of a black hole


Ok first off I’m not a physicist. I enjoy theorizing about topics I find interesting. This is then more of ,a mental exercise, if you will.

I’ve recently started to give magnetism more thought recently. I’m even trying to design a desk-top toy. Something like the kinetic energy transfer balls. Anyway, I was laying in bed 3/4’s asleep when I saw a black hole, specifically its magnetic field and how it may be more effective on objects than its intense gravity. (its sad this is what i dream of) Like I said, I am no physicist, I know nothing of the complex calculations used and needed to understand this anomaly of space.

What if instead of acting on gravity alone a black hole has two different magnetic fields. One the outer field, works normally, but the second inner field acts contrary to how a regular field operates. Pushing is pulling and pulling is pushing. Which is why when celestial bodies go past a certain point, “the event horizon” its said there is no hope of returning. I understand that one proper regular field is more than enough to overcome and suck in a passing celestial body, like a refrigerator magnet versus a neodymium magnet of the strongest type. Even if your holding the refrigerator magnet stationary its the neodymium one that is doing most of the work. (just watch out that you don’t pinch your fingers… or shatter the magnets)

Ok your with me so far? I’m not, so LETS MOVE ON! The inner magnetic field you say, why would their be such a heretical thing. And I say its because of the gravity well. Its so strong that it warps its own magnetic field but any object being sucked in can’t be changed because that would require reworking its very own ionic make-up, (I believe thats the term) and it’s an idea of mine that the gravity on the macro-scale is weaker than the gravity in the micro-scale, hence why we aren’t pulled apart by the suns gravity or even our own earth and moon. So lets keep going.

But your saying why do physicists say that we’ll be pulled into a infinitesimally long string of spaghetti thinner than a hair. Maybe because physics works so well because it explains events we can see. Since we can’t really see what a black hole is given its extremely simple name, maybe there is more to it than we can “see”.  This reverse magnetism works  to help suck in objects and keep them going inward, also aided by the gravitational pull. Sort of like when a snake tightens its grip the more you squirm around this inner magnetic field pulls harder the closer an objects gets.

So the outer magnetic field works normally with the gravitational field to invite passing objects inward, then before they know it, up is down, push is pull, pull is push, cats and dogs live together in piece, pigs fly, and the fat lady doesn’t sing, she raps.

So there you have it calling physics incomplete and reworking long lived theories, without a single equation, aren’t mental exercises fun?


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