When Friends become Enemies

I forget when I had this idea but i finally wrote down this bit about 4 weeks ago on OCT 14th-ish 2011.  This is just the RAW rough draft

The sirens, they used to mean that we were safe. “C’mon Jirochi! We’ve got to get back to the safe house before they pick us up!” I didn’t have to tell him that though. He knew. We all knew the four of us were running for what felt like hours. It must’ve only been about 20 minutes or so. It felt longer.

The sirens, they first changed about 7 years ago. From that high pitched ee, woo, ee, woo. To the sound we’ve come to call the sound of death. “Jirochi! Keep running please keep running we’re almost there!” It was unclear how the major shift started but the police soon became the enslavers of people instead of their protectors. Well enslavers or murderers whichever was the flavor of the week really. “ Shit! I’ve been shot the fuckers got some crack-shot with a handgun! Fuck! I can feel it dug right into my damn shoulder! I can’t even, AHHH, move the damn thing! Jirochi are you ok honey? It’s alright moms here. Mom will be fine lets just keep going down. Everyone Jirochi, Susan, Enoch, and me, we should be used to this by now, the running but it really wasn’t any easier to swallow than when they first betrayed our trust. Police officers dressed in riot gear occupying all of the major squares and buildings all over the world. It was like a joint mission, to think race was finally a non issue, but now everyone was killed indiscriminately. My husband was shot right in front of us. Jirochi was only 6 then. But since then he hasn’t spoken. It was mere luck we met this group. We were surrounded they had been trying to pull Jirochi from me but I kicked one of them in the head. It apparently snapped his neck. Good for him the psychopath. They wanted Jirochi, he would’ve made a good Souldier they said.

Then this woman, came, I had heard the gun shots while running from the police, but, I just thought they were killing other people like me. But there she was Rayne, and the small crew she had banded together. I saw one of the officers go down while I was shielding Jirochi, then I looked up. With the skills of some kind of black ops team they cleared the area stole the armored vehicles from the police and she came and asked if I wanted to fight back for my sons future. I said yes and climbed in the truck. 7 years later my son is an expert marksman and I’m one step closer to finding the asshole who killed my husband. But now I had other things to worry about. “Jirochi! Be careful! The wound is fresh you were there!” He only smirked at me as he wrenched the slug out of my shoulder. Rayne came down the stairs dressed as she usually was, which meant barely. No one seemed to mind though, I guess it was because what she did wear covered up anything important. “Rayne the police stockpile is gone. We blew it up to kingdom come after evacuating all the civilian workers. But,” Enoch took over for me as I winced in pain from one of the bullet fragments being tweezed out of my arm, “But they had someone shooting at us, that handgun guy.” Rayne looked at my arm and what was left of the slug on the table. “Same design, damn! There was nothing saying Crack-shot was going to be there! SHIT! I knew I should’ve gone with you guys. I could’ve taken him out, THAT BASTARD!” I had to calm her down. “Easy now boss lady, mission was succesful but i’m going to be out of commission for a little while. I winced as Jirochi pulled a weirdly shaped, blood covered chunk out of my shoulder. I picked it up and saw it was bone. I looked back at Rayne, “Okay, maybe a little longer than a little.” Jirochi shook his head, and went to get the preserving case. Rayne looked at me again. “Looks like you’ve earned your first bionic body part. How do you feel.” She slapped an anesthetic patch on my arm. “LIKE SHI..” I passed out before I could call her a dirty son of a whore…Yes son. Since she likes to act like a guy I insult her like one. Her boyfriend didn’t like it so much.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/3.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, 444 Castro Street, Suite 900, Mountain View, California, 94041, USA.


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