What is Time


Have you ever wondered about time? Time is a tricky notion really. It is both relative and constant, it exists and doesn’t . It can and cannot have an effect on us. We can change and alter time directly and indirectly while maintaining complete indifference. An action we do on purpose say throwing a dart, and an accidental action like bumping into someone in the train station can have a major effect on our own lives even our own personal space. Just as equally as someone else’s actions.

If you look at energy it is always influencing something because energy (as it can be argued) is a constant and must keep moving because energy must always be and do this. In this aspect “time” is entwined with energy, that is if “time” actually exists.

It can be argued that “time” is only a man-made construct only put in place to help us understand things that happen around us. We can choose to view these actions these notes in our existence however we want. It just so happens that the human mind has come to call this measurement, this lone way of organizing events around us, in the current itteration of thought we call “time”.

We think of “time” as a straight line. Only able to look back upon it in our minds. The imprint that “time” has left on or “in” us if you will. It is important to realize that even though we cannot recall events it does not mean they did not happen it only means that the tool which the event was imprinted on us was dull. Only certain specific events have the ability to be written down in the specific human’s memory. It is memory we utilize in our recalling of “time” a.k.a. past events.

Who is to say then that we cannot call to mind an event we haven’t experienced yet in somwhat of the same manner. Sure it hasn’t happened yet so how would it have been imprinted on our minds? It is a Bhuddist belief that we already know everything, we just have to remember that we know it. For this same reason if we know everything we have also already been through all the  events we have to, our physical minds only have to realize that the events have happened. That is what we call living out our lives. It is one thing to theorize about what can happen but only when you can remember the next instant, that instant will occur. Sort of like in the most lamens of terms, a GPS, when you put in a destination and you get the course it mapped out for you. In essence the GPS has already traveled the path you wish to travel. The only thing is that the GPS traveled it faster than you and on a different plane. The digital plane. It is only when we travel the path ourselves we can physically see the trip happen because we are “experienceing it first hand”. However If we were able to alter the way we percieve things then they would happen faster and we would have already made our choices.

To back peddel a bit I am not saying our fates are predetermined. I am saying in this current itteration of being (existence and physical awareness) we have already made the choices we want to, we only have to realize that we have made them. Now it is still possible that we can change a choice but that ventures into the territory of the multiverse and alternate time lines that are governed by different actions from the ones we have taken in this existence. We cannot see these other universi because we are no longer on those vibrational wavelengths because the choices we made here build our path infront of us, a path we keep track of with our current notion of “TIME”


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