Water, or Ice


Here’s a question for you. Are you water? Or are you ice? Do you allow yourself to influence or be influenced by outside circumstances? Do you stay focused on one thought, one specific idea, so in turn, you don’t allow yourself to learn new things and adapt easily?

The thing is, both water and ice are quintessentially the same. They are two different states of the same elemental compound. The difference is one is more dense than the other. Ice Keeps all of its molecules close together, while water is willing to separate from itself because it will always be water whether it is in a cup or the ocean. Ice when separated from the block will be more susceptible to change. It no longer has the strength of the entire block but it must stand on its own. It will melt faster and evaporate quicker than the entire block. It then is forced to accept change and forced to adapt, not by its own accord but because it has no control over the outside forces affecting it.

Now wait, does that mean water is weak because it allows everything else to affect it? Remember a steady stream of water on a rock will erode that rock away. But water will remain itself. Water flows and knows how to interact with everything. Hence go with the flow. However water can prevent a boat from sailing across it with help from the winds. It can claim bits of land that it once held beneath its surface with the help of volcanic activity. Water knows how to interact with its surrounding.

So I ask again are you water , or are you ice?


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