The Global Warming Farce


I’ve had just about enough of this whole global warming shtick! This planet has been pummeled by meteors, some believe a small asteroid, and radiation for thousands of years. When meteors hit down they cause all kinds of havoc on the planet, and release giant plumes of dust and debris into the air, and that had an effect on our planet. Check out this video that’s just how the earth looked after it hit. Even still that is only one of many and I mean MANY.

Now if the earth was able to survive that with only a scratch, how the hell could me exhaling hurt the planet? Now I’m not saying that industrialization is the cleanest thing in the world, BUT let’s run through some numbers shall we?

A link to read this says that one person produces 20 tons of CO2 a year. Multiply that by the avg amount of people who live in New York City (8,391,881) and you get 167,837,620  That seems like a lot. It definitely sounds like, well a shit ton. But how much carbon dioxide can an acre of greenery transmute?  Oh math how I thought I’d never need you after high school. another link for your reading pleasure, which by the way shows there is no consensus on how much CO2 is produced by a single person, anyway, how much an acre of greenery absorbs a year is around 2.6 tons.

Now just for shits and giggles how big is, New York State, about 30 million acres. This article on the government website says that about 19 million is forest. How much did I say approximately New York City produces each year? About 168 million right. SO 1 acre absorbs 2.6 tons so that’s 49,400,000. OH NO I’ve defeated myself in my own argument… please. Stated here and try to prove me wrong, please! It says that there is about 155 National Forests containing almost 190 million acres (297,000 mi²/769 000 km²) of land. Now that’s only national forests forget about the rest of the US. 190 million acres, now, multiply 2.6 tons an acre means that  in government land alone 494,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide is displaced every year.

Now there are jungles and forests still littering the globe in giant masses of green splotches, adding to the carbon dioxide inhaling power of nature, not to mention algae also breathes in carbon dioxide. Do you mean to tell me that humans are destroying the planet with the amount of carbon dioxide we produce? I’m just sayin.


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