What’s the point to Greed?


Now take it down, I mean way down. Just take off your blinders and revel in the world around you. It’s both fascinating and terrifying in many different and sometimes in the same ways. This planet, our lives, are very beings are psychotically, and beautifully amazing! Have you ever taken the time to fully appreciate any thing you use, or even do, during your day-to-day?

Take a breath, you’ve just blinked, these are the wonders of life. Everything in our natural world should be acknowledged! But we strive to control, and we work to understand in the worst of ways. It is because human kind can’t comprehend our existence we strive to create things we can use to destroy. We find destruction so amusing because it lets us see things simplified. Like that guy said in the movie “Sin City” by Frank Miller, “Once you’ve seen what a few explosives can do to a pub, a little bang bang’s not gonna cut it anymore.” Now my theme has been spoken and said before, We keep inventing new ways to destroy ourselves. But why do we continue down this destructive path? I’ve come to a few possible conclusions.

We’re either afraid of life and we can’t stand living it, or we want to be able to control some small aspect of it, to maybe spark an enlightening in ourselves. Both can and have led to our current situation. (The human populace of year 2011A.D.)

Now, don’t get me wrong on this next bit cuz I love a good anime, song, or movie as much as the next person, but we allow ourselves to become so disgustingly engrossed in them we fail to see the adventure our own lives and planet has for us. We say we’ve uncovered the entire planet and there’s nothing left for us on this rock but I haven’t been to the Bonneville salt Flats, or Timbuktu!

However we corral ourselves in cities and townships behind gates and walls hiding from the very world around us. And to make matters worse we try to demonize ourselves so the rest of the world doesn’t seem as frightening, and that more than anything makes me sad. Something even worse being that, we’ve closed the world off from ourselves by means of greed. We need to barter for anything that can move us along through our lives, so some of us get stuck in our jobs and allow ourselves to be happy with what we have. Don’t get me wrong its great to be happy with what you’ve got, but why do people sell themselves short?

Call me crazy but what if, and just what if! People helped each other out just for shits and giggles? You run into someone who wants to move to Japan? Why not hook em up with that guy you met who has access to a plane? Or you know someone who’s wanted to go camping since forever but has had no one to go with, why not tell him about that group of hikers you met? Why did we have to lower the experience of life to  nothing is free. Hell what if everything was free? Would that really be so bad?


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