A tale of feuding brothers


 The story of the Middle East is a heart breaking story of brothers. 
However many you want to say 2, 8 or more, it is and has been for 
quite some time, a tale of sibling rivalry. I can understand 
why they are upset. One religion says one thing and the other says... 
well, the same thing. 
 People are bound to be upset, this fight for the same room has ensued
for decades upon decades, and shows no sign of relief. Say what you 
will about each side but the fact of the matter is plain and simple
humans are killing other humans. 

 It is heart breaking the amount of animosity someone can show towards
another person. The shear level of hate there is between these groups
to me is almost unfathomable. I see the numbers in articles day to 
day of death tolls and I think what is this force dividing them? Then 
I got to thinking....

 When people are young they learn everything from their parents,
sometimes parents only learn hate and hate begets hate. This is 
true all over the world. Not just in the middle east. Much of it
is called racism. A term I find irritating because of its bastard-
ization. We all agree that we are the Human Race, yet everyday
people will swear up, down, left, right, and diagonally, that having
a different skin tone means your a different race. Meanwhile others
think that merely being a boundary line apart from someone dictates
a huge difference in chemical make up. (See where I'm going with this?)
Last I looked all of mankind looks the same. Head, arms, legs, torso,
given people are born with deformities but how did those come about? 
Well that's a dif article unto itself. BUT the point I'm making is,
why do we consistently find areas to separate ourselves instead of 
understanding the other side WITHOUT bias.
 The entire turf war taking place over Holy Land to me is ridiculous.
"But Javi you just don't understand what this land means to them/us!"
Listen the last time I checked the Gods or God (whichever is your 
thing) Created the entire world and then some, no? "But Javi, this
is where something of significance happened. A seriously Holy Event
took place here." Ok I can appreciate that, but why are people sullying
the sanctity with bloodshed of the same people your same God/Gods
created? How is outright murder justifiable? We've all come to a point
where we've said I wish that person would die. For me the concept of 
killing is a complex and incredibly inter woven, but I digress. Would 
your Gods/God really want you to destroy what they created? Taking that
responsibility almost seems self serving. I thought religion taught
self sacrifice and striving for peace with your fellow human, and let
me stress that FELLOW HUMAN! Why would a Higher being or beings put you
in a scenario to destroy what they made? A test of your faith? To see 
if your worthy? To see how far your willing to go for them? I don't
know about anyone else but I've been brought up believing ALL life
is sacred, and I do mean ALL. 

 Fighting between siblings can be healthy, hey my brother, sister, and
I fight... A LOT! But sooner or later someone has to come in and not 
kindle the fires, but coax them into smothering themselves out without 
burning uncontrollably.

But hey, I'm just sayin

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